Recommended Types of Motorcycle Tours in Bali

As a world-class tourist destination, it is not surprising that Bali has complete tourism support facilities. It is not difficult to rent a car or motorbike to support touring activities on the Island of the Gods. Using a car is comfortable, anti-hot, anti-rain. However, using a motorbike in Bali is also more fun, because it can be carried freely to various terrains, both loose and narrow. Well, make Travel buddy If you want to try renting a motorbike for a picnic, here are some recommendations for types of motorbikes for tourism in Bali.

The reason the scooter makes travel more fun

Gotravela Indonesia recommends at least three types of motorbikes for tourism in Bali. The three are Yamaha Mio Gear 2022, Yamaha NMax 2022, and New Honda Beat 2022. Third automatic scooter made by a Japanese manufacturer that deserves to be an option Travel buddy to get around Bali for a number of reasons.

The first reason, all three have a loose space between the handlebar and the seat, so it can be used to transport a bag or suitcase though. This of course will make it easier Travel buddy if you want to ride your own motorbike rented since arrival in Bali.

In addition to wide legroom, the latest Yamaha scooter duo and one of the best-selling scooters from Honda also deserve to be a type of motorbike for tourism in Bali because it is easy to drive. Present as automatic motorcycles, Yamaha Mio Gear 1, Yamaha NMax 2022, and New Honda Beat 2022 are solutions for anyone who wants to drive easily without making sore feet back and forth reducing and adding 'teeth'. On the contrary, Travel buddy just turn it on and ready to step on the gas.

More than that, the stylish design makes the Yamaha Mio Gear 2022, Yamaha NMax 2022, and New Honda Beat 2022 suitable for 'mejeng' with a partner or family, including when traveling on the Island of the Gods. Travel buddy just choose 1 of 3 types of motorbikes for tours in Bali.

How to choose the most suitable scooter

If you are confused about choosing the choice of renting a motorbike for tourism in Bali, then: Travel buddy can consider based on needs or self posture.

Travel buddy For example, with a tall and bulky posture, using the Yamaha NMax 2022 seems to be the best solution. Carrying a 155 cc engine, this jumbo scooter will not sway when used to bulldoze the streets. The size of the luggage is quite spacious, so it is very suitable for Travel buddy who have a picnic with a partner or family to bring a lot of stuff in it.

For Travel buddy those who want a slimmer automatic scooter, can choose the Yamaha Mio Gear 2022. With a 125cc engine, the body of this automatic scooter is sufficient for a full to medium body posture. The luggage is quite a relief. While the New Honda Beat 2022 is a small scooter that is suitable for Travel buddy who wants to drive alone, but remain nimble on the road. (y)

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