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West Detusoko Tourism Village | The Enchantment of Culture and Nature in NTT

West Detusoko tourist village

West Detusoko tourist village is a village on Lake Kelimutu, you can taste Robusta coffee and enjoy dance performances.

West Detusoko tourist village – Ende Regency on Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara, is known as a silent witness to the birth of Pancasila.

In 1934, Indonesia's first President, Soekarno, was exiled in Ende. Currently, these historical relics can be found in the Bung Karno Reflection Park and Bung Karno's Place of Exile.

Apart from historical tourism, Ende is also blessed with enchanting natural views, as well as other local wisdom attractions such as art, culture, traditions and traditional culinary delights. Ende visitors can visit beaches, museums and traditional villages.

Detusoko Village is one of the villages that offers complete tour packages. This Ecotourism Community supports Lake Kelimutu and offers a natural panorama of terraced rice fields, hills, valleys and plantation areas.

Address: 7QJ4+FWF, Detusoko Bar., Detusoko, Ende Regency, East Nusa Tenggara.

West Detusoko Tourism Village

So, the Sao Ria Nuraini Traditional Village is known as one of the supporting villages of Lake Kelimutu. Detusoko Village is also the main gateway to Kelimutu National Park. It is not surprising that the natural beauty of the West Detusoko tourist village is truly charming.

Detusoko Village offers a variety of activities, and each hamlet is unique. According to Ferdinandus Watu, Head of West Detusoko Tourism Village, each hamlet has its own tourist attraction.

For example, rice field and river tours as well as visits to indigenous communities in Wolone Hamlet, waterfalls and old villages in Wolobudu and Pemonago Hamlets, as well as horticultural tourism in Nuage Hamlet.

The tourist village of West Detusoko is located 800 meters above sea level and is distinguished by terraced rice fields of varying sizes. According to local residents, rice fields are passed down from generation to generation, and almost every family in the community has a rice field.

The colorful Kali Lowaria Bridge is visible as you walk across the rice fields. In this village there is also the Ae Oka Detusoko hot spring pool which contains sulfur and is believed to cure skin diseases.

Tourists can also take part in rice field trekking activities with local farmers and observe the traditional coffee making process. During the coffee harvest season which lasts from August to September, tourists can participate in picking coffee, processing coffee using various techniques, visiting coffee drying places, watching Traditional Roasting, and tasting coffee from the West Detusoko tourist village.

Actually, the village manager offers different travel packages that can be chosen based on the interests of each guest. One of them is the One Day be a Farmer package which includes activities in the morning such as feeding livestock such as chickens, pigs, goats and cows, followed by drinking coffee, breakfast and tasting betel nut.

After breakfast, visitors will be invited to the garden or rice fields, depending on the farmer's seasonal schedule. Activities carried out include plowing fields, picking coffee, harvesting cloves, beans, corn and drying rice.

Attraction of Ende Tourism Village

1. Detusoko's signature Robusta Coffee Beans

Visitors will be invited to Learn Robusta coffee Traditional West Detusoko tourist village, starting from the harvesting process to the roasting stage. Visitors can also bring coffee souvenirs.

2. Large rice field area to explore

During the rice harvest trip, tourists can walk through the rice fields of the West Detusoko tourist village and observe the traditional rice processing process.

rice field area in Detusoko
Rice Field Area in Detusoko (Source: Live.Staticflickr)

If it comes during the harvest season, they can join you. Apart from that, guests can also witness and experience firsthand how the Lio tribe plants, processes and produces rice.

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3. Dance attractions

Sanggar Daudole is the name of the arts and culture studio in West Detusoko Tourism Village. This workshop offers traditional dance and singing performances for tourists.

When tourists come, they are usually treated to dance and singing performances in front of the traditional house. How can Travela not be curious about the exciting activities in this village?

4. Local culinary delights and amazing views

A visit to the tourist village of West Detusoko would be incomplete if you didn't taste the typical culinary delights of the area.

Tourists who visit West Detusoko Village will be able to enjoy culinary delights at Lepalio Café. There are many types of local products available there.

For example, Detusoko coffee and other light snacks. While filling their stomachs, guests can enjoy views of the vast rice fields with a backdrop of hills.

5. Offers various creative products specifically for Detusoko

Another popular tourist attraction in the West Detusoko tourist village is creative economy products.

Tourists will be invited for approximately three hours to explore various creative and artistic products in West Detusoko. One of the activities is making bracelets from coffee beans.

However, the uniqueness and innovation that will be produced will be determined by tourist demand. If you want to take home souvenirs, there are several choices, such as peanut butter and Korodagalai chili sauce, both of which are made with typical village spices.

Detusoko Community Arts and Culture

Detusoko Village is also rich in traditional art and culture. According to the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, in this village there is the Dau Dole Pokdariwis Nira Neni Studio which is dedicated to preserving traditional dance and music.

Tourists who visit the West Detusoko tourist village will be greeted with traditional dances. The Rini Detusoko tribe will then invite visitors into their traditional residence and give them betel nut, cigarettes, moke or local alcoholic drinks as a sign of acceptance of their customs.

Tourists will be allowed to explore the house and learn about the symbols found in traditional houses, the role of traditional houses, traditional construction, and other aspects of local culture.

Apart from the Welcoming dance, the Sanggulu dance which has been passed down from generation to generation is also often performed in studios. The community also performs the traditional nggua uwi ritual once a year to express gratitude for the harvest, life and safety.

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Conclusion of Holidays in Ende Village

Visitors can also see creative economy products produced by the Detusoko Community, including bracelets, peanut butter, moni jam, koro dagalai chili sauce, lemon jam and herbal medicine. Local red rice, organic black rice, Detusoko Robusta coffee, and coffee-based air freshener.

Detusoko Village also has a place to hang out called Lepalio Cafe. Visitors can enjoy a variety of local dishes and drinks while enjoying beautiful views of the rice fields.

The facilities in the West Detusoko tourist village are complete to support tourist activities. In fact, there are already Homestays that are managed by local communities. The cost of staying overnight is around IDR 150 thousand per person, including three meals a day.

Isn't it very exciting to have a holiday in the middle of the countryside which is still rich in culture and history, so it's a different moment, isn't it? So when does Travela want to visit the West Detusoko tourist village?


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