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Sumbawa Tourism Spot Hits With Amazing Views

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Sumbawa Tourism Destinations, travelers must know! What comes to your mind when you hear Sumbawa Island? Yes, the island part of West Nusa Teggara is indeed not as famous as its sister island, the island of Lombok.

However, Sumbawa island is one of the best potentials in Indonesia eastern Indonesia travel forward.

Sumba Island

However, it turns out, Sumbawa has quite an amazing tourist destination as well as culinary tour.

In fact, several spots have stolen the attention of foreign tourists, including Mata Sharp Waterfall, Lakey Beach and Moyo Island.

What are the Sumbawa tourist destinations that you can visit? Here's the complete information.

Let's find out.. Attractions and Tourist Entrance Tickets in West Nusa Tenggara.

List of Popular Tourist Attractions in Sumbawa

Sumbawa has many tourist destinations that can be visited. However, this time, several mandatory destinations that are the mainstay of Tana Samawa Island will be presented with this slogan, namely:

1. Mata Jitu Waterfall

Sumbawa tourist destinations that you must visit are: Jitu Eye Waterfall which is right in the forest Moyo Island, Labuan Baji. How to get there you need to rent a fishing boat from Ai Bari village with a long journey of about 2 hours.

The boat fare is around IDR 50.000/person. After arriving you still have to pass through the savanna and hills by using a motorcycle taxi for 20 minutes.

Your tiredness during the trip will pay off when you arrive at Mata Jitu Waterfall. Lots of lush green trees make the atmosphere so beautiful.

The most dazzling beauty is the combination of dark and light green that adorns the flow of the waterfall. Here there are four steps in the form of stalactite and stalagmite rocks and seven ponds. The water is so clear green and cold.

The atmosphere is getting calmer when the sound of the water seems to be in symphony with the tweets of various birds. No wonder, the waterfall which is nicknamed Queen Waterfalls this has made many great people of the world come out of curiosity, like the late DianaPrincess of Wales, tennis player Maria Sharapova, and many more.

The good news is, there is no entrance ticket for the eye waterfall that you have to pay.

2. Lake Lebo

Next you can enjoy the beauty Lake Lebo which is located in Sampir, Taliwang. If you start the journey from Sumbawa city center, the journey time is around 2 hours 20 minutes. The infrastructure leading to this lake is quite good. You can use private vehicles and get through comfortably.

Lake Lebo
Photo by bent photography

Lake Lebo has an area of ​​about 752 ha with a depth of 1,5 m to 3 m. The extent of this lake is often used by tourists to get around using canoes.

The rental price is IDR 15.000 for adults and IDR 10.000 for children. Not only wide, Lake Lebo also contains a lot of fish in it, you can try fishing to get tilapia, wader, cork, tawes, and others.

The favorite sight in this Sumbawa Island tourist destination is the pavilion filled with lotus flowers. Perfect for those of you who like to collect Instagrammable photos. In addition, there is also a playground for small children.

No less exciting is enjoying the beauty of the lake which is full of types of vegetation and animals, while eating Taliwang's special culinary in the form of kela lebo lion.

3. Evening Liang Cave

Guang Liang Petang is a tourist destination on Sumbawa Island that has historical value, especially in relation to the spread of Islam. The location is in Batu Tering Village, Moyo Hulu. It takes about 1 hour if you start the route from Sumbawa Besar.

The way to Liang Petang Cave can be reached by motorbike from Batu Tering Village, then you have to climb the hill for about 10 minutes.

As the name implies, the first time you enter the cave you have to pass through a narrow and dark hole. A flashlight is a must-have tool that you need to take with you when you come here. While the scenery you will see is stalactite rocks with various shapes.

While walking through the cave, you can see traces of traces of rooms that are said to be hiding places for Islamic broadcasters in Sumbawa. In addition, in the cave with a depth of 80 km you will also find a special place of meditation and a stone that looks like a tomb.

4. Lakey Beach

For those of you who like and are surfing enthusiasts, Sumbawa offers Lakey Beach with waves that are quite challenging. The location of this beach is in Hu'u, Dompu. The distance is about 42 km from the center of Dompu district. Access to Lakey Beach is very easy, you can use various types of transportation to get there.


As a surfer's paradise, Lakey Beach has 4 types of waves that you can try at once, namely Periscope, Lakey Pipe, Cobble Stones, and Lakey Peak. Among these types of waves, Lakey Peak is the most challenging wave with a characteristic sweeping direction of the waves from the left, then forming a long tunnel.

Besides surfing, you can also enjoy the beauty of sunrise and sunset on soft white sand. The ticket price for Lakey Beach is Rp. 15.000.

5. Kenawa Beach

Other tourist destinations around Sumbawa that you need to visit are: Kenawa Beach. The location is on Kenawa Island, Poto Tano. To get to this beach you have to cross first using a ferry from Harbor Kayangan in East Lombok towards Poto Tano Harbor. Next, cross again by boat for 20 minutes.

Arriving at the location you will be greeted by a thriving meadow. Tourists usually use this as a camping place. Furthermore, you are also presented with white sand on the beach which is so soft. And the most important beauty is Kenawa beach which has clear blue turquoise sea water.

The calm waves allow you to snorkel to see the beauty of marine life. Not to be missed is enjoying the view of the sunrise and sunset that are clearly visible.

6. Mantar Hill

Mantar Hill located in Mantar Village, Poto Tano. It takes about 2 hours 30 minutes from downtown Sumbawa Besar. You can use various types of transportation to get to this hill.

For those of you who love paragliding, Mantar Hill is a Sumbawa tourist destination that could be the best choice. The top of this hill is at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level, the perfect size for a paragliding spot.

Mantar Hill

No wonder Bukit Mantar often hosts international level paragliding. In addition, the stunning view of the green hills is a superior venue when flying from this hill.

Meanwhile, for those of you who don't want to try paragliding, you can make this place to watch the sursire and sunset in the same place.

The view of the clouds seen from the top of the hill is no less beautiful. In addition, Bukit Mantar also provides some very instagrammable spots. It's a loss if you don't hunt for photos on this hill bridge while in Sumbawa.

7. Inner Palace

Istana Dalam Loka is a tourist destination in Subawa which is full of historical values ​​and full of philosophical values. The reason is, this palace is the residence of the Sumbawa Sultanate in the past. It was built in 1885 by Sultan Muhammad Jalaluddin Shah III. The location of the Istana Dalam Loka is in Seketeng, Sumbawa Besar.

Palace Destinations in Loka Sumbawa

Incredibly, this palace is one of the largest stilt houses in the world with an area of ​​1,251 square meters. Even though it is hundreds of years old, the Istana Dalam Loka building still stands strong because it is made of the best quality teak wood and does not use iron nails.

In the first room you will be presented with historical photos and a list of the sultans who once ruled Sumbawa. Then, you can explore every room that was once used as a room, a meeting room, a play area for the sultan's daughter, and much more.

At certain times, the Istana Dalam Loka is also used as a venue for the selection of Taruna-Dadara, theater, ceremonial, and other types of performances.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sumbawa Tourist Spots
Where is the Sumbawa region located?

Sumbawa is the name of an island in the province of West Nusa Tenggara. The largest city in it is named Bima, although the capital city is Sumbawa Besar.
Its territory is bordered by the island of Lombok, Komodo island, the Indian Ocean and the Flores Sea.


SWhat local history is most famous in Sumbawa?

Sumbawa offers unique destination options for the Tua Dalam Loka palace and the Bala Kuning palace. The Old Palace Dalam Loka has been around since 1885.
The palace, the former residence of the Muslim king of the Dewa Dalam Bawa dynasty, has now turned into a cultural heritage spot. Meanwhile, the Bala Kuning palace is located on Jalan DR Wahidin 21 Seketeng. This palace contains valuable historical heritage items belonging to the Sumbawa sultanate.

Are there any rural tourist spots?

Sumbawa has the tourist village of Mantar which is located at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. This country spot above the clouds displays amazing views including the sea, rows of islands and peaks Lombok's Rinjani.
There is also the village of Tepal Batu Lanteh at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level with more stunning natural views. Also equipped with a view of local women weaving pandanus mats which can be found in many places.

Mantar Hill

Spot Which beach tours are recommended in Sumbawa?

For those of you who like beach tourism, there is Lakey which is located in Jambu Pajo Dompu.
With an entrance ticket of Rp. 15.000,- the expanse of waves breaking left is worth surfing as well as an amazing photo tower spot.

Cave tours are also available named Liang Petang, Kanawa Island Sumbawa, Gili Bola/Bedil Island, Liang Bukal Baths, Maluk Beach, Lebo Lake, Bungin Island and others.

Lakey waves Sumbawa

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Those are some Sumbawa tourist destinations that you must visit. After determining the destination you want to visit, don't forget to prepare everything that might be needed.

Enjoy the holidays with your family.

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