Larantuka East Flores

Larantuka East Flores

“Bale nagi larantuka east flores, sinyo e.. no -e!!”

A familiar and friendly expression for the people of East Flores, Larantuka, for the boy he loves. Let's go on vacation so you don't get crushed like Hans Cristian said in his quote which reads

Just living is not enough.. one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.Hans Christian Anderson


Larantuka East Flores

So let's go on vacation to Flores, NTT Beautiful Eastern Indonesia, which has been recognized by the world! Motherland stretches from the west end to the east end that never fails to entertain you.

It is undeniable that Flores has natural beauty that does not stop to amaze anyone. Labuan Bajo is an example of an undoubted leading destination for West Flores.

Then move to Ende, central flores, which has historical tourism because it was a place of exile for Bung Karno. While there is also a Kalimutu lake in Ende, but no less beautiful marine nature in Maumere.

Then the beauty of Flores is not satisfied until there, now it is present in East Flores with Larantuka with Adonara, Solor, Lembata and Alor Nature which are also amazing and you must visit.

For that, you must know Larantuka, East Flores, not only as a city of religion and culture but the beauty of nature and the sea can also be one of your next expeditions this year.



Geographical Topography

The area of ​​East Flores Regency consists of a land area of ​​1.812,85 km2 and a water area of ​​about 4.170,53 km2 with a total of 229 villages and 21 urban villages.

Larantuka, which is one of 19 sub-districts in East Flores Regency, has 2 villages and 18 sub-districts. Larantuka is also the capital of East Flores Regency in East Nusa Tenggara Province.

Geographical location of the administrative area of ​​Kab. East Flores is directly adjacent to:

  1. To the north, it is bordered by the Flores Sea
  2. To the south, it is bordered by the Sawu Sea
  3. In the west it is bordered by Sikka Regency (Maumere)
  4. In the east, it is bordered by Lembata Regency


Located at latitude and longitude coordinates 080 04'-08040' South Latitude and 1220 38'-1230 57' East Longitude, you can see the area in the image below




In short, before 1600 Portuguese traders left the island of Solor and settled in Larantuka. The Portuguese traders clashed with the Dominicans (propagator of the Catholic religion/Christianization) in Solor, because they were more interested in trade than in the Christianization mission.

In 1613 the Dutch occupied Solor and the Dominicans were expelled and moved to Larantuka as well.

Larantuka was a transit link for the sandalwood trade from Timor to Java and became the center of Portuguese trade in Southeastern Indonesia at that time. Where Larantuka east flores was also the final refuge of portuguese traders from deserters of the Dutch East India Company (VOC).

Two waves of Portuguese immigration brought a growing population in Larantuka. When the Dutch conquered Malacca in 1641, many Portuguese moved to Larantuka. Two villages, Wureh and Konga, became places to accommodate the Portuguese immigrants. Likewise, when the Dutch attacked Makassar in 1660, most of the Portuguese from there also fled to Larantuka.

Descendants of Larantuqueiros

The Portuguese merchant took the wives of the natives, also always wrote Portuguese ancestors in the names of their descendants. This new population group is called Topasses. They also call themselves Larantuqueiros (the people of Larantuka). But the Dutch called them with a mockery of Zwarte Portugeesen (black Portuguese).


Larantuqueiros had no military power but had a strong influence in the region, whose influence reached far beyond their settlements. The core cell of Larantuqueiros is the federation of Larantuka, Wureh and Konga.

Theoretically they are subject to Portugal. But in practice they are free. They were not under pressure from the Portuguese government and they did not pay taxes to the Portuguese government.

Lisbon's government papers were ignored. For years there was a bloody power struggle between the da Costa and de Hornay families. In the end they also share power.

Larantuqueiros was ruler after King Larantuka and made Portuguese the official language to distance himself from the natives. The language of trade is Malay, which is understood on the surrounding islands.

Nusa Dipa Kingdom

The Larantuka Kingdom is a large kingdom at the eastern end of the archipelago which was formerly called "Nusa Nipa” which means Dragon Island in Sanskrit by Majapahit. While the name of the big island of Flores in Portuguese is Cabo de Flores (Cape of flowers) which is now known as Flores Island.

The meaning of Nusa Dipa is quoted from Paramita Rahayu Abdurachman's book, "Portuguese Wind Flower in the Archipelago" describing that the island of Flores is shaped like a dragon. With Manggarai and Ngada in the west as the tail, the middle part has Endeh and Sika as the body, while the Larantuka arch in the northeast peninsula is the head.

Larantuka's relationship with Java was intensively established in the 14th century during the Majapahit expedition to the eastern part of the archipelago. This is stated in the Book of Negarakertagama by Mpu Prapanca, written in 1365, which mentions the Larantuka area by the name of Galiyao and its ruler by the name of King Lewonama.

The influence of Majapahit is still felt today. We can find several villages in Larantuka District which have names with Javanese Sanskrit nuances, such as Amagarapati, Balela, Ekasapta, Lamawalang, Sarotari, and others.

Kingdom of Ata Java

It is said that long before that, precisely in the 13th century, the early Larantuka kingdom was named Kingdom of Ata Java founded by a husband and wife couple named Pati Golo Arakian and his wife named Wato Wele who are local women from the Ile Tribe (sacred native inhabitants). Meanwhile, Pati Golo Arakian did not come from the original Larantuka, but was the son of a royal noble on the southern coast of central Timor named Wehali with a mother of Javanese blood.

Larantuka and Wehali finally chose different trade routes and sociology. Wehali embraced Islam and partnered with the Bugis/Makassarese. While Larantuka became the best partner of the Portuguese who embraced Catholicism. Although in the end they both fought against the Dutch.

Archipelago Catholic Kingdom

In the 16th century, the Larantuka Kingdom had triumphed with great Portuguese support and became an important kingdom in eastern Flores. Become The First Catholic Kingdom in the Archipelago making Larantuka considered by the great kingdom of Java, Majapahit. As one of the important kingdoms, Larantuka also interacts with other kingdoms and even other countries.

The most famous King of Larantuka was baptized into Catholicism was King Ola Adobala in 1665. With the title Don Francisco Ola Adobala Diaz Vieira de Godinho. The king must swear an oath of allegiance to the king of Portugal and on it the title Dom is bestowed upon him.

Ritually, Don Francisco Ola Adobala DVG was the first person to initiate the ceremony of handing over the golden head scepter to the statue of Tuan Ma (Our Lady of Reinha Rosari) as a symbol that Larantuka is fully the city of Reinha (Queen) and the kings are representatives and servants of the Virgin Mary. Thus declared the Kingdom of Larantuka as the first Catholic kingdom in Asia at that time.


Peeling the Vatican of Indonesia

Indeed, religious tourism is a tourism that is a mainstay for the city of Nagi, which is also known as the Sister City of Lisbon. Basically Larantuka also has a strong religious culture where it can be used as a promising tourism potential in the future.


Forward Larantuka

East Nusa Tenggara Province has a Regional Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD) with a target of 20 years (2005-2025). Well, Larantuka in the RPJMD will be directed to become a tourist activity development area. The following is the reason why Larantukan becomes Mutiara Eastern Indonesia Tour.

1. Religious Tourism

Larantuka has the potential for religious tourism which attracts the attention of visitors and even becomes a mainstay for Larantuka to attract foreign tourists. Religious tourism is celebration eastern. So Larantuka is known as the City of Reinha de Rosari, the City of Queens, the City of Maria. What do you know about Semana Santa?

Semana Santa is a celebration for Catholics of Portuguese heritage which is celebrated before Easter. At the time of Semana Santa there were many pilgrims from various countries such as Italy, Portugal, Spain and so on. Semana santa comes from two words, Samana which means week and santa which means holy.

Semana Santa is held from Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Shabu, to Easter Sunday. The tribes that took part in this event were the Kabelen Tribe, Lewai Tribe, Raja Ama Koten Tribe, Kea Alyandu Tribe, Ama Kelen De Rosary Tribe, Maran Tribe, Sau Diaz Tribe, Riberu Da Gomes Tribe, Lamuri Tribe, Mulowatu Tribe, Lewerang Tribe, and Kapitan Jentera Tribe.

At the Semana Santa celebration, there are 2 statues that are important figures, namely the Tuan Ma Statue and the Tuan Ana Statue. The statue of Tuan Ma is a statue of the Virgin Mary while the statue of Tuan Ana is a statue of Jesus Christ. The statue of Tuan Ma will be bathed and then wrapped in mourning clothes. The mourning garment is a black, purple or blue velvet coat.

2. Beautiful Nature Tourism

In addition to its very famous religious tourism, another reason Larantuka is a tourism pearl that is stored for 2025 is its natural tourism which is no less beautiful than natural tourism in other NTT regions. Nature tourism in Larantuka, East Flores is no less cool than tourism abroad. Pasir Timbul in Meko, Kawaliwu Beach, Fatima Hill Park, Weri Beach, Onga Misi Beach and many other natural attractions.

At first, the natural attractions were not well maintained. However, with the existence of this RPJMD, the potential of the Larantuka area, which was originally hidden, has begun to emerge. After the implementation of this RPJMD, Larantuka has improved, so that it is now starting to be maintained, clean and starting to be crowded with visitors. White sand beaches, clear sea water and road access to tourist attractions are starting to be repaired and made easier. In addition, the procurement and improvement of facilities provided by the government is an attraction.

One of the most famous natural attractions in Larantuka is Onga Misi Beach. This is because of its beautiful beaches, strategic location of the beach, which is right in the heart of Larantuka City. In addition, the construction of facilities, and small stalls that grow around the beach are the main attractions of this Onga Misi Beach.

Judging from the reasons above, don't you agree that Larantuka is a tourism pearl that is stored for 2025. If this visible potential is developed properly, open the dream again of Larantuka becoming one of the natural tourist spots in East Nusa Tenggara that must be visited by tourists.


Sea Coast

Coastal beaches with calm waves and clusters of islands that are not so far away. You can even find a plateau that has a height like a dead mountain or a volcano in the middle of the sea.

The sea combined with the white cloud umbrella mountain becomes the charm of the eastern tip of Flores. Administratively, it is located in the Larantuka area, East Flores. Not only is the geological location charming, the culture is no less extraordinary.

Larantuka, East Flores is not only superior in natural tourism but also in religious tourism so that it has earned the nickname the Vatican of Indonesia. This is evidenced by the existence of spiritual tours that take place every year as a memorial to Christians.

This religious tourism attracts a lot of attention from domestic and foreign tourists. They are all very enthusiastic in participating in spiritual tourism which is a relic of the history of Christians since hundreds of years ago.

Offer Stunning Beauty Suitable For Vacation Destinations

Apart from spiritual tourism, you also have to try natural attractions that are not inferior to other Flores. You can taste the rows of beaches, lakes and hills that are no less charming.

Believe it or not, making this eastern part of Flores a tourist destination is a very right decision. You can visit Pasir Timbul Meko which presents stunning views that you will not find anywhere else.

Meko Embossed Sand

The name Pasir Timbul was obtained because of the sand dune in the middle of the sea like an uninhabited island. The area is only 1 sq km with white sand with a hint of pink in stark contrast to the turquoise water.

You can even calmly surround this Meko raised sand because there are no waves and only small ripples. But if the water is high, this sand island will sink.


Not satisfied with Pasir Timbul Meko, Larantuka, East Flores also has Kawaliwu beach which has something unique. You can find natural hot water that comes out of the rocks on the beach by digging it. The deeper you dig, the hotter the water that comes out on the coast of Kawaliwu.

The thought of soaking in natural hot springs while bringing the sun back to the contest is certainly a pity to miss.


You can also enjoy the underwater beauty by crossing to Adonara Island. Activities such as snorkeling and diving are things you should feel. Moreover, the clear sea water with calm waves will certainly be a different experience. You can also capture those precious moments, with the background of mountains and white clouds when the weather is sunny.

You can also enjoy the beauty of the lake which is no less beautiful in Larantuka. The lake that you can visit is Lake Asmara or Lake Waibelen. This lake has a beauty that is inversely proportional to the sad events of decades ago. There used to be two lovebirds who threw themselves because their love was not approved, so the local people named it Lake in Larantuka, East Flores with Lake Asmara.

The lake in Larantuka is still natural and there are not many buildings around it. But you can't just ignore the view. If you are satisfied with enjoying the beauty of Danua Asmara, you can move and try the hot springs that are no less enchanting. Wai Plati as the local people call it, you can soak in hot water while enjoying the charming sea and mountain views.

This leading tourist attraction also has mangrove forests with amazing views. This tour is always crowded every day, it's only natural that the ticket prices are pocket-friendly with easy access, of course, attracting tourists. After a tired vacation, there's nothing wrong with stopping by for a while to continue bathing in hot water at Kawaliwu Beach. Your vacation trip will be more complete in Larantuka, East Flores.

Larantuka has the potential of natural beauty that is not in doubt. The journey to explore the eastern island of Indonesia is like never ending. After enjoying Labuan Bajo to Komodo Island, and visiting Larantuka, you won't regret it either. It feels like just want to continue on vacation right? Get interesting offers to explore NTT by visiting Go Travela Indonesia.