Toekad Rafting ATV Ubud


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Toekad Rafting ATV Ubud is another way to enjoy the beauty of the island of Bali. This tour will take Travela friends along the fast water of the Ayung River in Ubud while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery in the surrounding area. This activity is suitable for adventure tourism lovers.

Prices for Toekad Rafting ATV Ubud

Ayung Rafting Only

Descpt Rate/Pax Include
Mature Rp. 170.000 Lunch

Single Atv Package + Rafting + Lunch

Descpt Rate/Pax Include
Mature Rp. 650.000 Lunch

ATV RIDE + Lunch

Descript Rate/Pax Include
ATV Ride Single Rp. 475.000 Lunch
Tandem ATV Ride Rp. 675.000 Lunch
  1. Toekad rafting equipment and safety equipment are included.
  2. Accompanied by White Water Rafting Guide & ATV included.
  3. A rafting adventure of approximately 2 hours is included.
  4. Buffet Lunch at Toekad Rafting Bali.
  5. Safety insurance is included.
  6. Changing room facilities are included.
  7. Bath amenities include soap and towels are included.


Alternative Adventure Tourism in Bali

A holiday to Bali is not just to enjoy the beauty of the beach or visit traditional villages. However, there is Toekad Rafting ATV Ubud which is suitable to try, especially for those who like adventure tourism.

This activity is a white water rafting activity combined with ATV motorbike riding in the Ubud area, Bali. Rafting itself is done on the Ayung River. No need to worry if you don't have white water rafting experience, because the river has a current that is not too big, so it is safe for beginners. Moreover, Gotravela Indonesia also prepares instructors who are ready to accompany Travela friends to do Toekad Rafting Ayung Ubud safely and comfortably.

Toekad Ubud White Water Rafting Adventure

Toekad Rafting ATV UbudMeanwhile, the Toekad Rafting Ayung Ubud activity will begin by descending around 400 steps at the Toekad Rafting location. The white water rafting activity lasts for approximately 2 hours across the Ayung River. Rafting is carried out for 2 hours with a distance of approximately 10 km. You won't feel that time, because it's fun going through this natural adventure, especially as the natural scenery around the white water rafting route is also very beautiful.

For information, the Ubud Ayung River is the widest and longest river on the Island of the Gods with a length of 75 km. Referring to the scale of difficulty of rafting, the Ayung River has levels I and II during the dry season.

This level indicates that the current is quite strong with a slight drop, but is still safe for beginners. However, the river will enter level IV during the rainy season, which means rafting participants must be more skilled at rowing.

If you're satisfied with your adrenaline rush, you'll definitely be hungry, right?! However, there is no need to worry about how to protect your stomach from rumbling. The reason is, the Toekad Rafting ATV Ubud package includes lunch. Enjoying lunch at a restaurant in a relaxed manner is definitely commonplace.

However, believe me, lunch this time will be different, because Travela friends will 'fill up their stomach ammunition' after passing through a challenging rafting route and eating in the beautiful natural surroundings of Toekad.

Toekad ATV Ubud

Complementing Toekad Rafting Ayung Ubud, Travela friends can take part in the activity of riding an ATV vehicle around Toekad. Toekad Rafting ATV Ubud itself is available in single and tandem riding packages. Prices for ATV rides in Ubud vary, depending on whether you want to choose your own package or Tandem ATV ride.

How, can you imagine how exciting it is? Therefore, try to enjoy Toekad Rafting ATV Ubud during your next holiday in Bali. Travela friends can directly contact Gotravela for information on the latest ATV prices in Ubud. (y)


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