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Authentic Solo Culinary 8 Legendary Menus You Must Try!

authentic solo culinary delights

Solo's authentic culinary specialty is famous for its distinctive flavors that have been passed down from generation to generation, from the heavy menu to the desserts, see the full details below! 

Solo, a historical city in Central Java, is famous for its culinary riches authentic and alluring.

The culinary heritage of the Surakarta Palace makes Solo a mecca for lovers of traditional food. Special dishes such as Nasi Liwet, Soto Ayam, Gudeg, and Serabi are typical Solo culinary icons that have become world famous.

Nasi liwet, with a mixture of brown or white rice cooked with coconut milk and selected spices, is a main dish that is rich in taste.

Soto Ayam Solo, with savory sauce and a sprinkling of sprouts, gives a unique touch that pampers the tongue. Gudeg, processed with coconut milk and spices, reflects an unmatched richness of taste.

Serabi, a traditional sweet desert with a sprinkling of toppings, original or chocolate is the perfect ending. Solo's authentic culinary delights not only offer deliciousness, but carry an alluring cultural and historical nuance.

Enjoying these dishes provides a unique culinary experience authentic and unforgettable, as if exploring Javanese ancestral heritage through taste. Come on, check out the list of recommendations for authentic Solo culinary delights that Travelers must try!

Authentic Solo Culinary

1. Solo Strait

Travela, Selat Solo is a typical dish of Solo, Central Java. The main ingredient uses beef that is boiled and cut thinly.

Selat Solo soup is clear brown in color and has a sweet and savory taste. The sauce is made from a mixture of beef stock, shallots, garlic, ginger, galangal, coriander and sweet soy sauce.

Vegetables used in Selat Solo include carrots, fried potatoes, green beans and long beans. These vegetables are boiled first before serving.

The Solo Strait originates from the Dutch Colonial period. At that time, steak dishes were popular among the Dutch modified by adding typical Javanese flavors.

The name "strait" comes from the word "Slachtje" in Dutch which means "salad". This is because Solo Strait has many similarities with salad, namely that they both use a lot of vegetables.

There are many places in Solo that serve Solo Strait, both street stalls and restaurants. Here are some authentic culinary places typical of Solo which are famous for the Solo Strait:

  • Mbak Lies' Selat Warung
  • Warung Selat Pak Man
  • Bale Padi Restaurant

2. Nasi Liwet

Travela, Nasi liwet Solo is a typical Solo dish in the form of savory rice cooked using coconut milk, salt, lemongrass and bay leaves. Nasi liwet Solo is usually served with shredded opor chicken, pindang egg, areh (thick coconut milk), and pumpkin vegetables.

Nasi Liwet Solo
Source: Endeus Tv

Nasi liwet Solo is said to come from Menuran Village, Baki District, Sukoharjo Regency, which is close to Solo City. Despite this, nasi liwet is still considered an authentic culinary specialty of Solo because it is closely related to the culinary culture of the area.

Nasi liwet is easy to find at various food vendors in Solo City, and is usually enjoyed as a breakfast or dinner menu.

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3. Notosuman Serabi

Next, Serabi Notosuman is a traditional Solo cake made from rice flour, coconut milk, sugar and pandan. The texture is soft, chewy, and has a distinctive savory taste.

Serabi Notosuman has been around since 1923 and is one of Solo's legendary culinary heritage. Currently, there are two famous Serabi Notosuman shops, namely Serabi Notosuman Ny. Lidia and Serabi Notosuman Mrs. Handayani. These two shops are located on Jalan Moh. Yamin, Solo.

Serabi Notosuman is not only liked by local people, but also by tourists visiting Solo. This cake is one of Solo's typical souvenirs that you must try.

It has a distinctive taste and is different from other pancakes. Made in the traditional way using a charcoal stove. Wrapped in banana leaves which gives a fragrant aroma.

Served with various chocolate, banana, jackfruit or original toppings. It has a long history and is one of the legendary culinary legacies in Solo.

If Travela visits Solo, don't forget to try Serabi Notosuman. You can buy it at Serabi Notosuman Ny. Lidia or Serabi Notosuman Mrs. Handayani.

4. Buntel Satay

Travela, Buntel satay is an authentic Solo culinary specialty that has been around since 1948. This satay is made from minced goat meat seasoned with various spices, then wrapped in goat fat and grilled. Buntel satay has a savory taste, with a soft and juicy texture.

buntel satay
Source: Goodnewsfromindonesia

Travela friends, Buntel satay is usually served with soy sauce and sliced ​​red onions. This satay can be enjoyed with white rice or lontong. Here are some famous places to eat satay buntel in Solo:

  • Mbok Galak Goat Satay
  • Mbok Nganten Goat Satay
  • Pak Pong's Goat Satay
  • Bejo Goat Satay

If you visit Solo, don't forget to try this delicious buntel satay.

5. Tengkleng Klewer

Travela, Tengkleng Klewer is a legendary goat meat dish located at Klewer Market, Solo, Central Java. Founded by Mrs. Edi in 1971, this stall has been a favorite of goat culinary lovers for more than 50 years.

Unlike tengkleng in general which uses coconut milk sauce, Tengkleng Klewer uses clear sauce which is rich in spices. Goat meat is boiled until soft and easily separated from the bones.

The tengkleng seasoning soaks perfectly into the meat and produces a savory and delicious taste. Even though it is famous, the price of Tengkleng Klewer is quite affordable.

Tengkleng Klewer is an authentic culinary specialty from Solo that is a must try for culinary lovers. With a clear sauce that is rich in spices, tender goat meat, and spices that are perfectly absorbed, Tengkleng Klewer offers an unforgettable taste.

6. Kupat Tofu

Travela, Tahu Kupat is a typical Solo culinary dish that has been around since ancient times. It is said that this culinary menu comes from the Bayat area, Klaten, Central Java.

At first, kupat tofu was only sold by traveling traders around the Surakarta Palace. However, as time goes by, this food becomes increasingly popular and is loved by many people.

Solo's authentic culinary specialty has several characteristics that differentiate it from kupat tofu from other regions. The main ingredients of Solo kupat tofu are kupat, fried tofu and bean sprouts.

The peanut sauce used for Solo kupat tofu has a savory and slightly sweet taste. This peanut sauce is made from fried peanuts, cayenne pepper, shallots, garlic, brown sugar and tamarind juice.

Solo kupat tofu is usually served with several accompaniments, such as crackers, fried onions and celery. Solo kupat tofu is usually enjoyed as a breakfast or lunch dish.

The way to enjoy it is quite easy, namely by mixing all the ingredients and spices together. There are many places in Solo that serve delicious kupat tofu.

Price of Kupat tofu Solo relative cheap, usually, one portion of kupat tofu costs around IDR 8.000 to IDR 10.000. If you visit Solo, don't forget to try this unique culinary specialty. Guaranteed, Travela will be addicted to its deliciousness.

7. Dawet Telasih

Furthermore, Dawet Telasih is a traditional drink typical of the city of Solo. This drink is made from rice flour which is processed into green cendol, coconut milk, liquid brown sugar and pandan leaves. Dawet Telasih is usually served with marrow, sticky rice tape and black sticky rice.

Dawet Telasih has a sweet and fresh taste. The combination of the sweet taste of liquid brown sugar, the savory taste of coconut milk, and the soft texture of cendol makes dawet telasih a very popular drink among the people of Solo and tourists.

Dawet is easy to find in Solo City. This drink is usually sold in food stalls, coffee shops and traditional markets. One of the places famous for its dawet telasih is Dawet Telasih Bu Dermi which is located at Big Hardjonagoro Market.

If you visit the city of Solo, don't forget to try dawet telasih. This drink is one of Solo's culinary specialties that you must try!

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8. Timlo Sastro Rice

Travela, Timlo is an authentic culinary specialty from Solo in the form of soup with various fillings. Timlo filling usually consists of solo sausage, pindang egg, chicken liver and pieces of solo sausage.

Timlo is served with clear sauce which is tasty and fresh. Timlo sauce is made from chicken stock, garlic, shallots, pepper, salt and a little sugar. Timlo is usually enjoyed with white rice, soy sauce and lime.

Timlo comes from the word "Kimlo” which is Hokkien. Kimlo means “gravy food”. Timlo was brought to Solo by Chinese traders who came to Solo in the 19th century.

So Timlo became popular in Solo at the beginning of the 20th century. Timlo can often be found in food stalls and street vendors in Solo. One of the famous timlo stalls in Solo is Timlo Sastro, which was founded in 1952.

That's the recommendation for authentic Solo culinary delights that Travela must try, if you're on holiday to the city of Surakarta!


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