Hiace Premium Bali Rental


Hiace Premio Bali rental is the best solution for those of you who want comfortable driving while traveling around the Island of the Gods with friends or family. The car's luxurious appearance on the outside and comfort in the cabin will make you feel the sensation of a calm holiday full of luxury.

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Anti-Constraint Vacation with Hiace Premio Bali / Hiace Premio Luxury Rental Prices.

The end of year holidays are upon us. Surely, many Travela friends have planned a New Year holiday with their partner, friends or even family, right?! Unfortunately, when planning a holiday together there are often obstacles that make things difficult.

It's not a ticket or budget problem, but sometimes it's a transportation problem when in Bali. So, for Travela friends who are confused about this, don't worry, Gotravela Indonesia presents a Hiace Premio Bali rental solution which will definitely make your holiday more memorable without burning a hole in your pocket! Period??

Hiace Premio Bali Rental Prices

Detail Price Duration
full day Rp. 1.299K 12 Clock
half day Rp. 949K 06 Clock
Denpasar Office Gotravela Indonesia, Tukad Pancoran IV no. 9a Denpasar Bali Indonesia, South Denpasar, Bali 80225, Indonesia - Secondary phone: +6281999565666 Email: gotravela.id@gmail.com

Comfortable and Luxurious Vacation

Yups, as is known, the Toyota Hiace has two types, namely the commuter type and the Premio. Compared to commuters, renting a Hiace Premio Bali provides more benefits for you, namely a more comfortable and luxurious holiday. Well, if the Hiace Commuter can accommodate up to 14 people, then the Hiace Premio is a more premium type. This type of car can only accommodate 8-11 people.

Hiace Rental Prices
Hiace Premio Luxury

With fewer people on board, passengers will have more freedom. Moreover, this car also has a more modern and futuristic cabin interior compared to the Hiace Commuter type. More than that, the Hiace Premio is also supported by having a snout at the front which means the engine no longer has to hide under the front passenger seat like the Commuter type.

Apart from making the room cooler, the front muzzle position also provides better protection in terms of driving safety - such as protecting against frontal collisions. All these advantages definitely make you choose premium luxury, right?!

Affordable prices

Moreover, renting the Hiace Premio luxury Bali will not make your pockets cry. Yes, with affordable Hiace Bali rental prices, you can really just sit back and relax. In providing this Hiace rental service, Gotravela Indonesia includes a driver.

Therefore, you no longer need to bother thinking about finding your own driver. Gotravela realizes that having a picnic is not just about arriving at your destination, but there must be value that can be learned from each trip.

Therefore, Gotravela also provides this Bali premium luxury rental service with experienced and friendly drivers. In this way, this will make you feel more comfortable throughout your trip and feel like you have a self-guide.

A luxurious and modern vehicle with the best rental price is the right combination for you to choose to rent a Hiace Premio Luxury Bali with Gotravela Indonesia. So, immediately contact Gotravela now and get the best price offer for Hiace Premium Luxury Bali. Happy end of year holidays. (y)


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