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Canggu Beach Bali Tour

Canggu Beach Bali Tour

Canggu Beach Bali Tour is about 20 minutes from Kuta Beach.

The uniqueness of Canggu Beach compared to other beaches is that you can enjoy beach views accompanied by views of vast rice fields.

Canggu Beach has beach characteristics with sloping beaches with golden white sand making this beach the most beautiful beach in Bali.


Diah Paracintya

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The Island of the Gods is very famous for its various tourist destinations, both cultural tourism and natural tourism. Of the many natural attractions in Bali, the most dominating are Beach tourism.

The beaches in Bali are very beautiful and all have different advantages and uniqueness. One of the beaches that you must visit while on vacation to Bali is Canggu Beach.

Canggu Beach Bali Tourist Attractions

Canggu Beach is a beach that has earned the nickname the most beautiful beach in Bali and was included in CNN's list of the 100 best beaches worldwide in 2013.

Canggu Beach Tourism Bali occupies the 39th position from other beaches that are famous for their beauty, namely Navagio Beach, Palaui Island, and others.

Sunset at Canggu Beach

Canggu Beach Tourism Bali is famous for its beautiful atmosphere. This beach is also one of the best choices for those of you who want to enjoy the sunset.

So don't be surprised if in the afternoon many tourists come to see the sunset on the western horizon. The beach sand at Canggu Beach has a fine type of sand with a golden white color.

In addition to the fine sand beaches and the beauty of the sunset panorama, another interesting thing about Canggu Beach Bali is the waves which are perfect for those of you who like to surf. The waves are big enough to make surfers feel challenged to play water surfing on this beach.

No wonder this beach was once the venue for the International Indonesia Surfing Championship (ISC) event in 2004. overseas who came to participate in this prestigious event.

Canggu Beach Waves

If you want to surf but don't bring your surfing equipment, you don't need to worry because there are many surf equipment rentals around the beach that will keep you surfing.

Not only that, there are still many interesting things on this beach such as riding a horse for a walk on the beach for about 45 minutes which will be guided by an expert.

If you want to ride a horse, you can come to the Bali Equestrian Center which is located in Canggu Asri Housing, Banjang Plumbingan. In addition to horseback riding, you can also go around doing culinary tours around the beach.

Canggu Beach Location

The most beautiful beach in Bali is located in Canggu Village, North Kuta District, North Kuta Regency Badung, Bali. This beach is in a line with two other famous beaches, namely Kuta Beach and Legian Beach.

Canggu Beach View

Access to the Beach

To go to Canggu Beach Bali you can choose the following routes.

Those of you who are at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport or from that direction, you will cover a distance of about 22 km which will take about 30 minutes.

However, from the tourist area of ​​Ubud, the distance traveled is 29 km driving which takes about 68 minutes.

If you are in the Nusa Dua area or from the direction of Nusa Dua, the distance you will travel is about 28 km and takes about 68 minutes to drive.

Beach Facilities

As mentioned above, there are places that you can use for a culinary tour at Canggu Beach, Bali.

In addition there are also inns and hotels that you can use to rest after tired of playing on the beach. You just need to choose the right accommodation and according to your budget.

To enter this beach there is no charge or free. So it is very suitable for those of you who want to do a low budget tour.

That's a little review about Canggu Beach which is the most beautiful beach in Bali. So what are you waiting for? Immediately plan your vacation with your beloved family and don't forget to visit this beach.


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