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Brahmavihara Arama Banjar | Balinese Buddhist Sacred Place

Brahmavihara Arama Banjar

Looking for a tour full of peace and tranquility? Brahmavihara Arama Banjar, a Balinese Buddhist holy place.

Brahmavihara Arama Banjar is the largest monastery in Bali. This place shows how Bali truly upholds peace through diversity. This monastery is decorated with Stupas and typical Buddha statues.

The monastery even has an extraordinary building, traditional Balinese building architecture. A circular pond, fountain and lotus flowers are found in the monastery. If you want to visit this destination, first learn everything you need to know about Brahmavihara Arama.

Brahmavihara Arama Banjar

Brahma Vihara Arama is not just a popular tourist spot, but a Buddhist temple. Even though it is a place of worship, anyone who wants to enter this monastery is welcome.

This monastery is located in the hills surrounded by rice fields, sea and mountains. This allows tourists to breathe fresh air while admiring the beauty of nature.

Brahmavihara Buddhist Temple
Source: Unsplash

Apart from that, there are mango and sapodilla plantations, as well as several Cambodian trees that grow on the sidelines of special paths that function as meditation places.

Brahmavihara Arama Banjar contains a large number of Buddha statues. When tourists enter this area, they will see a Buddha statue in the middle of a pond decorated with lotus flowers.

There is also a Dharmasala which functions as a study room, and an Uposathagara which houses a Buddha statue. The Uposathagara walls also have carvings symbolizing the birth of the Buddha.

The largest monastery in Bali is not only used for tourism, but is open to visitors looking for tranquility. In fact, many visitors come to meditate at this monastery.

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Address, Opening Hours, Entrance Ticket and Route

The largest monastery in Bali is located in Banjar Village, Banjar District, Buleleng Regency. The distance between this monastery and Lovina Beach is approximately 11 km or 18 minutes by car.

Therefore, tourists who visit Lovina Beach can rest for a while at Brahma Vihara Arama. This monastery is open from 08.00 to 18.00 WIB every day.

The entrance ticket price to this place of worship is IDR 10.000 (entrance ticket prices can change at any time).

Location: Banjar Dinas Tangeb, Banjar Tegeha, Kec. Banjar, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81152

Opening hours: Every day 08.00–18.00

Entrance ticket: Starting from IDR 10.000

What About the Route?

Meanwhile, the route from Denpasar to Brahmavihara Arama Banjar that you can take is as follows: Jalan Denpasar-Singaraja – Gang 1 to Jalan Diponegoro – Jalan Cokroaminoto – Jalan Raya Sempidi – Jalan Raya Denpasar Gilimanuk – Jalan Denpasar – Singaraja – Jalan Raya Insakan – Jalan Desa Pedawa Or Jalan Pedawa – Jalan Raya Munduk Waban – Alley Sahadewa in Banjar Tegeha – Brahma Vihara Arama.

Attraction of Brahmavihara Arama

Brahmavihara Arama Banjar is not a natural tourist attraction or game ride. However, this area has so many tourist attractions that it is never quiet every day.

Not only local residents want to worship here, many foreign tourists take the time to stop by.

1. Unique Architecture of Brahma Vihara Arama

The first attraction is its unique architecture. Different from other monasteries, this monastery combines Hindu architecture, which is the majority in Bali.

Brahmavihara Arama Banjar was built in 1969. Due to its location in the middle of a predominantly Hindu community, the design of this Vihara building has a typical Hindu feel. This is a type of Cultural Acculturation that is very attractive to Visiting Tourists.

Brahmavihara Buddhist temple
Source: Unsplash

This can be seen from the many temples that resemble Borobudur. Actually, it looks like a temple building which is a place of worship for Hindus.

The Brahmavihara Arama Banjar page is separated into three parts. Brahma Vihara Arama, like most Buddhist temples, has three mandalas: Lower, Middle, and Main.

Each has a different height and is connected by stairs. Inscriptions representing Buddhist ideals can be seen on every staircase.

Apart from that, there are several statues in most of the houses of worship. This statue or statue is a replica of Buddha's teachings, each of which has its own meaning.

However, Buddha Statues and parinirvana The gold-plated ones donated by Thailand and Sri Lanka in 1977 are the most interesting objects.

The Parinirvana statue depicts the Buddha meditating to empty his body. Meanwhile, the Buddha statue has several differences, because it depicts the Buddha reaching the peak of his teachings, namely perfection. The other statues are smaller and scattered throughout the park.

2. Beautiful views and beautiful atmosphere

Visiting Brahmavihara Arama Banjar presents more than just a meaningful Architectural Structure.

Next, tourists are treated to enchanting natural views. Because this religious tourism destination in Bali is located in the highlands, it is only natural that it provides an impressive blend of nature.

Lush trees bloom in various places, making the scenery look greener and fresher. There are various ornamental plants that are deliberately planted to add beauty. The air is clean and fresh, like in the countryside.

The garden at this monastery is fairly large and is a duplicate of Borobudur Temple to the south which has five stupas. There are also stairs whose highest point can be used to enjoy the beauty of Lovina Beach from a distance.

Brahma Vihara Arama has many ponds with lotus flowers. For those who don't know, lotus flowers are considered sacred by Buddhists. Hills resembling mountains can be seen from a distance. Meanwhile, if the weather permits, you can enjoy the beauty of the blue water at Lovina Beach.

3. Consists of 5 Complexes

All people are invited to meditate, therefore it is not only Buddhists who come. During their visit, many foreign tourists carried out this activity.

Brahmavihara Arama
Source: @vavva79

Brahmavihara Arama Banjar consists of five complexes, each of which has its specific function. The first is Uposathagara which is to the west. This vast complex is used to confirm that monks have reached a certain level.

This is where Monks make vows and promises according to Buddhist teachings. The presence of a Buddha statue in front of Nirvana distinguishes this complex.

To the east is the Brahma Vihara Arama Complex, also known as Dharmasala. Before being confirmed or appointed, the monks used this place to study. They Perform Daily Activities such as Sermons, Services, and Meditation.

Brahma Vihara Buddha statue
Source: @vavva79

Another complex with a distinctive stupa-like structure can be found to the northwest. What is extraordinary is that inside there are Buddha Relics, one of which is the Relic.

Then to the southwest there is a complex marked by a Bodhi Tree. The last one is Kuti, which is the resting place of the monks.

Arama Brahma Vihara Facilities

There are various facilities available for visitors at Brahmavihara Arama Banjar to help them feel comfortable. These facilities include a fairly large parking area, toilets and a place to borrow cloth/clothes.

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Tips for Visitors to Brahma Vihara Arama

When Visiting Brahma Vihara Arama, Remember the following tips.

  • Because there are many open areas, avoid visiting tourist attractions during the rainy season.
  • There are lots of areas to explore, so wear comfortable shoes.
  • Try meditating in the room provided.
  • Respect visitors who are praying or meditating by not causing noise or other disturbances.
  • There are many places to see, so make sure you visit these destinations in good health.

Visit Brahma Vihara Arama to feel the peaceful atmosphere. You can meditate in the designated area. Brahmavihara Arama Banjar is an ideal healing destination for tourists visiting Bali.


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