Tour Commemorating Hero's Day

Tour Commemorating Hero's Day

Today, Thursday, November 10, 2022, the people of Indonesia again commemorate Heroes' Day. There are many ways that can be done to commemorate this special and heroic day. Going back to watching films of the struggle of the Indonesian people is one of them. However, Travel Friends You can also choose to go for a walk so that the patriotic atmosphere is more pronounced. Here Gotravela Indonesia presents a number of tourist recommendations to commemorate Heroes' Day on November 10.

Surabaya Heroes Monument

The determination of Hero's Day on November 10 is inseparable from the great battle events that occurred in Surabaya on the same date in 1945. At that time, the battle was fierce between Indonesian leaders and people in Surabaya and foreign parties, in this case NICA who rode the Allies. Victims fell unavoidably and this became the most powerful battle in the period to defend Indonesia's independence or the Revolution. As a commemoration of the incident, the Surabaya Heroes Monument was built. Travel buddy who happens to be in the City of Silver, you can come for a tour to commemorate Hero's Day. The monument in Contong Square has a height of 41,15 meters which, when converted, is equivalent to 45 yards. This number represents the year of Indonesia's independence.

General Sudirman Monument

From Surabaya, the tour to commemorate the next Hero's Day shifts to the west. This time it is at the General Sudirman Monument in Pacitan. As the name suggests, the monument in Sobo Hamlet, Pakis Baru Village, Nawangan District, Pacitan features a statue of General Sudirman as the 'main character'. This monument also stands in a village that was formerly used as a market for General Sudirman and his troops when they fought against in the early days of independence, namely April 1 - July 7 1949. In this place, Travel buddy You can see the Statue of General Sudirman soaring as high as 8 meters. Apart from seeing the statue, Travel buddy can also visit a house that used to be the headquarters of the great general with his troops. The location of the house is about 4 km from the General Sudirman Monument.

Monument to the Birthplace of General Sudirman

From East Java, the tour to commemorate Hero's Day turned to the Purbalingga area, Central Java. If in Pacitan there is a monument to General Sudirman, in Purbalingga district there is a monument where the general was born. As the name suggests, the monument in Bantarbarang Village, Rembang District, Purbalingga Regency, has a diorama that tells the journey of life until the death of the Five Star General.

So, here are some travel options to Commemorate Heroes' Day on November 10. is Travel buddy have been to all three or one of these places. Or, even Travel buddy Do you have any recommendations for other tourist attractions to commemorate this day full of nationalism values ​​around your place of residence? If so, don't hesitate to share with Gotravela Indonesia. (y)

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