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Vastenburg Fortress Historical Tour | Historical Destinations in Solo

historical tour of vastenburg fort

Vastenburg Fort history tourism is one of the destinations full of history in Solo, let's see the complete information below!

Vastenburg Fort is a historical relic from the Dutch Colonial period which is located in the center of the city of Surakarta (Solo), Central Java.

Built in the 18th century, this fort witnessed the struggle against colonialism. The fort area offers a historical tourism experience with magnificent ancient buildings, complete with the Radya Pustaka Museum which displays valuable collections.

Taking a walk around the fort will take Travela to explore the cultural heritage of the past which is rich in values ​​of struggle and heroism. Want to know more about the history of Vastenburg Fortress? Read more information here!

Vastenburg Fortress Historical Tour

Vastenburg Fort is a historical fort located in Solo City, Central Java.

This fort was built in 1745 by the Dutch on orders Governor General Baron van Imhoff. The name Vastenburg comes from Dutch which means "steadfast fortress".

history of vastenburg fortress
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Vastenburg Fortress has a pentagon shape with five bastions at each corner. This fort is made of red brick and has typical Dutch architecture. Inside the fort there are several buildings, including:

  1. Main building: Formerly used as the residence of the Commander of the fort.
  2. Barracks: Previously used as a residence for Soldiers.
  3. Warehouse: Previously used to store weapons and ammunition.
  4. Chapel: Previously used as a place of worship for Dutch Soldiers.

Vastenburg Fort historical tourism is a silent witness to the history of the Indonesian people's struggle against the Dutch colonialists. In 1945, this fort became one of the locations of fierce fighting between Indonesian and Dutch fighters.

Currently, Vastenburg Fort is one of the popular historical tourist attractions in the city of Solo. Tourists can look at the fort buildings, learn about their history, and enjoy the calm and shady atmosphere around them.

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History of Vastenburg Fortress

Vastenburg Fort is a historical heritage located in Surakarta, Central Java. This fort was founded by order of Governor General Baron Van Imhoff in 1745, and its construction took around 30 years.

1. Beginning of Development

The construction of Vastenburg Fort was motivated by several factors, including:

  • Dutch Desire to Strengthen Its Control in Central Java: At that time, Surakarta was one of the centers of power in Central Java, and the Dutch wanted to ensure that they could control the area.
  • Tensions between the Dutch and the Surakarta Palace: At that time, relations between the Dutch and the Surakarta Palace often experienced tension. Vastenburg Fort is expected to become a Dutch defense fortress if this happens conflict with the Palace.
  • Dutch Defense Strategy: Vastenburg Fort historical tourism Built as part of the Dutch Defense Strategy in Central Java. This fort is located in a strategic location, namely at the confluence of two rivers, so it can be used to monitor troop movements and trade in the area.

2. Development Process

The construction of the Vastenburg Fortress historical tour was carried out in two stages:

  • First stage (1745-1755): At this stage, the core fort was built in a square shape with four bastions at the corners. This fort was named Grootmoedigheid Fort which means "Generosity".
  • Second stage (1756-1779): At this stage, the historical tour of Vastenburg Fort was expanded by building a surrounding wall and additional bastions. This fort was later renamed Vastenburg Fortress, which means "solid fortress".

3. Function of Vastenburg Fortress

Vastenburg Fort was founded primarily as a Dutch defense fort to:

  • See the Surakarta Palace and political activities around it.
  • Defend the Surakarta area from external attacks.
  • Helping the Dutch in maintaining stability and control in Central Java.

4. Military Function

  • Vastenburg Fort functioned as a command center and barracks for Dutch troops in Surakarta.
  • Weapons and ammunition stores were kept in the fort.
  • This historical tour of Vastenburg Fort is a place for military training and strategy.

5. Administrative Functions

  • Historical tour Vastenburg Fort became the residence and office of the Surakarta Resident (Dutch official who led the Surakarta region) in the early days.
  • This fort also functioned as the center of Dutch Government Administration in Surakarta.

6. Other Functions

  • After Indonesian Independence, Vastenburg Fort was used as a TNI headquarters.
  • In the 1970s to 1980s, this fort was the headquarters of the 6th Infantry Brigade/Trisakti Baladaya Kostrad.
  • Currently, Vastenburg Fortress functions as a historical and cultural tourist destination.
  • Venue for holding various events, such as concerts, festivals and exhibitions.
  • Public space for Community Activities.

The historical tourism function of Vastenburg Fort has undergone several changes throughout its history. From its defense and military functions in the Dutch Colonial period, now this fort has become a tourist destination and public space that is beneficial for the community.

Attraction of Vastenburg Fortress

Attraction of Vastenburg Fortress
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Vastenburg Fortress has its own attractions that can attract tourists, including:

1. Dutch Colonial Architecture

The Vastenburg Fort history tour offers the charm of an old building with a Dutch colonial architectural style.

This fort is rectangular in shape with an area of ​​around 7 hectares. The splendor of this sturdy and symmetrical fort building is reminiscent of the Dutch colonial period.

2. Silent Witness to History

Vastenburg Fortress was built in 1745 by the Dutch. This fort is a silent witness to various historical events, including the Diponegoro War and the Battle of Palagan Ambarawa.

Visiting the historical tour of Fort Vastenburg is like walking in the footsteps of the history of Indonesia's struggle.

3. Green Open Space

Apart from historical buildings, Vastenburg Fort also has quite a large green open space.

Travela can relax and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of shady trees in the middle of Solo City. This spot is suitable to be a place refreshing or just relax.

4. Place for performing arts and festivals

Vastenburg Fort historical tourism is often used as a venue for various arts performances and festivals. This further enlivens the atmosphere of Vastenburg Fortress and becomes a special attraction for tourists.

5. Galabo Culinary Tourism

Around the historical tourist attraction of Fort Vastenburg, there is Galabo, which is a culinary tourism area that offers various kinds of typical Solo food and drinks.

Once satisfied touring the fort, tourists can pamper their taste buds by tasting Solo culinary delights at Galabo.

How much is the Entrance Ticket for Vastenburg Fortress

The good news is that currently Vastenburg Fortress can be visited for free! Previously, the entrance ticket price for Vastenburg Fortress was:

  • Mature:2000
  • Children:1000

However, since 2022, the Surakarta City Government has waived entrance fees to Vastenburg Fort. Travela only needs to pay vehicle parking fees:

  • Motorcycle:3000
  • Mobile:5000
  • Vastenburg Fortress opening hours: Monday-Sunday, 24 hours

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Tips for Historical Tourism to Vastenburg Fortress

  • The best time to visit Vastenburg Fortress is morning or evening to avoid hot weather.
  • Use comfortable clothing and footwear for walking.
  • Bring a camera to capture beautiful moments at Vastenburg Fortress.
  • Don't forget to maintain cleanliness and throw away rubbish in the right place.

Vastenburg Fortress offers many interesting photo spots against the backdrop of old European-style buildings. Travela can immortalize holiday moments in this historic place.

Vastenburg Fort is one of the important historical heritages in Surakarta. This fort has high historical value and is a silent witness to the struggle of the Indonesian people.

Apart from that, the historical tour of Vastenburg Fort is an interesting destination to visit, so when is Travela going to come here?


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