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Tourists Fall from the Cliffs of Broken Beach Bali

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The news is quite alarming from the world of tourism. To quote detik.travel, (22/11/2022) there was an accident where a tourist fell from the cliff of Broken Beach Bali on Monday (21/11). The victim with the initials AK fell down from a cliff 40 meters high. As a result of this incident, the tourist from Tomohon, North Sulawesi, suffered injuries to his hands and feet.

Want Photos Even Fall

The incident began when AK wanted to take a selfie on the edge of the Broken Beach cliff. Unfortunately, he even fell to the bottom of the beach. "The victim fell from a height of 40 meters to the bottom of the beach," said the Head of the Bali Search and Rescue Office (Basarnas) Gede Darmada as Gotravela quoted from second back. The incident, according to the tour guide witness, occurred at around 09.30 WITA.

Long Enough Evacuation

The victim who suffered injuries to his feet and hands was only evacuated at 15.15 WITA. The delay in the evacuation process was due to the difficult terrain. The position of the victim was also blocked by bushes, so the SAR officers had difficulty reaching him. In addition, big waves are also another obstacle to the long process of evacuating tourists who fall from the cliffs of Broken Beach.

"Initially one personnel was lowered and then followed by one personnel with a stretcher (successful). We provide initial treatment to reduce bleeding from foot and hand injuries. the victim (successfully) was pulled up using a stretcher,” explained Darmada. Although the evacuation took a long time, luckily the victim was found conscious. After the evacuation, the victim was taken to the Nusa Medika Clinic using an ambulance.

Broken Beach

Meanwhile, Broken Beach is an unusual beach in Bali. Generally, the beach has an elongated and flat coastline. However, Broken Beach or what the local people call it Sigh Uug (broken beach) is surrounded by cliffs as high as 50-200 meters. Seawater enters the cliff due to hundreds of years of abrasion. The seawater that is accommodated in it makes the beach look like a giant pool. Here, Travela buddy can see manta rays and various other fish.


Due to the unusual shape of the beach, Travela buddy must be careful when visiting this place. Be sure to follow the safety advisories from or local tourism manager. Thus, the incident of tourists falling from the cliffs of Broken Beach, as reported above, is no longer necessary. Luckily, the incident didn't kill him. If Travel buddy opened Google News about accidents caused by selfies, some even claimed their lives. This should be an important lesson for all of us to always prioritize safety on vacation. Do not just because you are looking for a good photo spot and want to show off a different vacation photo, but end up in an accident. Of course, this appeal is not only for picnics at Broken Beach, but also at other tourist destinations everywhere.(y)

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