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Indonesia's Highest Village | 10 Settlements in the Highlands

Indonesia's highest village

Curious about Indonesia's tallest village? Starting from Mulia District to Argosari Village, see more details below!

Indonesia's Highest Village – When talking about Indonesia, both local and foreign tourists believe that there is no need to doubt the beauty of Indonesia's tourist attractions, such as mountains and beaches.

However, if Travela is a little more creative, you will find other tourist attractions that offer fantastic attractions that are just as beautiful. One of them is going to the highest villages in Indonesia.

Because Travela will not only be treated to stunning views, but you will be able to learn local culture and customs.

Without further ado, let's start our journey to the highest villages in Indonesia, see the complete list below!

Indonesia's Highest Village

1. Fatumnation on Mount Fatu Timau NTT

Fatumnasi Village, which is located at an altitude of 1.400 meters above sea level, has vast expanses of green fields covered with trees.

Fatumnasi village on Mount Fatu, Timau, NTT
Fatumnation on Mount Fatu, Timau, Ntt (Source: Fajar Pendidikan)

Some of these trees include Cassowary (Casuarina Equisetifolia), Ampupu (Eucalyptus Urophylla) and Bonsai gardens that are hundreds, even thousands of years old. Make sure Travela is included in this list of the highest villages in Indonesia, okay?

2. Mulia District

Mount Lawu is not the only peak that "collects" the highest village in Indonesia. Mount Jayawijaya also has the highest village, namely Mulia District.

One of the most common misconceptions about Mulia District is that this district is the starting point for climbing Mount Jayawijaya. However, this is not true, Mulia District is located 2.448 meters above sea level and includes Mulia Airport.

3. Deiyai ​​Village

Furthermore, in Papua, Deiyai ​​Village is one of the highest villages in Indonesia. Deiyai ​​is one of 67 villages in Deiyai ​​District.

This village, which is located at an altitude of 1.700 meters above sea level, has a cultural and historical tourist destination called Tigi Lake which is located not far from the settlement.

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4. Bena Village

If you have explored Central Java, especially Mount Lawu, you can travel a little further east to the next highest village in Indonesia, namely Kampung Bena.

Bena Village is one of the highest villages in Indonesia
Bena Village (Source: RRI)

Bena Village which is located in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, precisely in Bajawa Regency, is part of Mount Inerie. The place itself is located on the slopes of Mount Inerie and has an altitude of around 1,5 km (1.500 meters above sea level).

Bena Village is not only one of Indonesia's tallest villages, but the oldest settlement on Flores. Bena Village still maintains the culture and customs of its ancestors from 1.300 years ago.

Another fact is that Bena Village does not yet have electricity. However, this does not have a bad impact on the welfare of the people who live there. Indonesia has designated Bena Village as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, because of its stunning views and natural beauty.

5. Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi

Travela, Tana Toraja, which is located in the south at an altitude of 1.400 meters above sea level, is a popular tourist attraction for foreign tourists visiting South Sulawesi.

6. Hargo Dalem Village

Travela, Hargo Dalem is the highest village in Indonesia. Hargo Dalem Village, located in Central Java, precisely on Mount Lawu, has an "icon" known as Mbok Iyem.

Mountain climbers, especially those on Mount Lawu, are familiar with the name Mbok Iyem because he lives in Hargo Dalem Village and has a shop there.

Lawu is a famous mountain destination for both Indonesian and foreign people. This mountain is located between three districts (Karanganyar, Ngawi, and Magetan) and two provinces (Central Java and East Java).

Lawu's current status is "Rest", it is estimated that it last erupted on November 28 1885 and has not been active for a long time. This mountain offers various tourist attractions, including the Dipterocarp Hill forest area, Upper Dipterocarp forest, Montane forest and Ericaceous forest.

Apart from the forest, there is Hargo Dalem Village which has been named the highest village in Indonesia. This city, which is near Mount Lawu in Central Java, is well-known and familiar to climbers.

Mount Lawu has three peaks, one of which is Hargo Dalem which is at an altitude of 3.265 meters above sea level (masl).

Mbok Iyem often visits his grandchildren who live on the slopes of Mount Lawu. So he often went down the mountain to meet and chat with his relatives.

If you are climbing Mount Lawu, make sure to stop by the Mbok Yem stall, Travela!

7. Sembungan Village

Who here is familiar with the Dieng Plateau? The Dieng Plateau is well known among local Javanese residents, making it a popular tourist attraction. But did you know the Dieng Plateau is also home to one of Indonesia's highest villages?

Sembungan Village in Wonosobo, part of the Dieng Plateau, is one of the highest villages in Indonesia, located at the foot of Mount Sikunir. For mountain climbers, this city is often the starting point for climbing Mount Sikunir, which is known as Golden Sunrise or Golden Sun. Sembungan village is at an altitude of 2.300 meters above sea level.

Sembungan Village, which is often known as the village at the end of the asphalt or the extreme point of the Dieng Plateau area, is home to various very interesting tourist attractions, namely Sikunir Hill, Sikarim Waterfall, Mount Pakuwojo, Mount Seroja, and Telaga Cebong.

Apart from that, this village is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery such as hills, lakes and mountains, making it a tourist attraction in the Dieng Plateau that must be visited.

8. Berastagi, North Sumatra

This area, which has long been a vegetable and fruit paradise, has now become one of the most popular tourist attractions in North Sumatra.

This village, which is located on the north coast of Lake Toba and at an altitude of 1.300 meters above sea level, has cool air.

9. Ranupani Village

The next settlement on the list of the highest villages in Indonesia is Ranupani on Lombok Island. The fame of Mount Rinjani makes this village seem ordinary. In fact, Ranupani Village, which is included in the list of climbing routes for Mount Rinjani, is one of the highest villages in Indonesia.

Climbers often relax and lower their legs at one of the posts in Indonesia's highest village, not only because of the pleasant atmosphere, but because of the stunning views of the surrounding mountains and lakes.

If Travela wants to visit Ranupani village, it is recommended to climb Mount Rinjani, because if you go to this village, you will have already covered 1/3 of the journey to the top.

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10. Argosari Village

Malang City is also included in the list of cities with the highest villages in Indonesia thanks to Argosari Village. If Travela likes climbing Mount Semeru or visiting Mount Bromo, of course you will pass this village.

The acronym B29 is also related to Argosari Village, which is the name of a peak in Senduro District, Lumajang, East Java.

From the top of B29, you can immediately feel the beauty of Mount Bromo. Considering this, you must consider visiting Argosari Village in the near future, Travela Friends!

Exploring Indonesia's highest village is not just a tourist option worth considering. However, the list of villages spread across almost all of Indonesia provides an opportunity to learn about the culture of each local village.

In addition, one of these villages is the focus of attention of the world-famous UNESCO organization. So which is the highest village in Indonesia that Travela will visit for the first time?


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