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Maumere Marine Tourism 10 Which Are Popular

Maumere marine tourism

Maumere Marine Tourism is a recommendation for those of you who like exploring the underwater world, see the list below!

Maumere Marine Tourism – East Nusa Tenggara is a region in eastern Indonesia. Preserving rich and beautiful underwater natural resources.

This marine wealth begins with coral reefs and marine biota, both plants and animals found in the Flores, Alor, Lembata, Sumba, Timor, Rote and Sabu sea groups.

For diving and snorkeling lovers, the underwater world is a tourist attraction that must be visited. You are welcome to Visit these places. Don't forget to bring an underwater camera to capture the beauty of all the diving spots.

We summarize 10 Maumere marine tours for diving and snorkeling lovers.

Maumere Marine Tourism

1. Ninge Bay

The Ninge Bay destination is located in Dampek, Satar Padut Village, Manggarai Regency. Ninge Bay was previously known as Ninge Village which sank to the bottom of the sea due to the 1918 Tsunami.

The village of Ninge collapsed to the bottom of the sea due to the 1918 Tsunami tragedy, leaving the foundations of old buildings and a collection of stones in the middle of the village which was once a place for giving gifts to ancestors.

The remains of settlements make the landscape look exotic, and the area is home to coral reefs. Ninge Bay is currently a historical tourist destination for the Ninge people and charming underwater tourism.

This former Ninge Village area is a popular diving and snorkeling destination on Flores Island.

Address: Dampek, Satar Padut Village, Manggarai Regency.

2. Cape Kajuwulu

So, Tanjung Kajuwulu is a diving destination that must be visited. Tanjung Kajuwulu is located on the north coast of Magepanda Regency. The distance from Maumere City, the capital of Sikka Regency, is around 24 km.

Tanjung Kajuwulu is famous for its white sand and clear sea water. It is not surprising that many residents of Maumere and its surroundings visit this Maumere maritime tourist attraction. Additionally, it has Amazing underwater Scenery to Explore.

Address: Jl. Raya Maumere – Magepanda, Magepanda, District. Magepanda, Sikka Regency, Nusa Tenggara Team.

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3. Maumere Bay Marine Park

Maumere Bay Marine Nature Tourism Park (TWAL) is known as the Maumere Bay Island Group. It is called the Maumere Bay Island Group because it consists of ten large and small islands.

Maumere Bay Marine Park
Maumere Bay Marine Park (Source: Mongabay)

This group of islands includes Besar Island, Kojadoi Island, Pemana Island, Kambing Island (Pemana Kecil), Sukun Island, Parumaan Island, Dambila Island, Pangabatang Island, Babi Island, and Kondo Island.

Maumere Bay Marine Park contains coral reefs, as well as a variety of ornamental fish and other marine biota. Apart from the amazing underwater natural scenery, Maumere marine tourism has clean white sandy beaches and clear blue waters.

Diving and Snorkeling allow you to Explore the world of the ocean. TWAL Maumere Bay is a natural tourism paradise that offers snorkeling, diving, fishing, photography, sailing, windsurfing and water skiing.

There are 30 dive points in the Maumere Bay area which are suitable for lovers Muck Diving to study small marine biota such as squid, nudibranchs and frogfish.

Address: GFCF+FH3, Unnamed Road, Darat Pantai, Kec. Talibura, Sikka Regency, Nusa Tenggara Team.

4. Kepa Island

Furthermore, Kepa Island is an excellent destination for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle. This island is 12 kilometers from the center of Kalabahi City and can be accessed by motorboat within 10 minutes from Alor Kecil Pier.

There are many beautiful and unknown diving spots. The waters of Kepa Island are part of the Teluk Mutiara Marine Park, one of the most beautiful marine parks in the world which contains a variety of marine biota.

This underwater paradise tourist spot offers unspoiled beauty. Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts will consider this small island a paradise.

Kepa Island has a very good snorkeling spot. Maumere Marine Tourism does provide diving and snorkeling packages. Many domestic and international tourists go snorkeling and diving.

Address: PCP6+H8X, Alor Kecil, Kec. Alor Bar. Laut, Alor Regency, Nusa Tenggara Team.

5. Riung Island 17 Marine Park

The next Maumere Marine Tourism is, Pulau Riung 17 Marine Park, located in Ngada Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, namely in the waters of Tadho Village, Benteng Tengah Village, Nangame Village, Lengkosambi, Sambinasi Village, and Latung Village in Riung District.

17 Riung Island Marine Park
Riung Island 17 Marine Park (Source: Satya Winnie)

The distance between the capital city of Bajawa, Ngada Regency and the Riung Island 17 Marine Park is around 75 kilometers. The natural tourist attraction Pulau 17 Riung Marine Park has various groups of large and small islands that are close together.

The waters of Riung Island Marine Park are home to hard and soft corals, table corals, sea fans, various ornamental fish, sunu fish, barracuda fish, and sea roses. Tourists can dive to discover the beauty of the underwater world.

If tourists want to experience the underwater beauty directly, they can rent diving equipment from Wisma Pesona Riung.

Address: H2WM+CFM, District. Riung, Ngada Regency, Nusa Tenggara Team.

6. Pantar Strait Marine Park

The Pantar Strait Marine Park area is a small island near Alor Island in East Nusa Tenggara.

Maumere Marine Tourism covers an area of ​​around 2.864 km. Underwater tourism is famous for the beauty of its red, green, yellow and blue coral reefs.

The beauty and uniqueness of the Pantar Strait Marine Park is not only limited to its coral reefs. There is a lot of marine biota in this area. When diving, you will see beautiful, colorful fish such as Flashers, Aliens, and Invaders.

Apart from that, visitors can swim and interact with friendly sharks and dolphins.

Address: Alor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province.

7. Puru Kambera Beach in East Sumba

Puru Kambera Beach is located in Mondu Village, Haharu District. The distance between Waingapu City and the natural marine tourism destination Puru Kambera Beach is around 26 kilometers.

The Puru Kambera sea contains colorful coral or coral reefs. Coral reefs can be hard or soft. Several types Blenny Fish surround the coral. When you dive, you will encounter flocks of Moray eels and Lizard Fish.

If you are lucky, you might meet Manta Rays and Mermaids. This area does not yet have a dive center. So, before visiting Maumere marine tourism, bring your own equipment or borrow it from the nearest dive center.

Address: G47H+V72, Mundu, District. Kanatang, East Sumba Regency, Nusa Tenggara Team.

8. Savu Sea Marine National Park (TNP).

The Savu Sea National Park (TNP) is located in East Nusa Tenggara Province and covers an area of ​​3.355.352,82 hectares. Sawu Sea TNP is a diving area that is no less beautiful in NTT.

marine national park
Aquatic National Park (Source:Infopublik)

The beauty of the Savu Sea National Park (TNP) area is increasing with the presence of diverse coral reefs, as well as various types of small, colorful fish.

Savu Sea TNP is the main habitat and migration route for protected marine biota such as whales, dolphins, dugongs, manta rays, sharks and turtles. Maumere Marine Tourism is part of the World Coral Triangle, has a variety of coral types and a large fish population.

Based on research findings, the Savu Sea TNP has 532 types of coral, 11 of which are coral endemic and sub endemic. With its quite large marine potential, the waters of the Savu Sea were declared a National Park in 2014 through Ministerial Decree No.5.

Address: Among Sumba Island, Sawu Island, Rote Island, Timor Island and Flores Island.

9. Angel Island

Bidadari is a small island in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province.

This island is one of the most popular diving and snorkeling destinations in Labuan Bajo. The beauty of Bidadari Island Marine Park is truly amazing. This island is famous for its marine biodiversity. There are many coral reefs and amazing aquatic biota to be discovered.

Of course diving is necessary to explore the Bidadari Island marine park. The management of Bidadari Island has prepared diving and snorkeling equipment for you to borrow on this Maumere marine tourism site.

Address: GR8Q+FMC, Labuan Bajo, District. Komodo, West Manggarai Regency, Nusa Tenggara Team.

Let's read about other destinations:

10. Kambing Island

Lastly, Kambing Island is home to a stunning coral reef and diverse aquatic life. Kambing Island is one of several islands near Labuan Bajo in East Nusa Tenggara.

Address: Bajo, District. Soromandi, Bima Regency, Nusa Tenggara Bar.

Swimming, diving and snorkeling activities allow visitors to enjoy views of the underwater natural tourism paradise. How can you not wait to visit the Maumere marine tourism above? Put it on your bucket list, Travela!


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