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Gili Asahan Tourism

Gili Asahan tour

Gili Asahan tourism is a destination that has no doubt about its beauty. Gili Asahan Lombok has a super amazing underwater natural beauty.

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Lombok Island is famous for its amazing natural charm. One of them is Gili Asahan. Located in Batu Putih Village, Sekotong District, its natural beauty is able to make tourists feel at home on vacation here.

Lombok does have many beautiful tourist attractions ranging from beaches, tourist villages, forests or green hills. You can freely choose which tourist attractions you want to visit while on this island.

Gili in Lombok there are many. Did you know that each dyke has its own characteristics. Each one has its own uniqueness and beauty.

Gili Trawangan, for example. Become the most famous dyke to foreign countries.

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Although Gili Asahan tourism is not as popular as Gili Trawangan, make no mistake. This tourist spot also has an alluring charm of beauty. Let's just discuss the charm of its beauty.

Panorama of Gili Asahan Tourism

Gili Asahan tourism has a beautiful underwater natural beauty. If you are a lover of marine tourism, you must come here. You can enjoy the beauty of marine life here to your heart's content. Please come with family, friends or special people in your heart.

The unique and beautiful things here are soft coral and hard coral. All of that is well preserved so that it is still natural. Surely you will be amazed at its beauty.

In addition to snorkeling to see the underwater beauty, you can also swim. The waves here are not too big so tourists can swim. But stay alert and always be careful. If you are with a tour guide, always obey the existing guidelines.

Swimming on the beach while seeing the beauty of the natural scenery must be an exciting activity. This activity is done by many visitors. Of course it can make the mind relaxed and fresh.

If you want to snorkel, on Gili Asahan tourism there is already equipment rental. You can watch beautiful colorful small fish swimming.

Route to Tourist Locations

If you depart from Mataram, the time that needs to be taken is 2 hours. In addition to land travel, you will cross by boat for approximately 20 minutes.

At the time of this crossing, you will be immediately taken to the best snorkeling spot. The spot is a place to snorkel with stunning underwater natural beauty.

Best Diving Spots

There are at least 24 of the best diving and snorkeling spots on Gili Asahan tourism. Three of the most famous are:

1. Secret Garden

In this spot you can see the coral reefs are well maintained. There are also many fish that live here. In fact, there are unique animals nudibranchs here. Very lucky to meet this animal.  

2. Snorkeling Point

You will meet many types of fish, soft coral, hard coral to sea anemones. The view here is very clear because it has a visibility of about 25-30 meters.

3. Belongs

There is a Pinnacle cluster with a height of 5 meters and a diameter of 2 meters. Many come here at night. Moonlight can penetrate under the sea which makes it very beautiful.

You can bring an underwater camera to capture this unforgettable moment. Taking pictures under the sea with marine life will be very cool, right? This will be an instagrammable photo.

Accommodation and Facilities

No need to worry about restaurant or lodging facilities. Gili Asahan Tourism has several restaurants that are ready to pamper your stomach.

There is even one recommended accommodation, namely Gili Asahan Eco Lodge & Restaurant. Here you will get classy room facilities.

There is also a restaurant that offers a varied menu. Until there is also snorkeling equipment that you can rent here. Super complete isn't it.

Let's read too

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Another accommodation option is Pearl Beach Resort. The location is in Batu Putih, Sekotong, West Lombok. The facilities are no less cool. You can enjoy the food menu at the restaurant and snorkeling equipment rental is available.

Surely you will not feel sorry if you are on vacation to Gili Asahan tourism in Lombok. Her charm is truly special.


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