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This Is The History Of Automatic Scooters In Indonesia


Automatic Scooters In Indonesia – There are many ways to enjoy the nature and culture of Bali, one of which is to ride an automatic scooter around. It's fun to use for sightseeing on the Island of the Gods, it turns out that this type of two-wheeled vehicle without a clutch has a long history and is often found and even rented out.

Now, Gotravela Indonesia will share a story about the history of automatic scooters in Indonesia.

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First Automatic Scooters In Indonesia

Well, if you go to Google and search for 'scooter in Bali', you will find lots of pictures of beautiful and stylish scooters. However, there is a history of automatic scooters in Indonesia that you need to know, before the vehicle appeared massively.

Automatic Scooters In Indonesia
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Automatic scooters in Indonesia began to appear in 1962. At that time the Japanese manufacturer, Honda introduced an automatic motorcycle named Honda Sayur. This is a mix of bicycles and motorbikes.

To start this motorbike, you must lower the lever on the back near the wheel. To turn it off, it is necessary to pull the black button in the middle of the handlebar. This 4-stroke motorbike also uses gas on the right handlebar to run it.


After that, the history of automatic scooters in Indonesia was marked by the presence of race, a product of Piaggio. This Italian manufacturer produced it in 1984 in its country but was marketed to Indonesia in 1991 by Dan Motor Vespa Indonesia (DAM) Inc.

In early 2000, there was a Taiwanese manufacturer who introduced Kymco. Then, Yamaha Nouvo appeared in 2002 and became the pioneer of modern automatic scooters in Indonesia. This Japanese manufacturer then issued the Mio series which then exploded in the market.

Not to be outdone, Honda also comes with the Vario which has successfully captured the hearts of the Indonesian people. Now the two manufacturers from the land of the rising sun continue to innovate and issue many stylish and up-to-date scooter series. Many of the scooter series from them have become rental vehicles to get around Bali now.

Scooters in Bali

As a tourist destination, Bali has a rapid development in the travel business. One of the interesting and much in demand from this business is automatic scooter rental. Easy and practical operation makes tourists prefer to rent scooters rather than manual motorbikes.

The high tourist interest in this motorbike, makes the scooter population grow. Practically speaking, this scooter rental business has also had an important influence on the history of automatic scooters in Indonesia, including in Bali.

That's the info about the history of automatic scooters in Indonesia. Now, this vehicle become 'star' of the roads in almost all islands in this country, including in Bali. If you are planning a picnic to this Paradise Island, you should try renting a scooter and get a unique and different holiday experience. Stay connected with Gotravela Indonesia to get the easiest and cheapest accommodation while in Bali, including scooter rental.(y)


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