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Night Tour in Jogja

Night Tour in Jogja

Night tours in Jogja always make visitors yearn for Yogyakarta City this. Interested in visiting Jogja's tourist attractions at night?

Yogyakarta is not only famous for Gudeg or pia as its special food. This place seems to have its own charm that is able to anesthetize the tourists.

Jogja looks so warm and pleasant during the day. But this city can also look charming and exotic at night.

Interesting Tours of Jogja at Night

If you visit this city which is known as a student city, be sure not to forget to come to various interesting vacation destinations.

There are several recommended tourist attractions for you to visit at night. Jogja tour at night, of course, it will make it difficult for you Move on and always imagined from the memories that happened there.

The beauty and panorama of the city of Jogja seems to never run out for you to explore.


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This place (Jogja) hides a lot of tourist sites that always make visitors curious to explore them.

Jogjakarta Tourist Spot

At first glance, this city looks ordinary like an administrative city in general. However, you will find the wonders of various places, including some of the best Jogja night attractions.

1. Malioboro

This place has been very hits and famous since ancient times. A location where traders gather who sell their goods such as batik cloth, knick-knacks and so on.


Now, Malioboro has increasingly revealed its beauty. This night tourist spot in Jogja looks more beautiful and organized.

Park benches look neatly arranged, special areas for pedestrians, and other spots that are a pity to miss.

Recently, Malioboro has also brought a distinctive aura with the appearance of freelance artists who are free to express themselves. Singing, dancing, drumming of musical instruments further enliven this laughter-filled street.

Every corner of Malioboro Street is a fun place to visit with close friends or family. The memories you build will definitely be beautiful and hard to forget.

2. Rainbow Garden

rainbow park jogja night tour

Rainbow park is located around the Jogja Return Monument, a monument and museum of the history of the struggle for independence of the Republic of Indonesia. The location is right in the northern circumference of the city of Jogjakarta.

This monument is specially dedicated to commemorate the services of the heroes of independence.

The Jogja Monument is also beautiful again by the presence of the Rainbow Garden. A park that is more beautiful at night, so many enthusiasts are interested in it as one of the night attractions in Jogja.

This garden presents a beautiful view of colorful lanterns, various lamps with various shapes and various other decorations. This park will make the children more comfortable and reluctant to go home.

3. Zero KM

This area is known as the Zero Point or KM Nol Jogjakarta, is an intersection that becomes a gathering place for local residents around.

The place is the center point of the city of Jogja because it is located right in front of the Yogyakarta Palace.


The location is very strategic because it is between the ranks of old buildings made by the Dutch colonialists. The old buildings look slicker because the surrounding area has been arranged in such a neat and beautiful way.

This place is also the right place for you lovers Photography. Various kinds of interesting photo spots can be explored as much as possible to get angle best photo.

In addition, you and your beloved family can enjoy the famous snacks of Jogja.

Sitting relaxing and chatting with friends will be an unforgettable moment during the night.

4. Pintoe Langit Dahromo

night yoga tour

One more night tourism spot in Jogja that is unique and won't be found anywhere else, namely Pintoe Langit Dahromo.

Why is it called like that? Because in this place there is a door that is at a height.

The impression is that the door is floating or a door to the sky of the gods. This tourist destination is still quite new and brand-new for tourists.

In addition to the sky door treats, you can also take pictures with some ornamental ornaments such as a piano, a table, a lounge chair and so on. You can capture this interesting moment in various photo angles.

5. Bukit Bintang

As the name implies, this night tourist spot in Jogja does look more beautiful when the stars are circulating, namely at night. The natural scenery is extraordinary.


This tourist spot, which is located in the Jogjakarta Wonosari highway area, is indeed a special place to enjoy the view of the city lights of Jogja at night.

On the edge of Bukit Bintang road, you can find dozens of places to eat that serve a variety of dishes.

While enjoying the serene and dim atmosphere, eating delicious food is the most delicious activity. Grilled corn and hot drinks are one of the favorite foods to enjoy here.

6. Prambanan Temple Art Show

Every now and then you have to visit this night tourist spot in Jogja. A place that presents extraordinary artistic performances, namely the Rama and Shinta ballet performances. Art shows like this are more fun to watch at night than during the day.

That's because the night is more supportive for a quiet atmosphere without the hustle and bustle. In the silence of the night will make you sink deeper into the storyline of the fragment scene.

7. Pengger Pine Forest

Maybe you think you will enter a dark, quiet and lonely place because the name is pine forest. However, this time the pine forest was very different. This pine forest is special for Jogja night tourism spots.

The forest has been conjured up in such a way to be visited at night. You will get a view of the city lights that are brilliant and come alive at night.

In addition, this pine forest has several photo spots that can only take the best pictures at night. One of them is a giant palm and twig cone. Make sure to visit this place when you are on vacation to Jogja!

8. Breccia Cliff

night tour in Jogja, Breccia cliffs

The next location for night tourism in Jogja is a cliff known as a breccia cliff. This cliff is indeed the center of attention and often gets tourist visits.

The best time to visit is in the afternoon and evening because during the day you will definitely be tired because the hot sun feels quite high.

Try to enjoy the exotic side of the Breccia cliffs at night. You will get an extraordinary epic view that has never been seen before. Breksi Cliff is a limestone cliff carved by a professional local Jogja artist.

These sculptures form various kinds of works such as dragons, stairs, palaces and so on. The view of this Breccia cliff itself evokes the mood and invites us as if crossing a foreign and different world.

A unique feeling that cannot be expressed in words when you visit this place at night.


Those are some night attractions in Jogja that you shouldn't miss.

Actually, there are many more that we can recommend for you. However, these eight tourist spots are one of the best for leaving sweet memories while on vacation.

Make sure not to forget to put these tourist spots on your visit list. If you want a more economical and fun vacation with a group, you can rent elf long jogja or rent a Jogja tourism bus with us.

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