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Purwokerto Popular Tourist Attractions | 7 List of Destinations in Banyumas

Purwokerto's popular tourist spot

List of recommendations for popular tourist attractions in Purwokerto, experience a different and fun atmosphere with your friends this weekend!

Purwokerto is a city located in Central Java Province, Indonesia. Purwokerto is the capital of Banyumas Regency. Known as an economic, educational and transportation center, Purwokerto has a variety of interesting natural and cultural tourism potential. 

This city has a tropical climate with quite cool temperatures because it is located at the foot of Mount Slamet. Apart from that, Purwokerto has a number of well-known universities and educational institutions in Central Java.

Purwokerto is a city in Central Java Province which is famous for its natural beauty. Here are some popular Purwokerto tourist attractions that Travela must visit.

Purwokerto Popular Tourist Attractions

1. Silent lake

Travela friends, Telaga Sunyi is a popular Purwokerto tourist attraction located in Ketenger Tourism Village, Central Java, Indonesia. 

Purwokerto's silent lake
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This lake is one of the main attractions for tourists who come to the Ketenger Tourism Village. The name “Telaga Sunyi” refers to the peaceful and calm atmosphere that is felt around the lake.

Where tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature and relax away from the noise of the city. Telaga Sunyi offers amazing natural views, with calm water, shady trees and really cool fresh air. 

Tourists often come here to picnic, relax, even to meditate and be one with nature. Apart from enjoying the natural beauty, visitors can do activities such as fishing or cycling around the lake. 

Telaga Sunyi is a suitable place for those who are looking for tranquility and natural freshness in the midst of their busy daily lives.

2. Lotus View Tower

Lotus View Tower is one of Purwokerto's popular tourist attractions. This tourist attraction is located in the Baturaden Tourism area which is around 14 km from the city center of Purwokerto. 

The Lotus View Tower offers beautiful natural views with cool air, because its location is at an altitude. This tower has a lotus-like structure which is its main icon. 

From the top of the tower, tourists can enjoy the panorama of the surrounding nature, including expanses of tea gardens, valleys and green mountains. Apart from that, this tourist attraction is equipped with complete facilities such as a parking area, food stalls and a place to rest.

The Lotus View Tower is one of the favorite destinations for tourists visiting Purwokerto to enjoy the natural beauty and fresh air of the mountains.

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3. Baturaden

Travela, Baturaden is a village located in Baturraden District, Banyumas Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. 

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This village is famous because it is the entrance to the Baturaden tourist area, famous for its cool air and stunning natural views. Baturraden itself is a popular mountain tourist area in Central Java. 

In Baturraden, Travela friends can find various entertainment facilities such as swimming pools, children's playgrounds, camping areas and other game rides. 

This area is famous for its various interesting curugs or waterfalls, such as Curug Gede, Curug Telu, and Curug Cipendok. Apart from that, in Baturaden, there are several historical places such as the grave of Panembahan Senopati, one of the founders of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom.

Baturaden is a popular tourist spot in Purwokerto which is suitable for holidays with family or friends. Especially for those who want to enjoy the fresh air of the mountains and amazing natural beauty.

3. General Soedirman Commander in Chief Museum

Travela friends, the Great Commander General Soedirman Museum is a museum dedicated to remembering and commemorating the services of the Great Commander General Soedirman.

He is one of the Indonesian National Heroes who played an important role in the Indonesian Independence Struggle. This museum is located in the city of Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia.

The Great Commander General Soedirman Museum contains collections artifact, photos, documents and information about General Soedirman's life, military career and struggle to lead Guerrilla War against the Dutch colonialists during the Indonesian Independence Revolution. 

Travela friends can learn more about his role in Indonesian history and appreciate his services. This museum is one of Purwokerto's popular tourist attractions with an interesting history.

As well as objects to increase knowledge about the Indonesian Independence Struggle and remember the services of the Heroes.

5. Paguyangan and Melung 

Travela friends, Paguyangan and Melung are two villages located in Baturraden District, Banyumas Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. These two villages are located around the Baturraden tourist area, which is famous for its mountainous air and stunning natural views.

This popular tourist area in Purwokerto offers various attractive facilities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, camping areas and other games. Travela friends can enjoy beautiful natural views and fresh mountain air.

Around Baturaden, there are several interesting curugs or waterfalls to visit. Curug Gede, Curug Telu, and Curug Cipendok are some of the destinations that can be visited.

The grave of Panembahan Senopati, one of the founders of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom, is also located in the Baturaden area. This place has important historical value and is interesting to visit.

This grand forest park offers trekking and natural adventures that travelers shouldn't miss. You can explore the natural beauty, diverse flora and fauna at this popular Purwokerto tourist spot.

6. Purbasari Large Aquarium Park

Travela friends, Purbasari Large Aquarium Park is a tourist destination that is no less interesting. This park is one of the largest aquariums in the area, and offers a unique experience for exploring underwater life.

Inside the Purbasari Large Aquarium Park, Travela friends can see various types of fish, coral reefs and other sea creatures in an environment designed to imitate their natural habitat.

This aquarium is equipped with modern facilities such as walkways that surround the aquarium, glass tunnels that allow tourists to walk underwater, and areas Interactive, where visitors can learn more about marine life.

Apart from that, the Purbasari Large Aquarium Park offers shows or presentations regarding marine conservation and the importance of maintaining the sustainability of marine ecosystems.

This popular tourist spot in Purwokerto is usually an attraction for families, tourists and nature lovers who want to learn to explore the riches of the sea without having to snorkel in the open sea.

Aquarium parks often become interesting educational places for children, while providing opportunities for them to admire the beauty and wonder of the amazing underwater world.

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7. Baturraden Adventure Forest

Lastly, Baturraden Adventure Forest is a natural tourist destination located in Baturaden, a tourist area located in Banyumas Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. 

This area is known for its amazing natural beauty and the various adventure and entertainment activities offered to all tourists.

At Baturraden Adventure Forest, Travela friends can enjoy various activities such as Flying Fox, Canopy Walk, Trekking, and various other games and challenges adapted to the natural surroundings. 

Flying Fox, for example, is a very popular activity, where visitors will glide over tall trees using a zip line.

Canopy walk is a suspension bridge that stretches above the trees, allowing tourists to enjoy beautiful natural views from a height. 

Apart from that, trekking around the forest provides an immersive experience when exploring natural beauty and biodiversity.

Baturraden Adventure Forest is a suitable place for adventure and outdoor fans who want to spend time in nature while enjoying various challenging entertainment activities. 

Apart from that, this area is a popular destination for tourists who visit Baturaden to enjoy the fresh air and amazing natural beauty.

How interested are you in visiting one of Purwokerto's popular tourist attractions? Come on, take note bucket list now!


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