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7 Unique Tourist Attractions in Maumere | Pearl of Eastern Indonesia

Unique Tour in Maumere

Unique Tour in Maumere

Eastern Indonesia Tourism like a beautiful black pearl and unique tourism in Maumere is a small part.

So that you don't get bored, it's a good idea to go on vacation once in a while exploring eastern Indonesia. Exposing the skin to the sun and absorbing vitamin D, of course, is not a problem, right?

Breathing fresh air, looking at the blue sea will certainly throw all the burdens and tired of busy urban routines.

Does travela dream of traveling to the eastern tip of Indonesia, Flores NTT in particular? If so, travela is on the right page in this unique tour in Maumere in the following review.

7 Hidden Paradises of Maumere Flores

The city of Maumere in Flores, NTT stuns domestic and foreign tourists with a myriad of interesting destinations offered by this city in East Nusa Tenggara.

1. Kajuwulu Beach

Indonesia does have many beaches that can be a vacation destination for you. Until there are still so many beaches that are still beautiful and rarely touched alias still virgin.

Kajuwulu beach Maumere NTT
Kajuwulu Beach

Visiting Kajuwulu beach will make you enjoy the beach from a different side. Climb the stairs to the hill and you will see a large cross at the end of the hill.

The view at dusk will leave you in awe. So don't miss to enjoy the sunset at the end of this exotic beach.

2. Statue of Our Lady of Mount Nilo

This one destination is a must-visit spot for Catholics. It's incomplete if you don't capture the moment at this proud landmark of the city of Maumere.

Nilo statue The Virgin Mary All Nations which has a height of 28 meters was built in 2004 and is located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level.

Hill of Our Lady Nilo Wuliwutik Village
Hill of Our Lady Nilo Wuliwutik Village

This place was inaugurated on May 31, 2005 and is a unique tourist attraction in Maumere that cannot be missed.

Moreover, this landmark has become a favorite place for travelers, spiritual tourists or pilgrims both from within the country and abroad because in addition to being a place of prayer, you can also see the beauty of the city of Maumere from a height.

3. Coca Beach

Maumere, which is famous for the beauty of its marine tourism, of course has more than one beach that can be your vacation destination.

The most beautiful Maumere beach 'Koka beach'
Koka Beach

This one natural tourist destination is already well known, so it is not surprising that there are many visitors, especially during the holiday season. Brown beach sand with a very fine texture when in contact with the skin, will blend with the clear sea water.

You can take lots of beautiful photos as a keepsake. Are you ready to be a beach boy?

4. Doka Village

The next Unique Tourist Destination in Maumere is Doka Village. Not only presents abundant natural beauty, Maumere also offers cultural exploration that is no less interesting.

Doka Village will invite you to get to know local wisdom with extraordinary hospitality.

The residents will welcome them with dances and serve traditional dishes. The village is located in the northern part of Maumere City and 20 km from the south bank.

Unique Tour in Maumere, Doka Village

Not only seeing the lives of the people up close, you can also enjoy the fresh air because this village is located behind a mountain.

The journey you have to take may be quite energy-consuming, but it will all pay off once it arrives.

The people of Doka village also still uphold their cultural values ​​so that they are still natural. Don't forget to bring a traditional ikat cloth as a souvenir when you go home.

5. Maumere Bay

Maritime travel will be more complete if you take the time to stop at Maumere Bay. This location is a popular location for diving because of its underwater beauty.

Not only one location, you can explore 19 islands with captivating coral reefs and marine life.

This one world paradise has not been explored so that it has a beauty that is still awake.

If you come to this unique tour in Maumere, don't forget to capture the moment underwater.

You should also experience diving in the Maumere Bay marine park which is the world's most favored place for photographers.

To make your vacation more flexible, there is nothing wrong with renting a boat or boat as a means of transportation. That way you can explore more of the beauty of Maumere's marine tourism.

6. Pangabatang Island

Maumere's marine beauty will not be able to satisfy you, so you must come to Pangabatang Island.

This beautiful paradise has indeed become known since it was used as the location of an Indonesian film entitled The Story of Tiga Dara.

Pangabatang Maumere Island

Not only sunbathing, you can also do snorkeling or diving to see the underwater beauty of this beautiful island. Visiting this one island is like being on a private island with clear water and fine sand that makes you reluctant to go home.

7. Geliting Market

To take a closer look at the community and local life is incomplete if you don't visit the traditional market. At the Geliting market you can buy many souvenirs such as ikat cloth and also a traditional drink from NTT, namely moke.

Unique Tour in Maumere Geliting Market

This market is the oldest market in Sikka Regency and is a unique tourist attraction in Maumere that you must visit.

Also make sure to prepare plenty of free space in your suitcase to bring all the maumere woven souvenirs and culinary gifts.

FAQs | Maumere FAQ

Where is Maumere?

Maumere is the name of a sub-district located in Sikka Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province.

What should be prepared when on vacation to Maumere?

Tourists who come from outside the island will be very concerned about this:
1. Correctly calculate your holiday accommodation budget.
2. Be observant in preparing ticket routes, use clothes that suit the local weather and be careful in choosing your traveling luggage.

What to pay attention to when on vacation to Maumere?

Because you are in the area of ​​people, then do not violate the applicable regulations, respect nature and be friendly to local residents.

When is the best time for a vacation?

You can come to Maumere at any time. But the best time is in March & June. And the most beautiful thing about Maumere is the momentum at dawn and dusk.

The most recommended type of tourism in Maumere?

5 kilometers from Maumere is the Nilo hill with stunning views of the height combined with the iconic 28 meter statue which was built in 2005.

In Maumere Bay there is also the island of Pangabatang, stop by the typical Watublapi village with women spinning natural colored ikat cloth.

See also:

How to get to Maumere

This is information how or how to maumere? With 3 options that can be an alternative to that location are:

  1. Land Options
    By land route, you can take the train to Banyuwangi which continues up bus bound for Bali.
    Then you can take a ship to Lombok to go directly to Sumbawa then Labuan Bajo. From there you can take the bus route Moni-Ende which stops at Maumere.
  2. Marine Options
    You can also take the ferry from Bali to Lombok. Then take the bus at Mandalika Terminal towards Bima and cross Sape Harbor to Labuan Bajo. Well, from there you can directly take the bus bound for Ende-Maumere.
  3. Air Option
    If you use the air route, you can depart from Denpasar, Bali to Wai Oti Airport, also known as Maumere Airport.

Exploring the island of Flores will not stop at Maumere, you can also continue your journey to Maumere Labuan Bajo.

The number of sea destinations owned by the East Nusa Tenggara islands will be easier for you to reach by renting ship in Labuan Bajo or car rental in flores.

For that you should hurry to contact us who always provide all your holiday facilities in Indonesia Flores eastern Indonesia. Not only that, this favorite website is also trusted and has high credibility.


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Unique Tourist Destinations In Maumere.

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