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Scooter Rent Jimbaran Bali

scooter rental jimbaran bali

Are you planning a vacation to Jimbaran Bali nearly? Don't forget to include scooter rental Jimbaran Bali in your list of needs. Without a vehicle that you can drive, a vacation to Bali will be less enjoyable. You can't do as many activities or visit more places. So, renting scooters in Bali is a must.

Scooter Rent Jimbaran Bali

Jimbaran Bali is a destination which is quite well known by tourists. In this place, you can find various kinds of crowd centers. Starting from cafes, restaurants to nightclubs. The shop sells various kinds of Balinese crafts with its beauty.

Because of that, Jimbaran is a busy location with all its activities. Traffic jams occur almost everywhere. The accumulation of vehicles almost fills every corner of the city. One way to get past this is to use a motorbike rental and how much costs to rent that you can find easily.

type of unitrent price
Yamaha FreeGo 2023
Beat the Honda 110
Days: IDR 70.000
Weeks: IDR 450K
Months: IDR 1200K
New Honda Genio
Days: IDR 70.000
Weeks: IDR 450K
Months: IDR 1000K
New Honda Vario 125
New Honda Vario
Days: IDR 70.000
Weeks: IDR 450K
Months: IDR 1200K
Honda New Scoopy
New Scoopy 110cc
Days: IDR 70.000
Weeks: IDR 450K
Months: IDR 1275K
Yamaha NMAX 155cc
Days: IDR 150.000
Weeks: IDR 850K
Months: IDR 2.500K
Days: IDR 150.000
Weeks: IDR 950K
Months: IDR 3.000K

There are many things that you should pay attention to when you want to rent a motorbike in Bali. Apart from choosing the type of motorbike, the most important thing is to find the right rental company.

For that, you better choose Gotravela scooter rental agency. Why should Gotravel? In this place, you can get many benefits that will not be found anywhere else. You can get two birds in one shot. There are the advantages of renting a scooter in Gotravela.

1. Delivery and Pick-up Scooter

Gotravela provides pick-up and delivery services from anywhere while you are in Bali. Even on Sundays, the staff will be ready to deliver and pick up the unit after the rental period, especially for Scooter Rent Jimbaran Bali.

Bali cultural bridge motorbike rental

2. Additional Insurance

Safety while driving needs to be considered. Not only to protect, this additional insurance is to ensure that you are safe while on the trip. We never know what will happen during the ride. Therefore, protecting ourselves with additional insurance is the best value.

3. Well-Maintained Units

Every vehicle rented out here is always in good condition, regularly serviced every month and uses official spare parts. Driving comfort is a top priority.

4. Competitive Price

There's nothing more profitable than getting cheap and economical prices. Your vacation expenses will be more measurable. At Gotravela, you can get an affordable scooter rental in Jimbaran Bali.

5. Complete accessories

Apart from units that are always maintained, Gotravela also provides complete driving equipment. Helmets, raincoats, pocket wifi, GPS and so on. This equipment will support your journey.

6. Amazingly Friendly Staff

So where else to find a rental company with staff that treats you as a family? All employees will provide the best service. They are very friendly, loyal, excited and enthusiastic to welcome your presence in Bali

Call now and make sure you book one unit before leaving for Bali. Gotravela accepts online orders for rent scooters in Bali.


The available rental time periods are 12 hours, a day, a week or even a month. If you have something to ask, add your email to our VIP List and we'll send you awesome deals and specials every now and then. have a good vacation!


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