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Exploring Ubud Traditional Market

Ubud Traditional Market

Souvenirs or souvenirs are a must when traveling, and if you are in Bali, Ubud Traditional Market can be one of the places you go.

Souvenirs need to be brought for loved ones who are at home or also friends as a form of caring for them.

Ubud Art Market
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Ubud Traditional Market has so much to offer to tourists who are visiting. Good for buying souvenirs or just enjoying the uniqueness of this market.

The market which is located near Ubud Monkey Forest It provides various types of goods with various unique Balinese characteristics. Of course, it is ready for you to bring back home as a gift for your loved ones.

Getting to Know Related Things Market Unique

Ubud Bali Traditional Market
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Not only local people who visit this Ubud Traditional Market. but also many tourists who are far away willing to be able to see this market with their own eyes because of the various uniqueness that exists in this one market.

You need to know that one of the Hollywood films starring Julia Roberts uses this Ubud Traditional Market as a place for filming and taking pictures. The film is titled Eat Pray Love. Wow, that's cool.

This market has two roles for the people around Ubud or the community also calls it a rotating market. The products that the seller offers are different in the morning and evening.

In the morning, Ubud Traditional Market becomes a place to sell for market traders to provide various daily needs. Usually such as rice, spices, side dishes, sugar, and also various types of other basic basic needs for local people and tourists.

Meanwhile, in the afternoon this market starts to become a place to sell various souvenir interesting. This is the main attraction for tourists. who likes to hunt for souvenirs. In addition, Ubud Traditional Market is also worth a visit even if you just have a look.

The Difference Between Ubud Traditional Market and Other Markets

Ubud Bali Market
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In the community itself, the market has a reputation that is usually known as a place that may not be clean and also not very tidy. In fact, this is not always true. Ubud Traditional Market itself is a market that upholds comfort so that it makes this market clean enough for you to visit.

Market visitors do not need to worry when they want to explore various corners of the market. In this market you will not find dirt like muddy. This also makes this market a favorite place for various groups because of the convenience they provide to visitors who will shop for various things there.

The tourists who come and shop at the Ubud Traditional Market will not only find various types of souvenirs that are characteristic of Bali. But you can also make deals with the sellers who are there.

Not only souvenirs, but also many Balinese souvenirs that can be easily found here. Of course at a price that can be quite affordable. If you want to visit it, make sure to come around 6 pm before Maghrib time.

So, are you curious about this market? Just go to the location on Jalan Raya Ubud in front of the Ubud King Palace or Puri Saren Ubud. Happy holidays.


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