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Tirta Yatra Tourism

Tirta Yatra Nusa Tourism in Penida

Nicknamed the Island of the Gods, Bali is famous for its various tourist attractions ranging from beaches, mountains to art and cultural centers. Interestingly, the island is also famous for Kecak dance It also has places for religious tourism. The following are a number of Tirta Yatra Nusa Penida tourist attractions, Bali.

About Tirta Yatra

However, before entering the Tirta Yatra Nusa Penida tourist attractions, Gotravela Indonesia will first tell you about the Tirta Yatra. Bali is an island with a majority Hindu population. Balinese people interpret Tirta Yatra as praying to the temple. This term can also mean a holy journey.

There are many temples in Bali that can be an option for Tirta Yatra. Some of them are quite common in Nusa Penida. This is an island located southeast of the main island of Bali and separated by the Badung Strait.

Puncak Mundi Temple

The first Tirta Yatra Nusa Penida tourist spot is Puncak Mundi Temple. As the name suggests, Puncak Mundi Temple is at the highest peak Nusa penida. The atmosphere is very beautiful thanks to the many trees that grow around the temple area.

The building is unique and exotic. Its location at a height, far from the crowds and shady, makes the atmosphere in this temple very calm. No wonder this place is suitable for Tirta Yatra tourism.

Pura Giri Putri Pura Dalem Ped

Next, there is the Giri Putri Temple which deserves to be the choice for the Tirta Yatra Nusa Penida tour. To enter the temple, visitors must pass through a narrow-mouthed cave. Travela buddy even had to squat for 3 meters.

After this 'free exam' then, Travela buddy will arrive at the main location of the temple which is very large, can even accommodate 5.000 people. Fatigue will pay off when it reaches this section. This trip gave an important lesson that 'obstacles are needed in life for anyone who wants to get glory, beauty and serenity'.

Dalem Ped Temple

No less interesting than the two temples above, Pura Dalem Ped also deserves to be a tourist destination of choice Tirta Yatra Nusa Penida. Also known as Pura Penataran Agung Ped, This temple is located just 50 meters from the beach. 

The atmosphere in this temple is very calm and only 'breaks' with the sound of the hissing sea breeze and the occasional waves of sea water. No wonder, the atmosphere in this place is very solemn for prayer.

Apart from being a tourist destination for Tirta Yatra Nusa Penida, these various temples can also be used for general tourists. Just be sure Travela buddy to comply with the rules that apply in each of these places, for example regarding dress codes, taking pictures and so on. (y)

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