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Ratu Boko Temple Yogyakarta

Ratu Boko Temple Yogyakarta

Not only nature tourism, in Yogyakarta City You can find a row of historical tourist attractions in the form of temples, one of which is Ratu Boko Temple. This temple is also known as the Ratu Boko Site or Ratu Boko Palace.

A brief History Ratu Boko Temple

This temple is also called the Ratu Boko Palace because according to legend, this site is the palace of Ratu Boko who is the father of Roro Jonggrang. Historically, the site was built around the 8th century by a Buddhist named Wangsa Syailendra.

However, the Ratu Boko Omo Temple Site was later taken over by the Hindu kings of Mataram. This transfer of power made this palace building influenced by Buddhism and Hinduism.

In this temple also found the Abhayagiriwihara inscription dated 792 AD According to this inscription, Ratu Boko Palace became the place where Rakai Panangkaran resigned from the king of Mataram.

The restoration of this site itself has been carried out since 1938 during the colonial period. Then resumed since 1952 by the Indonesian government after independence. Now you can see Ratu Boko Palace which stands on a large area, and consists of several buildings.

Queen Boko Situs Site Architecture

Ratu Boko Temple Yogyakarta consists of 2 gates, namely the inner gate and the outer gate, which are located on the west side. The outer gate has a much smaller size and is arranged with a paduraksa gate. Entering the gate, you will find a complex of limestone and white stone buildings resembling a temple.

The complex is in the northeast and the upper part is gone. Getting deeper, the Ratu Boko Palace complex has a burning temple and sacred well. It is called the burning temple because there was once found ashes from burning. This burning temple is made of stone andesite and is at the front.

From the Burning Temple, visitors can easily see the direction of the sacred well. The sacred well in the Ratu Boko Temple complex has a depth of up to 2 meters in the dry season. Usually the well is used for religious ceremonies for the local community which are held at the Burning Temple.

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Sumunaring Abhayagiri Dance Performance

When visiting Prambanan Temple, tourists will usually be treated to a Ramayana ballet performance. You will also be treated to a dance performance if you visit the Ratu Boko Palace. Here offers the Sumunaring Abhayagiri dance performance which is held at the main gate of the temple.

Because it is done at the main gate, visitors can see the magnificent background of the temple which is so charming and seems to complement the dance that is served.

Sumunaring Abhayagiri dance itself tells about the life of the royal family, as well as various activities carried out by the local community. This performance is usually held only once a year in June.

Natural Panorama Temple

When visiting Ratu Boko Temple, you are not only treated to interesting historical stories to listen to. However, the natural panorama around this temple complex will also spoil the eyes.

Ratu Boko site is located on a hill which has a height of 200 meters above sea level. So this area is often used as a place to enjoy the sunset.

To attract tourists, the Ratu Boko Site area is equipped with various facilities that can pamper the visitors. Such as gazebos, restaurants, prayer rooms, souvenir shops, clean toilets, to information boards. So you can enjoy all the charms of the historical site more comfortably. Interested to visit here?

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