Note! Muslim Friendly Tourism Different from Religious Tourism!

Muslim-friendly Tourism is Different from Religious Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has begun to launch Muslim-friendly tourism. One of the steps to follow up this was done by launching a Muslim-friendly tourism guidebook on (21/9) which was held in an event titled Islamic Day 2022. There is something to note in this case, namely Muslim-friendly tourism is different from religious tourism.

Muslim friendly tourism concept

Muslim-friendly tourism is different from religious tourism. The mention of this tour refers to the concept of providing supporting facilities for Muslim tourists to meet their needs and obligations. Call it such as the availability of places of worship, places for ablution, as well as clean toilets. The provision of halal food in tourism activities is also an important point in Muslim-friendly tourism.

"So the need for facilitation is in all places where Muslim tourist activities pass. Starting from airports, stations, ports, to bus terminals. Then in hotels or inns, then in places to eat. Then in the attraction or tourist attraction. Then at the spa because this has become a necessity too. Then at the mall, because everyone must be shopping, and in the mode of transportation," said Senior Consultant Amicale Lifestyle International Hafizuddin Ahmad at the Islamic Digital Day 2022 event, Wednesday (21/9) as quoted from second travel.

Furthermore, he explained that Muslim-friendly tourist destinations are diverse, including natural tourism, artificial tourism, too culture tour. "Don't think that Muslim-friendly tourism is religious tourism. Natural, artificial, cultural attractions are also included in Muslim-friendly tourism," he added.

Muslim-friendly tourist facilities are available for everyone

Meanwhile, emphasizing that Muslim-friendly tourism is different from religious tourism, the Director of the Halal Product Industry of KNEKS Afdhal Aliasar to the media added that Muslim-friendly tourism facilities are inclusive or can be enjoyed by everyone. This means that not only Muslims can enjoy these services, but also all other tourists. “Of course we need to remember that halal food, cleanliness, and all kinds of things are inclusive. Not only for Muslim travel, but for all, whoever really needs it and can enjoy it well," he explained.

Muslim-friendly tourism is different from religious tourism because in this case there is no privilege for Muslims. This was explained by the Deputy for Tourism Products and Event Organizers of the Father of Creative Arts, Rizki Handayani. In line with what Aliasar said, Deputy for Tourism Products and Event Organizers of the Regional Creative Economy Agency, Rizki Handayani explained that the concept of Muslim-friendly tourism is more about facilities.

"So it's not a grouping. This is indeed good in all of Indonesia, it is available. Not seeing the special Muslim tourists or anything. It's okay if you don't want to prepare, but then there will be inconvenience for Muslim tourists when traveling because of the unavailability of (facilities)," he explained. (y)

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