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Padangbai Port


Padang Bai Port is an important traffic to reach Lombok from Bali, especially to the Gili Islands area. These islands refer to 3 dykes (dykes) or small islands which are the 'pearls' of tourism in Lombok, namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. So, this time Gotravela will invite you to get to know more about the alternative port to the favorite islands on the Thousand Mosques Island.

Origin of the Name

Not only that, Padang Bai Port also has various other uniqueness. One of them is the name. It was given by the Dutch. This relates to the Dutch colonial era when they wanted to make Bali a colony.

Then, a barracks and a harbor were made. The origin of the name comes from the location of this port itself. Administratively, this port is in the village of Padang, which is geographically located in the bay or bay.

Therefore, this port was then called Padang Baai. However, following Indonesia's independence, the name changed to Teluk Padang. Teluk means Bay. Not surprisingly, tourists call it Padang Bay.

Harbor with Beautiful Beach

Interestingly, Padang Bai Port is not just an ordinary port. However, it also offers the beauty of the surrounding landscape which is so beautiful. On the east side, there is the Blue Lagoon Beach or Padang Bai Beach, with large grain sand.

Uniquely, it has black stones that make the landscape look beautiful. Then, on the west side, there is Bias Tugel Beach with soft sand and blue water. Of course, the scenery will also be interesting to be your photo background.

Therefore, you have nothing to lose coming to this port. Not only can you cross, but also get an interesting bonus view.

What to do in Gili Trawangan?

Apart from the beauty of the beach, the location of Padang Bai Port waters is also a good diving point. You can try snorkeling or diving. Come from November to April to get the maximum surfing sensation. The reason is, in this period, the wind direction is from the west coast and strong wave currents.

How to get to Gili Trawangan from Bali Gili fast boat? This link is beside the answer.

Box Office Film Shooting Locations

With a variety of uniqueness and beauty, it's no wonder that Padang Bai is ogled by many pairs of eyes. Not just as a place to cross or travel, but also a place for filming.

Yes, the name of this port is not even foreign to the international film world. This follows the use of this port as a shooting location for the film's box office Eat, Pray and Love, starring Julia Roberts.

Way to Padang Bai

The various interesting things above will make you lucky when you can come. The question is, how to get to this port? Well, as the name suggests, Padang Pai Port is in Padang Bai Village, Manggis District, Karangasem Regency, Bali. You can reach it within 1.5 hours from Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar.

Then, you can go to the Gili Islands from Padang Bai Port by fast boat. We serve various kinds of fast boat tickets from Bali Gili fast boat. You can order at any time. Just click the WhatsApp button in the corner of this site and you can ask us directly. (y)


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