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Wakatobi National Marine Park

Wakatobi National Marine Park

Wakatobi National Marine Park may be familiar to some of you. Later, after being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this tourist destination has reopened.

Of course, with the new normal rules and health protocols as recommended by the government, let's find out more what if you want to vacation to Wakatobi during this pandemic.

Wakatobi Marine Park Tour

Famous dive sites in Indonesia, one of which is in Wakatobi. The beauty of the Wakatobi National Marine Park is indeed very tempting for tourists, especially with its marine life.

Even this tourist spot is a location the best shore dive. This is the reason why many foreign tourists finally want a vacation to the Wakatobi dive site.

Wakatobi National Marine Park Diving Spots

You can see the marine charm of Wakatobi National Marine Park by Diving and snorkeling. The tourists can enjoy coral, coral reefs like fish in the sea. Better get your camera ready underwater so you can capture the underwater beauty of Wakatobi.

The charm of Wakatobi

Not all tourists come to enjoy the underwater beauty, there are also those who will see the beauty of white sand or other tourist beauty. White sand in Wakatobi is very easy to find, for example at Hoga Beach or Matching Beach.

Spend time playing around the white sand, enjoy sunset and also take photos with beautiful backgrounds. Deciding to have a vacation in the Wakatobi National Marine Park diving tour is indeed very appropriate. For those of you who like hills, you can enjoy Tomia hill.

You can visit this hill at any time. Even Tomia Hill has long been famous for being a movie shooting location Mirrors Never Lie. You will find savanna and more.

Access to Wakatobi

To reach Wakatobi City, you have to take a plane from Haluoleo Kendari Airport or Maranggo Airport. For those of you who are from outside Sulawesi, you can take the route to Kendari, for example Jakarta to Kendari and finally arrive at Wakatobi.

Unfortunately, there are still no direct flights to Wakatobi so you have to make several transits. Of course, the ticket costs will be more expensive and there are not too many flights scheduled in a day.

Therefore, when deciding to visit Wakatobi dive tours, you should look for a lot of information, especially during the covid-19 period.

As you know, there is currently a COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia. The impact due to this pandemic is that every tourist location must temporarily close.

However, since early July 2020, the Wakatobi National Marine Park diving tour has started to reopen but must follow health protocol rules to prevent the spread of the virus.

Wakatobi National Marine Park Re-opens

New Normal Wakatobi National Marine Park

The reason the Wakatobi National Marine Park is reopening is because regional income comes from tourist attractions and others. All management of tourist attractions and tourists must comply with all regulations and carry out this habit properly. 

There are several conditions that you must fulfill as a tourist and also a worker at the destination. Pay attention to the rules in the new normal era below:

Attach a health certificate or PCR

Although you can visit Wakatobi diving tours, the spread of the corona virus has not been handled properly. Therefore, the Wakatobi Government enforces rules for visitors and guards to bring a PCR or health certificate. This is a requirement to enter the area dive center. 

Measuring body temperature

In addition, another rule that has also come into effect in the Wakatobi National Marine Park diving tour is to measure body temperature. Measurement of body temperature with a thermo gun is mandatory for everyone in the diving tourism area. You must also provide your identity when entering the diving area.

Must wash hands

When the Covid-19 virus enters Indonesia, an easy way to prevent the spread of the virus is to wash your hands either with running water or too sanitizer. In addition, the area dive center also periodically do disinfectant overall. You are also required to do a disinfectant before going into diving center.

Avoid physical contact and wear a mask

New Normal rules to be able to access the Wakatobi National Marine Park diving tour comfortably and without worrying always wear a mask. You should also reduce physical contact with other travelers. All transactions must be non-cash. So, you have to fill up your E-money enough before leaving for the Diving center.

Employees must also maintain a distance of at least one meter in the work environment and other areas. Sterilize all equipment Diving and also snorkeling di dive center after use.

By re-opening the Wakatobi dive site when it was new to normal, the government also added a new plan, namely the addition of waste waste processing facilities. So, tissue and mask waste will be decomposed directly. The advantage is that it can reduce the risk of a lot of waste and garbage piling up in Wakatobi.

Dive operators have SOP

Rules that were also socialized to dive center in Wakatobi, but holding each one how standard operating procedures (SOP) for handling viruses properly.

Those are the rules in the New Normal period that you must obey as visitors, employees and all visitors to the dive center in Wakatobi.

This regulation applies to stop the spread of the virus so that everyone will feel safe and comfortable while on vacation at Wakatobi Dive Tour. There are 143 dive centers in Wakatobi applying the above rules.

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Well, those are the new normal rules that you must follow if you want to go on vacation to the Wakatobi National Marine Park diving tour. Hope it helps you and happy holidays.


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