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Places to Iftar in Bandung 13 Recommendations this Year

place to break the fast in Bandung

Looking for a place to break the fast in Bandung with family or friends? Check out the recommendations below!

Bandung Iftar Place – A visit to Bandung won't be complete if you don't enjoy the various culinary delights of the Flower City. During the fasting month, there are many recommendations for places to break the fast in Bandung that might be a suitable choice for you, Travela friends!

Whether you choose to eat typical Sundanese food, street food, duck, grilled ribs or spaghetti, anything can be a menu choice for breaking the fast. You don't need to worry because the price is affordable.

You can choose a place in downtown Bandung or the Bandung highlands to enjoy breaking the fast while admiring the stunning city views.

Surely Travela friends can't wait to know the recommendations for places to break the fast in Bandung? Read more in the list we have compiled below!

Bandung Iftar Place

1. Raja Rasa Restaurant Bandung

Raja Rasa Bandung is suitable as a place to break the fast in Bandung. This Restaurant Offers Fantastic Carp Fish Dishes. Plus, the seafood options are fresh and delicious.

This restaurant, located on Jalan Setra Ria, offers a homey atmosphere so it is suitable to visit with family and friends. The attraction of this restaurant is its fast and friendly service, don't be surprised if it's always busy.

Location: Jl. Setra Ria No.1, Sukarasa, Kec. Sukasari, Bandung City, West Java 40164

2. Ampera Rice Stall

Bandung residents are certainly familiar with Warung Nasi Ampera. This typical Sundanese eating place is very popular in Bandung.

This restaurant serves a wide selection of traditional Sundanese buffet food at affordable prices, including Fried Chicken, Salted Fish, Fried Fish, Sambal, and many others. This dish is very suitable for breaking the fast, especially with family.

Location: Soekarno-Hatta St No. 394, Karasak, Astanaanyar, Bandung City, West Java 40243

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3. RM Alas Daun Bandung

Alas Daun Restaurant's motto is "Menu delicious teu aya dua", which means a delicious menu that is second to none. How could it not be guys, this restaurant serves various kinds of typical Sundanese dishes with tastes that are second to none.

RM Alas Daun Bandung
Source: Alas.Daun

This place to break the fast in Bandung serves a menu at affordable prices and is suitable for all groups, so it is suitable for family gatherings when breaking the fast.

Location: Jl. Citarum No.34, Cihapit, Kec. Bandung Wetan, Bandung City, West Java 40116.

4. Skyline Best View Resto

Another great place to break your fast with a view. This restaurant has two levels and offers stunning views of Bandung city.

This place to break the fast in Bandung has quite a varied menu, from local to western dishes which are a shame to miss.

Location: Jalan Dago Pakar Timur No. 108, Ciburial, Cimenyan, Ciburial, Kec. Cimenyan, Bandung Regency, West Java 40198.

5. Grilled Ribs Si Tall Bandung

Ribs lovers must visit Iga Bakar Si Tinggi when breaking their fast. This restaurant serves grilled ribs that are tender and delicious. There are two types of meat to choose from, namely beef and goat.

The aroma of the spices certainly arouses hunger. However, due to limited land, it may be difficult to get a parking space at this restaurant.

Location: Jl. Cipaganti No. 75 G, Pasteur, Kec. Sukajadi, Bandung City, West Java 40161

6. Braga Permai Resto

Braga Permai Resto is a well-known restaurant that has been open since 1918.

Braga Permai Restaurant Bandung
Source: Bragapermaibandung

This restaurant has a large area and is very suitable for breaking the fast in Bandung. The food choices are very varied. You can find delicious sweet foods such as Panna Cotta.

Address: Jl. Braga No. 58, Braga, Bandung, West Java.

7. Punclut area of ​​Bandung

Want to break your fast while admiring the panorama of Bandung City? You can go to the Punclut area, Travela.

Along this road there are many choices of traditional Sundanese eating places, such as Saung Sangkan Hurip, Saung Teh Ita, Saung Asri Punclut, and others.

On average, restaurants in the Punclut area serve a variety of traditional Sundanese menus, including Fried Chicken, Salted Chicken, Tofu, Tempeh, Petai, Sambal, and other menu choices.

Location: Jl. Punclut, Ciumbuleuit, District. Cidadap, West Bandung Regency, West Java 40142

8. Dipatiukur Culinary Night area

Dipatiukur is a road where there are many state and private universities, including Padjadjaran University, UNIKOM, and STHB. The area is becoming more densely populated and offers a variety of delicious and interesting dining options.

Food in the Dipatiukur area can be enjoyed in various places, including shophouse restaurants and street vendors. This area is famous for its addictive Dim Sum, Duck, Fried Chicken and Pecel Lele. So how are you interested in going to this place to break the fast in Bandung?

Location: Dipatiukur Street, Bandung City

9. Tjendana Bistro Bandung

Tjendana Bistro is a popular place to break the fast in Bandung because it serves a variety of superior dishes and has a very comfortable atmosphere.

tjendana bistro
Source: Tjendanabistro

This restaurant offers a variety of delicious dishes from other countries, such as Hainanese Rice, Honey Basil Chicken, and Chili Salted Tofu.

Location: Jl. Sukajadi No. 181, Sukajadi, Bandung, West Java.

10. Lengkong Kecil Culinary Night area

Jalan Lengkong Kecil used to be like most other roads, with only shops or housing on the right and left sides.

Now the Lengkong Kecil area is busy with restaurants that can be used to break the fast. This Lengkong Kecil area is very distinctive, there are several suki and grill restaurants, with affordable prices. Apart from that, there are Ramen, Pancake, Steak and other food outlets to choose from.

Venues: Jalan Lengkong Kecil, Bandung City

11. Cibadak and Sudirman Street Culinary Night

Travela needs to know, Cibadak is a popular main street in Bandung which offers a complete Street Culinary Night. Jalan Sudirman, which is located near this route, offers a variety of dishes suitable for breaking the fast.

Soto Bandung Pak Simon, Alkateri Round Ginger, Gardujati Sweet Potato Balls, Tofu Meatballs, Teppanyaki, and various other heavy foods. Everything is suitable to eat when breaking the fast. Take note carefully, Travela, Cibadak Culinary Night is closed on Thursdays.

Location: Jl. Cibadak No. 50-155, Cibadak, Kec. Astanaanyar, Bandung City, West Java 40241

12. Nara Park Bandung

Nara Park is the next choice for breaking the fast in Bandung. This location has an outdoor area and includes a Restaurant, lounge, and coffee shop that attracts a large crowd. This restaurant follows the concept one-stop dining, serving a variety of foods in one location.

Not only that, Nara Park has a variety of animals that visitors can feed. This restaurant serves western, Japanese and Italian pasta, as well as various Indonesian specialties.

Location: Jl. Rancabentang No. 28, Ciumbuleuit, Kec. Cidadap, Bandung, West Java.

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13. Jardin Cafe

Jardin Cafe is often busy on weekdays, but becomes busier during Ramadan.

Carrying an outdoor theme with lots of green plants makes this cafe really cool. Jardin Cafe offers a delicious menu of dishes and drinks to choose from.

Location: Jl. Cimanuk No. 1A, Riau, Bandung, West Java.

That's a list of places to break the fast in Bandung that you can choose from, starting from typical Sundanese culinary delights, food market areas, to evening culinary places that serve various dishes and takjil menus, don't forget to take note!


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