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Twin Hills Bangli

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Twin Hill in Guliang Kawan, Bunutin Village, Bangli offers views of the countryside and rice fields suitable for selfie photo tours.

the beauty of Bali need not be doubted. Wherever you go to this Island of the Gods you will find something unique. Unique beaches and culture are important attractions.

However, this island to the west of Lombok also offers many other natural beauties. One of them is Twin Hill Bangli, which offers a green tropical landscape.

Origin of the Name Twin Hill Bangli

As the name suggests, Twin Hill Bangli is located in Guliang Kawan Hamlet, Bunutin Village, Bengali District, Bangli Regency. This place can be reached in approximately 35 minutes from Kintamani.

Meanwhile, if you are from Denpasar, it takes approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. Meanwhile, the name Twin Hill refers to two rocky mountains that are not far apart. Both are Bukit Baru Madeg and Bukit Jati.

Tropical Landscapes

From Twin Hill Bangli, we can see an expanse of rice fields as well as various other shady plants that are typical in the tropics.

Several facilities are built to make it easier for tourists to see the natural beauty. One of them is a place that looks like a boat platform, but made of bamboo. There are also wooden planks attached to the tree. From this place, you can see a large area of ​​rice fields with rice plants as well as other tropical trees.

If you come after the planting season, you will see the rice plants have started to be shady and look cool to the eye. However, the most amazing thing is when you can come during the harvest season.

The rice fields turn yellow, and if you are lucky you will see farmers harvesting and see Nusa Penida if the weather is clear.

Stone Garden and Animal Park

 Apart from seeing the natural green scenery, on Twin Hill Bangli you can also take pictures with interesting backgrounds. Not far from the location of the hill, there are two rides that were purposely built, namely the Stone Garden and the Animal Park.

As the name suggests, the 'garden' consists of arranged stones, so it looks neat. Before being transformed into a beautiful place, this area used to be an abandoned rock mining area.

However, thanks to the skilled hands of Balinese artists, the land is now an instagrammable spot photo.

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Best Time to Visit Twin Hill Bangli

Considering that this place 'sells' natural scenery in the form of green natural landscapes, you will be very good if you come in the morning. So, you can enjoy the fresh air and the view of the morning sun.

Then, if you can't come in the morning, choose to come in the afternoon. Because you will be able to see a different sunset panorama from a height.  

Here, you will be able to find a different experience of how the sun goes west accompanied by green leaves. The orange light that slips between the leaves is a sight that is no less interesting than the sunset on the beach. 

How, are you curious?? So, enter Twin Hill Bangli on your next vacation list in Bali. For a more maximal and enjoyable adventure, you can rent a cheap scooter in Bali here. (y)


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