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Parung Nature Rides

nature rides

Wahana Alam Parung is an interesting tourist destination in Tasikmalaya. Parung Nature Tourism is relatively new, but its charm is able to make this tourist attraction a prima donna in West Java.

nature rides
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Tasikmalaya, a beautiful city with cool air in West Java, has many enchanting tourist attractions. One of the newest tourist attractions is Wahana Alam Parung. Even though it is a new tourist attraction, Wahana Alam Parung is the prima donna.

History of Parung Nature Rides

Wahana Alam Parung tourist attraction was inaugurated in 2014. The founder of this tourist attraction is Haji Aji Hidayat, a businessman of Tasikmalaya blood. Now after several years, this tour has developed well to become a prima donna.

Back in 2009, this tourist attraction was only a fishing spot. However, seeing the natural potential it has, Mr. Aji Hidayat started to build a swimming pool for children. When they saw the high enthusiasm of the community, the construction was continued until it became the current Wahana Alam Parung.

Every weekend, there are famous musicians as entertainment at this tourist spot. Various facilities are provided to support the comfort of visitors. Every week during school holidays, at least the total number of visitors is around 30.000-35.000 tourists.

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Tourist Attraction Location

This tourist spot is in the highlands. The air is very cool and the environment is beautiful. Wahana Alam Parung is located on Jl Suryalaya-Pageurageung No. 431, Tanjungkerta, Pagerageung, Tasikmalaya.

The distance from Tasikmalaya City is about 40 km. It took about 1 hour drive to arrive at this attraction. For tourists who come from out of town, take it easy. here a lot cottage as a place to stay.


The facilities for Wahana Alam Parung are quite complete. It covers an area of ​​4 hectares. Inside the tourist attractions, there is a mini zoo, water rides, family karaoke, entertainment stage, to sports facilities.

Then, there are also 3 swimming pools. Consists of a children's pool, a swimming pool for adults, and a love-shaped swimming pool.

What makes it interesting, each swimming pool has its own water rides. Starting from slides, snow rides, to spilled buckets.

Currently, this nature tour has 2 cottages. In total there are about 10 rooms with hotel-like facilities. As of August 2022, 26 rooms will be built. So in total there are 45 rooms when the construction is complete.

Then, for the mini zoo, there are several collections of animals such as ponies, peacocks, older brothers, deer, and rabbits.

There is also a play ground area for children. So the Wahana Alam Parung tourist attraction is suitable for family tourism.

For the convenience of the tourists, the manager provides a parking area, cafe, gazebo, several toilets, a prayer room, and a rinse room.

The manager will continue to develop the existing facilities in this tourist attraction. Such as the construction of two swimming pools, hot air balloons, flying fox rides, Disneyland, to air bicycles.

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Ticket price

Wahana Alam Parung is a beautiful destination, but the ticket price is affordable. The ticket price is only Rp. 20.000 on Monday-Friday. While Saturday and Sunday the ticket price is Rp. 25.000.

But if you want to enter the playground area with your little one, you have to pay Rp. 10.000.

This attraction is open from 08.00 to 17.00 every day.

Every visitor can enjoy all the facilities that have been provided by the manager. But not only that, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. The expanse of hills and rice fields is a very beautiful sight.

So if you are still confused about where to go on vacation, let's just come to Wahana Alam Parung.

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