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Efrata Waterfall in Samosir, Medan's Hidden Gem Destination

Ephrata Falls

Efrata Waterfall is a hidden gem tourist attraction in Sosor Dolok Village. Enjoy the amazing views and cool air here!

Samosir is an island in the middle of Lake Toba with various natural tourist attractions. Efrata Samosir Waterfall, which is 20 meters high above ground level, is one of them.

This waterfall tour is approximately 186 kilometers from Medan. The long distance does not deter Medan tourists from visiting this popular Indonesian tourist destination.

Despite its remote location, this waterfall has become a popular tourist destination because of its amazing views and natural beauty.

Euphrates Falls

Efrata Waterfall is a popular natural tourist attraction near Solok Dolok, Harian, Samosir. This place is open from sunrise to evening, and the number of visitors never decreases.

mixed euphrates
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With cheap entry ticket prices, this waterfall has become a popular tourist destination, especially for those looking for a budget holiday.

This waterfall tourist destination, known as Sampuran Efrata, has a very beautiful meaning. Ephrathah means “holy and beautiful garden”.

The origin of the name "Efrata" is no less interesting. The story begins with the arrival of a group of foreign tourists on their way to Sosor Dolok.

They were amazed by the natural beauty that lay before them. Then they shouted, "Ephrath Falls!" Since then, local residents have nicknamed this waterfall the name Samosir Efrata.

This Samosir tourist attraction is known as the Tele waterfall, because it is located close to Lake Toba and the Tele Viewing Tower. This waterfall along with a number of other tourist attractions is included in a series of the most famous Samosir tourist attractions.

Sampuran Efrata is a large Green Area. Surrounded by rugged terrain and mountains. The actual location is not far from the main road and past Holbung, the famous peak in Samosir.

It is natural that the natural scenery is a green and attractive forest. Meanwhile, the waterfall looks like a very wide curtain of water. Various facilities are offered to help visitors feel comfortable. Even though the facilities are still minimal and need improvement, they can still function well.

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Attraction of Sampuran Efrata

The following are a series of attractions which are the main reasons you should not miss a holiday at this waterfall destination.

1. Natural waterfall

Efrata Waterfall is like heaven in the middle of the hills. Anyone who hears the sound of the river will definitely want to visit it. Especially when seen from a distance. Surely you will be even more excited to see it up close.

When you arrive at the waterfall, your feet will immediately want to go down and enjoy the coolness of the typical Toba waterfall. Rows of rocks of various sizes can be seen under the waterfall. These stones are suitable as a background when taking pictures.

natural waterfall
Source: @rinaqthink

But climbing onto the rock, you need to be careful, because the surface is slippery. You can spend your holiday here relaxing in the natural pool located under the waterfall.

The water of this natural pool is very clean and clear, so it is very suitable for soaking to relieve fatigue. You can also feel the same excitement when visiting Siluman Waterfall, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Binjai and its surroundings.

2. Green rice fields

The vast expanse of green rice fields will amaze you when you first arrive at Harian.

Just consider this amazing Panorama of Rice Fields as an appetizer before heading to the main tourist destination, Mixture Euphrates. The rice fields turn yellow during harvest season. This sight immediately calms anyone who sees it.

However, during the harvest season, agricultural land will turn green, creating a cool atmosphere around the rice fields. Tourists certainly don't waste this natural beauty.

Many of them took advantage of this opportunity to take photos with the backdrop of lush rice fields. This rice field area, which covers approximately 1 hectare, is certainly a popular tourist destination.

3. View of Lake Toba

Visitors must pass a road uphill in the hills to reach this waterfall. Visitors can see the view of Lake Toba from above during the trip.

4. Cool air

The air around this waterfall is very clean and cool. It even feels cooler if you play in the water. The shady trees that surround the waterfall make the air fresher.

Facilities at Waterfall Tourism

It is true that Efrata Waterfall has a stunning tourist attraction. Unfortunately adequate facilities do not support this tourism potential.

The existing facilities appeared to be in poor condition and as is. There are several facilities, one of which is a large parking area.

The public toilets are also quite clean, there are changing rooms near the public toilets. There is a small Gazebo where you can rest and relax.

There are no food stalls selling typical Medan food and other culinary dishes, here are the complete facilities:

  • Large parking area to accommodate large numbers of vehicles.
  • Public toilets for urination and bathing.
  • Changing room
  • Gazebo or small hut for resting

Sampuran Efrata Entrance Ticket Price

This waterfall is included in the category of budget tourist attractions, because the entry fee is affordable.

Entrance ticket: Rp. 7.000

Parking fee: Rp. 2.000/Motorcycle, Rp. 5000/Car

This rate can change at any time based on Management decisions and policies. Although there is a possibility of increases during the holiday season and weekends, the difference in ticket price increases is not too big.

Because ticket prices are in the cheap category, you can use the remaining vacation money for other tourist activities. For example, look for the nearest Medan Culinary Tourism center.

Tourist Locations to Efrata Waterfall

Efrata Waterfall is located in Sosor Dolok Village which is part of Harian District, Samosir Regency.

To get to this tourist attraction, you can use one of two routes. So there are really two routes, Jalan Jamin Ginting and Jalan Saribu Dolok.

However, most tourists choose the Jamin Ginting route because the travel time is shorter to reach their destination. The following is the special route that must be taken if using the Jamin Ginting route.

Continue on Jalan Jamin Ginting towards Tongkoh, then Jalan Kabanjahe. Then head to the three arrows area and the Sidikalang three intersection.

After that, please continue to Tanjung Beringin and Parbuluan. Continue to Turpuk Limbong then Sosor Dolok. Travel time is around 5 hours, the journey is quite long.

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Sampuran Efrata Opening Hours

Sampuran Efrata is open Weekends and Weekdays. The operating hours are standard, namely from morning to evening. Opens at 06.00 WIB and closes at 19.00 WIB. On national holidays, operational hours are usually extended until 20.00 WIB.

Samosir has many natural tourist attractions. To help the tourism industry, local governments often promote local Samosir culture, culinary menus and customs as tourist attractions.

Therefore, many tourists visit Samosir Island to experience its natural beauty firsthand. How do you plan to visit Efrata Waterfall to relieve your tiredness this weekend? Happy holiday


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