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Hidden Gem Makassar Tourism | 8 Destinations in Gowa, Sulawesi

hidden gem Makassar

Looking for the Hidden Gem tourist destination in Makassar, let's check our list of recommendations, starting from Enrekang Highland to Tanjung Bira Beach.

Hidden gem of Makassar tourism – Want a nature-themed holiday? Don't worry, Makassar City can be the right place to satisfy your longing for nature! There is lots of beauty to be discovered, including stunning mountains, beaches and waterfalls.

You can take a trip to Makassar and invite your loved ones or friends to spend time together enjoying the beautiful nature around you. This memorable moment of togetherness will be difficult to forget. This is very beautiful, Travela!

Hidden Gem Makassar Tourism

1. Enrekang Highland

Enrekang is one of the districts in South Sulawesi which has extraordinary natural beauty. One of them is called the Enrekang Plateau. There, Travela can climb Mount Nona which is famous for its amazing views from a height.

Enrekang highland Makassar Tourism Gem

Rows of lush mountains and hiking trails make for good photo spots. After enjoying the natural beauty of the Enrekang Plateau, you will feel less tired and become more energetic.

Apart from that, Travela can also explore hidden gems around Makassar, such as the Saddang River, take photos from the suspension bridge, and visit Lewaja Waterfall. Wow, of course it will add new experiences.

Address: Karueng, District. Enrekang, Enrekang Regency, South Sulawesi

Opening hours: open 24 hours

Entrance ticket: Free

2. Kapoposang Island

This extraordinary diving spot in Makassar will make you excited, it's called Kapoposang Island. Apart from its underwater beauty, Travela will be impressed by the cleanliness of the island and the use of solar panels as lighting which is certainly environmentally friendly.

There are at least 14 diving spots on this exotic island that you can visit one after another to experience the true beauty of this marine park. Not only can you dive and snorkel, each place offers a unique experience.

For example, meeting sharks at Shark Point and swimming with turtles in other places. Make sure you take Underwater to immortalize the beauty of the coral reefs and marine life on this island.

Address: Liukang Tupabbiring District, Pangkep Regency, South Sulawesi.

Opening hours: open 24 hours

Entrance ticket: IDR 50.000/per person

3. Kingdom of Butterflies

Do you want to start an Adventure in a National park? Just visit Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park. As we know, there are many natural tourist attractions in this area. Travela can start by climbing Mount Bulusaraung which offers amazing views.

The climbing route is quite steep, with rocks on the left and right. Arriving at the top, the feeling of fatigue will disappear along with the beautiful view of the Maros karst rocks from above.

You can Visit the Butterfly Kingdom. As the name suggests, the butterfly farm in this national park allows you to see various types of butterflies up close with their colorful wings.

You can also find other hidden gems of Makassar tourism in this National Park, such as beautiful waterfalls, caves and lakes.

Address: Maros Regency and Pangkajene Islands (Pangkep) Regency, South Sulawesi.

Opening hours: 10:00-18:00

Entrance ticket: Starting from IDR 25.000

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4. Malino Highland

South Sulawesi has unlimited natural diversity. Malino Highland is one of the most famous destinations to visit. The Malino area is a plateau with rows of mountains and beautiful pine trees.

The extensive tea garden is the first attraction in Malino Highland. This hidden gem of Makassar tourism is not just about tea gardens, you will be happy with the other facilities provided. There is the Green Pekoe Cafe which highlights Instagrammable architecture.

Feel the excitement of riding a horse through the green tea gardens and watching the Green House filled with colorful flowers. Travela, looks like you have to spend more time enjoying the beauty of Malino Highland.

You can also see relaxing terraced rice fields, Lake Matano, and waterfalls which have beautiful natural views.

Address: Pattapang, District. Tinggimoncong, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi 92171

Opening hours: Weekdays 08.00 – 17.00, weekends 08.00 – 18.00

Entrance ticket: IDR 50.000/per person

5. Armang Laiya Waterfall

Armang Laiya waterfall is 2,5 hours from Makassar city center. Only a few people know where it is, most are locals and tourists who enjoy exploring. The view of this waterfall is truly amazing.

As soon as we enter the area, we will be greeted by towering pine trees. Then after passing through the pine forest, we will arrive at a two-story waterfall with a really beautiful green view.

Address: Laiya, District. Cenrana, Maros Regency, South Sulawesi 92754

Opening hours: open 24 hours

Entrance ticket: IDR 5.000/per person

6. Tanralili Lake

Tanralili Lake is located on the slopes of Mount Bawakaraeng at an altitude of 1.454 meters above sea level. Travel time from Makassar city center is approximately two hours. While Tanralili Lake is still relatively unknown, it has recently attracted the interest of local climbers and camping enthusiasts.

Tanralili Lake
Source: Smart City Gowa Regency

The view of this hidden gem of Makassar tourism is truly amazing because it is located between towering rocks. The path to the lake is difficult, but once you arrive, your efforts will be rewarded with stunning views of greenery and rock structures!

Address: Manimbahoi, District. Parigi, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi 92174

Opening hours: open 24 hours

Entrance ticket: IDR 5.000/per person

7. Tanjung Bira Beach

Tanjung Bira Beach, 120 kilometers from Makassar, is widely considered one of the most popular beaches in South Sulawesi. Even though it has become a popular tourist destination, the beach is still in good condition.

Starting from the clean white sand of the beach and clear sea water, we can see the coral reefs below. The beach is available 24 hours a day, and is surrounded by restaurants and other facilities. We can see the process of making pinisi ships here.

Address: Bonto Bahari District, about 40 km from Bulukumba City

Opening hours: open 24 hours

Entrance ticket: Starting from IDR 10.000/per person

Let's read about other destinations:

8. Spermonde Islands

Travela, did you know there is a beautiful island not far from Makassar? Yes, the name is the Sangkarang Islands or known as the Spermonde Islands.

This hidden gem of Makassar tourism consists of approximately 120 islands in southwest Sulawesi and is famous for the beauty of its marine tourism. All three must be visited, Lae-Lae Island, Samalona Island, and Kapoposang Island.

Lae-Lae Island is the first closest island, only 10 minutes away by boat. During World War I, the Japanese army used this island as a place of defense, leaving behind various historical remains such as bunkers which still exist today.

From Lae-Lae, you can continue your journey to Samalona Island, the most famous island in the Spermonde Islands. Samalona is home to amazing coral reefs and marine life, so snorkeling at the hidden gem of Makassar tourism can be one of the experiences Diving the most fun!

The last island to visit is Kapoposang Island which has the best diving spots. This island not only offers stunning underwater views, but is home to adorable turtles. If you're lucky, you might even see a turtle hatchling being released!

Address: Barru Regency, Pangkajene Islands Regency, Makassar City and Takalar Regency

Opening hours: open 24 hours

Entrance ticket: Free

Wow, I can't wait to go on holiday to South Sulawesi. There are many hidden gems of Makassar tourism waiting to be explored with your loved ones, don't forget to enter your Bucket List, Travela!


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