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Amed Beach Tour

amed beach tour

Amed Beach tourism is so enchanting. Amed Beach has a quiet atmosphere so it is suitable for calming down.

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Bali is famous for its exotic beaches. It's not complete if you go to the island of Bali without visiting the beaches.

From a series of beaches in Bali, maybe you are confused about which beach to go to. If you are looking for an unspoiled beach away from the hustle and bustle, Amed Beach is the choice.

Amed Beach in Karangasem has a very natural feel. The location is a bit hidden so there are still many who have not touched it. You could say this is a paradise for exotic tourism.

If in Indonesia the name Amed Beach tourism is still not as popular as Kuta beach or other beaches, this is natural. Because, this location is rarely exposed.

But it is different for foreign tourists. They hunt this beach because the atmosphere is very calm. So it is suitable as a place to relax.

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Amed Beach Tourism Enchantment

At first glance, it seems this beach is less attractive. The color of the beach sand is brown, not white sand like most beaches in Bali. Therefore, not many are interested in enjoying a vacation on the Amed beach.

But around the other shore, there is a skeleton of a Japanese patrol boat that sank during World War 2. Visitors who come to Amed Beach will usually take the time to take selfies on the skeleton of this historic ship.

The best time to visit Amed Beach is in the morning. Apart from being not too hot, the atmosphere of dawn presents a charm that is more beautiful than the daytime. In fact, if you come before sunrise, the charm of the sunrise adds to the elegance of the beach.

Amed Beach Attractions

What are some interesting things in Amed Beach? Here are some of them:

1. Watching Salt Farmers' Activities

Vacation while adding insight. This term seems to be appropriate if you are on vacation to Bali's Lovina Beach tourist attractions.

At the Amed Beach tourist spot you will meet many salt farmers who are on the move. They make salt in the traditional way. You are allowed to see the process of making salt from start to finish.

2. Underwater Paradise

If on the shore the scenery is less attractive, it is different under the sea. The charm of life under the sea is truly captivating.

There are many beautiful coral reefs. Coupled with a variety of colorful fish swimming around it. You can take pictures near the fish tiny with these beautiful colors.

3. Culinary Tour

It feels incomplete if you don't taste the culinary dishes at the tourist attractions that we visit. Is not it? Well, at the Amed Beach tourist attraction, there are several restaurants that serve varied menus.

Starting from traditional menus to western menus. With affordable prices, you can enjoy delicious culinary here.

4. Where to stay

Want to spend the night on Amed Beach? Don't worry, there are many places to stay or hotels with varying prices.

The price of lodging will usually depend on the facilities provided. So you can choose a hotel according to your budget.

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Location Amed Beach

Amed Beach is located in Amed Village, Abang, Karangasem, Bali. If you want to go to Amed Beach from Denpasar, you can use public transportation to the Batuluban terminal.

Next, move to another vehicle that goes to Amlapura. Finally, look for an angkot that goes to Amed. Unfortunately, public transportation does not operate for 24 hours. Only at certain hours.

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