Sabu Island

Sabu Island

Sabu Island

Sawu or Sabu Island, Indonesia's Hidden Paradise, which has a myriad of Charming Tourist Attractions.

Sabu Island or also known as Sawu Island, Seba, Havu, Hawu or Hawoe is one of the outermost islands of Indonesia, which is the second southernmost island after Rote Island. This island is in the territory of East Nusa Tenggara and is part of Sabu Raijua Regency.

The Sabu Islands consist of 2 large islands, namely:

  • Rai Hawu, known as Sabu Island.
  • Rai Jua is a small island west of Rai Hawu.

And there are also 2 small islands:

  • Rai Dana is an uninhabited island located 30 km southwest of Rai Jua.
  • Wadu Mea Island which has the smallest coastline of 0,26 Km.


Topography of Sawu

Sawu Islands which are included in The Lesser Sunda Islands "small sundanese islands“Nusantara and one of the Eastern Indonesia Tour best. It has a calcareous hill topography with the land mostly covered by grasslands and growing palm trees. The area of ​​Sawu Island is 379.9 km2, the coastline is approximately 1.026 km.

The coordinates are located exactly 10.5629°S 121.7889°E and DMS 10° 33′ 46.44″ S121° 47′ 20.04″ E

The plateau of 366 meters above sea level with a land slope of up to 45 degrees is located at Maja Club which is predicted to be the grand canyon of East Nusa Tenggara. The best time to visit is March to November because the weather is sunny and dry (hot wind from Australia).

If the season angin baratthe wind is blowing hard from Australia and will make the sea waves high. This can disrupt fishing activities and boat crossings both from Waingapu and from Kupang.




According to many local folk tales, especially ancient poems in the Sabu language, the Mone Ama tribe is well aware of the history of the sabu island. Historical information can be obtained that the ancestors of the Sabu people came from the land of India which they called Huh local folk language (Shabu natives cannot pronounce the words Surat and Gujarat, their tongues are more comfortable calling it Hura).

The word Hura is taken from Surat City in Gujarat Region, South India. Precisely located next to Bombay City Cambay bay India South. At that time the Gudjrat area was very famous as a trading city with The Coromandel Coast his.


King Chandragupta's Expansion

Around the 3rd century to the 4th century there was an exodus of large population movements from South India, to the archipelago. As a result of the long war of King Chandragupta II of North India in 375-413 with expansion ambitions to conquer small kingdoms throughout mainland India including the kingdom of Gujarat in South India.


First resident

According to previous historians, the archipelago was inhabited by Austronesian people around 2000 BC. Then came the Mongolian race to the archipelago around 500 BC who traveled through Thailand and then Malaysia and spread in the land of Java.

The southern Indian delegation under the leadership of Kika Ga, became the first inhabitants of Raijua Island. Interbreeding occurred with the Austronesian race and they spread to the island of Sabu and Raijua became the ancestors of the Sabu people.

Wawadu Maja Ritual on Sabu Island

Recorded evidence of the influence of the Majapahit Kingdom in the 14th and 16th centuries had a great influence on the land of shabu. The legacy of Majapahit can be seen in the Daihuli area near Ketita. There is a stone and a well commemorating the King of Majapahit, namely the Wawadu Maja stone and the Maja well.

In addition, there is also the existence of a village called Tana Jawa and Molie (mulihJavanese meaning go home). It can also be seen from the shabu weaving motif which has a Javanese Hindu temple pattern.


Capt. James Cook

Capt James cook Sawu Island

Another trace of historical tales is the story of Captain James Cook (The discoverer of the continent of Australia & the Pacific Ocean) was stranded on the island of Sabu in 1770.

At that time the ship Hectometer Bark Endeavor stranded and oscillated by the loss of supplies and many of the ship's crew suffer from illness due to malnutrition.

Captain James Cook then received logistical assistance from the King of Sabu Ama Doko Lomi Djara because of humanitarian considerations, so that James cook can continue his expedition to Batavia.


How to get there?

The islands are located between the island of Sumba and Rote, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The connecting route to this island by sea by ferry/fast boat is from Waingapu, East Sumba, Ende from Flores Island and Kupang, the capital of NTT. The new air line is a printis Susi Air flight from El Tari Airport to the Terdamu Airport on Sabu Island.

If you are an adventure traveler who wants to go to the island of sabu, our advice is from Kupang by fast boat, it takes only 5 hours to cross. Fast boat ticket price Express Cantika VIP ticket price is IDR 260.000 per person per one way.

People often say that this island is a hidden paradise because of its beautiful natural charm and it is a shame not to be missed. Sabu Island has a myriad of charming and cool tourist attractions.

No wonder this island has become one of the tourist destinations for travelers. Well, for those of you who want to take a vacation but haven't found the right destination, you can try visiting Sawu Island.


Sawu Island's Hidden Paradise

But before you go there, you should know in advance that the Sawu Island, which is rich in a variety of marine life, is included in the water area designated as a marine area. Aquatic National Park through the Decree of the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Number: Kep.05 of 2014.

Continue about the various good tourist attractions on this island. Here is the discussion.

1. Napae Beach

The first tourist attraction on Sawu Island that you must try to visit is Napae Beach. This beach has the most beautiful natural beauty in the Sabu Raijua area, East Nusa Tenggara. This beach is located not far from Harbor Seba Sea. If you come here, you will be treated to a beautiful beach with a wide expanse of white sand and clear sea water which is turquoise green.

2. Namata Traditional Village

Bali does have quite a lot of traditional villages that have become tourist destinations, but Sawu Island also doesn't want to be outdone by having the Namata Traditional Village. This tourist village is located in the area of ​​Raloro Village, Sabu Island, NTT, which is not too far from Seba City.

If you visit this village, you must wear local traditional clothes that are similar to a kemben. Not only that, here there are also megalithic rocks that have their own names and functions.

Then behind the trees, you will see several traditional houses that have thatched roofs with a large cone shape and the thatch closes down almost touching the ground or with an elongated shape whose thatched almost covers all parts of the house.

3. Seba Beach

For those of you who love the charm of the sunset, you can come to this beach if you are on vacation to Sawu Island. This beach offers views of white sand that stretches widely and also clear sea water with calm conditions.

4. Lie Mabala Cave

Another tourist spot that you can visit when traveling to Sawu Island is Lie Mabala Cave. The location of this cave is in Eimau Village, Central Sabu District, Sabu Raijua Regency, NTT. To get here you only need to drive about 20-30 minutes from the capital of Sabu Raijua, Seba City. When you arrive at the location, you have to walk stiffly for about 10 minutes on the existing path.

Lie Mabala Cave

Then when you arrive, you will see old banyan trees, Lie Mabala Cave is under the trees. For you to enter the mouth of the cave, you have to wait for the guide or cave guard to open the wooden fence. After the fence is open, you will immediately see the mouth of the cave which is vertical and wide enough around which there are roots, branches and tree leaves.

Those are the various tourist attractions on Sawu Island or Sabu Island. How? Nice and looks cool right? Well, for those of you who are interested in visiting the tourist attractions above, immediately plan a vacation to this one island. Plan carefully and make the itinenary as cool as possible to make your vacation more enjoyable. Happy holidays and have fun!