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Tourism Near Pindul Cave

tour around pindul cave

Here are some tourist attractions near Pindul Cave that you can visit. So in one day you can all come to several tourist attractions. This is a tourist destination around Pindul Cave.

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Besides beaches, Gunung Kidul also has other interesting natural attractions. One of them is Pindul Cave.

Pindul Cave is very popular among tourists. An interesting activity in Pindul Cave is traversing the cave using tires.

List of Tours Near Pindul Cave

Around Pindul Cave, there are several tourist attractions that are a short distance away. So you are also on vacation to Pindul Cave, let's also visit other tourist attractions. You can car rental in Yogyakarta in Gotravela to get around to the tourist attractions of Gunung Kidul and its surroundings.


1. Oyo River Tour

When you have the opportunity to come to Pindul Cave, you can also come to the Oyo River tourist spot. This tourist attraction is perfect for those of you who like adventure.

The distance between the Oyo River and Pindul Cave is not far. Only about 1 km away. Geographically, the Oyo River is almost the same as Pindul Cave. The difference is, the Oyo River is more integrated with the open nature.

Here visitors can walk along the river using tires. Along the river looks very beautiful scenery.

You will see beautiful and natural cliffs. There is also an amazing view, namely the Bridal Waterfall.

This 1.500 meter long river can be crossed in one to two hours.

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2. Wren Cave

Besides Pindul Cave, there is also Gelatik Lorong Sewu Cave. The distance from Goa Pinduk is only about 1,4 km. Enough to be reached within 4 minutes by car.

The origin of the naming of Goa Gelatik because there used to be many Wren birds around this cave. In addition, there are also many hallways.

Until finally the people called this cave as Goa Gelatik Lorong Sewu. Even though this Wren Cave is dry, the difficulty level of going down the cave is not easy. Horizontal and vertical paths that are arranged in 7 stacks make visitors need to be careful.

We recommend using a guide when exploring this cave. The guide will accompany visitors to do the caving.

Usually tourists will be divided into one group. Each group consists of 10 to 15 people. Restriction on the number of group members due to minimal air circulation. The time it takes to go down the cave is about 1,5 hours.

3. Goa Tanding

Tanding Cave and Pindul Cave are about 1,6 km away. This tourist spot just opened in 2016. The natural beauty of this cave is not inferior to Pindul Cave. This cave has a longer hallway and a larger cave space than Pindul Cave.

If in Goa Pindul the caving is done using tires, here it is different. Tourists will take a rubber boat with a capacity of 8 people.

The length of the river in this cave is 450 meters. If taken it takes 1,5 hours to walk it.

Boat rental prices start from Rp. 150.000. This price includes the cost of a guide, parking and other facilities.

4. Bridal Waterfall

When you walk down the Oyo River, you will see the Bridal Waterfall. Yes, it is true. This Bridal Waterfall is located on the banks of the Oyo River.

Pindul Cave is only about 1,3 km away. The unique thing about this waterfall is debit water is always consistent. The flow of the waterfall is not affected by the season. So when the rainy season and dry season the water flow remains the same.

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5. Jomblang Cave

Around Pindul Cave there are many caves. One of them is Goa Jamblang. This cave is located in the village of Paddyjo, Semanu District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta.

The distance from Pindul Cave is about 15 km. You need to travel about 30 minutes from Goa Pindul. Not too far.

This tourist spot is very beautiful. Suitable for those of you who like challenges.

Jomblang Cave is a cave with a collapse doline type. Collapse Doline is a geological process in which the soil sinks along with the vegetation on it to the bottom of the earth. This incident happened thousands of years ago.

That is a tourist spot which is located close to Pindul Cave. So when on vacation to Pindul Cave, you can all visit these tourist attractions.


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