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Virtual Tourism is Needed to Boost the Tourism Market

Virtual Tourism Halal Tourism

The government through the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) is starting to promote halal tourism. In this regard, virtual tourism is needed to boost the market popular tourist destination Indonesian halal. Thus quoted from Compass Travel (25 / 9 / 2022).

Virtual Tourism Destinations

According to the General Chairperson of the Muslim Women Merchants Association (PERSAMI). Siti Nur Azizah virtual tourism is important for targeting the halal tourism market so that travelers from halal tourism get clear information about comfort during their cruise.

Virtual Tourism Halal Tourism
Virtual Tourism Halal Tourism

"Tourists in the context of halal tourism need contributions from virtual tourism. "To ensure comfort when they enjoy tourism in Indonesia," said Siti Nur at the Road to World Tourism Day: Rethinking Tourism event, online, last Friday (23/9/2022).

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Furthermore, he explained that virtual tourism has the opportunity to provide access for the public to see the condition of a tourist destination first without needing to go directly to the location. These conditions include facilities or attractions as well as other interesting things at a tourist attraction.

There are still misunderstandings about halal tourism

Siti explained that up to now there is still a wrong perception about halal tourism as 'justifying' a tourist spot or making a tourist spot religious.

In fact, halal tourism actually refers to a service concept that prioritizes the halal side, starting from providing food, hotels that are also certified or have halal standards and also maintain cleanliness.

"This is related to needs that can support tourists when traveling, such as places of worship, express directions, and the provision of halal food and drinks," he emphasized further.

This variety of information is an aspect that deserves to be displayed in virtual tourism. In this way, potential visitors will actually get information regarding the destination they will visit.

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Reasons to Boost Halal Tourism

Meanwhile, the Government's efforts to boost halal tourism are not without reason. This is because this tourism segment has a potential market. Virtual Tourism

At least the calculations on this matter can be seen from the report Global Islamic Economy Report in 2019. "Based on the 2019 Global Islamic Economy Report, Muslim tourists spend on halal food and drinks. "Shopping for halal cosmetics as well as Muslim-friendly tourism and halal lifestyle, reached 2,02 trillion US dollars, this is a market opportunity." he explained.

Reflecting on this report, there are things that need to be prepared and improved for Virtual Tourism. Among them are related to serving halal food to the availability of hotels with Muslim-friendly facilities.

In line with this, innovation and adaptation are needed through the implementation of CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environment Sustainability) with the halal concept for halal tourism practitioners.

Siti also highlighted that collaboration is needed to develop the halal tourism market in Indonesia with Virtual Tourism. "Collaboration is needed to prepare various equipment needed to develop Indonesia's halal tourism potential, starting from regulations, human resources, attractions to supporting facilities," he said. (y)


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