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Lake Waibelen, East Flores

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Lake Waibelen, East Flores is a hidden natural tourist spot. Behind its natural beauty, there is a love story that develops in the community.

Lake Waibelen, East Flores
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Lake Waibelen East Flores is often also referred to as Lake Asmara. The location is in Waibao Village, Tanjung Bunga, Larantuka, East Flores, NTT.

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You could say Lake Waibelen is a hidden tourist spot. Tourists are more familiar with Komodo tourism than this lake. Of course, the number of tourists who come is less than Komodo Island.

To reach Lake Waibelen, the distance that needs to be taken if departing from Larantuka City is about 40 km or about 1 hour drive.

Lake Asmara exists because of the eruption of Mount Sodoberawao which occurred in 400-500 BC.

Previously, this lake was often referred to as Lake Asmara, only in the 1970s, people called it Lake Waibelen.

The Love Story of Lake Waibelen, East Flores

There is a love story behind the formation of this Asmara Lake. There used to be a couple who loved each other. The man is named Lio Kelen and the woman is named Nela Kelen.

This couple did not get the blessing of both parents. The reason is because the two of them still have a very close family kinship. They both come from the same village, namely Tengadei Village, Waibao Village.

In ancient times, this lake was the only source of water. The locals use it for their daily needs. Like for drinking, bathing, and washing clothes. They flocked to take water into the lake. No exception Lio and Nela also often go to the lake to fetch water.

Because their relationship was not approved by their parents, Lio and Nela decided to end their lives at Weibelen Lake.

A letter

Before committing to the action, the two of them walked down the path that led to the lake. After arriving at the lake, they rested and sat on the edge of the lake. after that, they plunged into the lake.

There is a letter in Lake Waibelen, East Flores which was found from the two of them. The letter was clamped on the sidelines of a tree on the edge of the lake. The contents of the letter are "if you want to find gold, then look into the lake".

Furthermore, the bodies of these lovers were found three days later. The condition of his body is intact even though it is known that there are many crocodiles in this lake. From this incident, this lake was later referred to as Lake Asmara.

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Terms of Visit

For tourists who want to come to Danai Waibelen or Lake Asmara, there are several conditions that must be obeyed. The condition is that every visitor who wants to travel must be washed with lake water by a local caretaker.

Locals believe that the crocodiles in the lake are incarnations of their ancestors.

Then, every visitor is also asked to maintain good manners and speech. Do not say dirty things or swear.

The beauty of Lake Weibelen is really able to make many visitors amazed. With its calm atmosphere, every tourist can feel comfortable.

The natural atmosphere is really felt. Behind the grove of forest trees, you will hear the boisterous sound of wild birds.

The bird is a water bird named Australian Titihan.

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If you want to come to Lake Asmara, prepare yourself physically. Because you are going on a long journey. During the trip you will be served cashew tree a lot. So it's like a forest.

Let's go on a trip to the amazing Waibelen Lake, East Flores, NTT!


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