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Solo Sign Ceremony

Solo Sign Ceremony

Rambu Solo Traditional Ceremony, a typical ceremony for the Toraja tribe, South Sulawesi. At first, the Solo Rambu Traditional Ceremony was a funeral ceremony only for the nobles. But now, the people of Tana Toraja have performed the Solo Sign Ceremony widely.

Solo Sign Ceremony
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Getting to know the Solo Sign Ceremony

In the tradition of the Tana Toraja people, the funeral ceremony for the dead has become one of the most important things to do.

apart Ma'nene TraditionThe traditional rambu solo Toraja ceremony itself is a mandatory ceremony in the funeral process in Tana Toraja. And the goal is to deliver the corpse to its resting place and to fulfill someone's death.

The Toraja people themselves believe that a person's funeral without the Rambu Solo ceremony after death means that the person is only sick and has not died.

When performing this traditional ceremony, there are several other processions in order to complete this traditional ceremony. In addition, the traditional Rambu Solo ceremony is also known as an expensive funeral ceremony. And this is what makes the family take months before finally being able to hold this ceremony for their deceased family members.

While preparing for the traditional rambu solo ceremony, the family members who died will still receive treatment like the living. Family members just thought he was sick.

Later the corpse will be put to sleep on a bed. Families also continue to provide food and drink. In addition, other family members are also invited to talk.

Procession in the Solo Sign Ceremony

The place where the body is buried will also be different from the usual burial because in Tana Toraja, the body is not buried in a tomb and filled with soil, but the body will be placed in a coffin, then put in a cave or small house on a high cliff.

In this traditional Toraja rambu solo ceremony, there are various other processions to complete the entire ceremony. One of which is funeral processions or rante, as well as performing arts.

The funeral process or Rante will take place in the field in the middle of the Tongkonan Traditional House complex. The events will take place sequentially.

The first is Ma'Tudan Mebalun, which is a ceremony for wrapping the corpse. Then the Ma'Roto process, or the process to decorate the coffin using gold thread and silver thread.

Next is Ma'Popengkalo Alang. That is the procession of the corpse to the granary as a burial place.

Finally, there is the Ma'Palao or Ma'Pasonglo procession. That is the process of the procession of the corpse from the Tongkonan House to the cemetery, which is commonly called Lakkian.

When the Rante process is complete, it continues with an art performance. Usually consists of buffalo procession, musical performances from the region, traditional dances, buffalo fights, until the slaughter of buffalo which will usually be sacrificed animals.

Buffalo is an Important Animal

Solo Sign Buffalo
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For the people of Tana Toraja, buffalo is an important animal during the Toraja Solo Sign Ceremony. Because the buffalo will be a sacrificial animal that must be present as an offering during the ceremony.

In the belief of the Toraja people, the buffalo itself is an animal that can be a vehicle that delivers the spirits of the dead to 'puya'.

Puya itself is the name of the place where the spirits of the para ancestors family will get together. It is also known as a resting place.

So, the more buffalo that are offered during the traditional Toraja rambu solo ceremony, the faster the spirit of the deceased will be able to reach puya.

The number of buffalo during this traditional rambu solo ceremony will usually depend on the social class of the family. And the higher the social class, there will certainly be more buffalo to be sacrificed.

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