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Bantul Night Tour

Yogyakarta nature tourism

Bantul night tour is second to none. There are several Jogja night attractions that will amaze you. What are those? Let's see more.

Bantul night tour
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Who does not know the city of Yogyakarta. Apart from being a student city, Jogja is also known to have the charm of beautiful tourist attractions. Including Bantul Regency.

Of course, each region has its own tourism potential. In Bantul, there are several charms of night tourism that you can visit.

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The following is a tourist spot in Bantul Yogyakarta that can be recommended.

1. Peak Figure Night Tour

Located in Jambon, Bawuran, Pleret, Bantul. Puncak Gambar is one of the most beautiful night tours in Bantul. Visitors can enjoy the city lights at night that look like stars.

While enjoying the natural scenery, visitors can also watch live music performances. There is even a variety of food and drink menus available there. You can eat grilled corn, fried rice, wrapped rice, fried food and coffee.

2. Becici Peak

You can come to the beautiful and cool Bantul night sights. Its name is Peak Becici. It has an area of ​​4,4 hectares. From the parking area, you have to walk about 300 meters.

After reaching the top, you can see a beautiful view from above. There are wooden benches and a gazebo as a place to relax.

3. Pine Pengger

Pinus Pengger is located on Jalan Dlingo-Patuk, Sendangsari, Terong, Dlingo, Bantul. As the name suggests, there are many pine trees in this tourist spot.

In this Bantul night spot, tourists will be spoiled with a variety of interesting and unique selfie spots. Tree branches are shaped in such a way that they form love, triangles and so on.

In addition to taking pictures, tourists can also try the flying fox rides. If you want to camp, here is a camping ground.

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4. Lintang Sewu Hill

There is an inn that was deliberately built in the middle of the forest pine. The facilities are also very complete. Located in Karang Asem, Muntuk, Dlingo, Bantul.

Tourists do not have to stay here. You can just take selfies in some interesting selfie spots. There are photos of upside-down houses, star photo booths, beds to cottage-style viewing posts.

5.Little Tokyo

As the name implies, this Bantul Jogja night tour carries a Japanese-style theme. The construction of this place itself was inspired by Okutama. That is an area in Tokyo with a very calm atmosphere.

Every visitor can take pictures in a place similar to Japan. In addition, there are also various Japanese specialties. You can find Takoyaki, Chicken Katsu, and Takoyaki.

6. Rocking Rock

The next Bantul Yogyakarta night tour is Watu Goyang. This tourist spot is located on Jalan Watu Goyang Number 1, Mangunan, Imogiri, Bantul.

This place is called Watu Rocking because at the top there is a boulder. If touched, this stone will move as if swaying.

Here, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the hilly viewing post.

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7. A Thousand Stones of Songgo Langit

You can find a serene atmosphere in this tourist spot. Located in the hilly area of ​​​​a pine forest, the atmosphere is very beautiful. Songgo lait in Javanese means the support of the sky.

There are some unique photo spots here. You will find a house of a thousand logs, a hobbit house and wooden stilts.

The location is on Jalan Pinus Nganjir Forest, Sukorame, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul.

Wow, that's cool. Those are the seven night tours of Bantul Yogyakarta that you can use as a reference. Where do you think you want to go on vacation? Enjoying the night in the Student City is indeed an exciting thing in itself. Don't forget to always take care of your health so that your vacation goes smoothly.


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