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Papuan Rock Burning Party

Papuan Rock Burning Party

The Papuan Stone Burning Party is one of the traditions that exist in Papua Sasi Tradition. This tradition is identical with the Dani people. But now, this tradition has been carried out by many other tribes in Papua.

Rock Burning Party
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Bakar Batu: Tradition for generations in the Bailem Valley, Papua

The stone-burning party in Papua is one of the important traditions in Papua in the form of a cooking ritual with all residents of one village whose purpose is as gratitude for the blessings of nature, staying in touch with relatives and relatives.

Welcoming a happiness such as a birth, traditional marriage, or the coronation of a new tribal chief. In addition, this tradition is also closely related to inter-tribal wars, whether it is to gather soldiers or as a form of proof of peace after the war.

This hereditary tradition from ancestors who still exist in Papuan society is still carried out by the tribes in the Baliem Valley, Nabire, Central Mountains, Jayawijaya, Paniai, Yuhukimo, Bintang Mountains, Dekai, and other areas.

However, each tribe calls it differently. For example, in Paniai it is famous for Gapiia, Isogoa Medicine Kit in Wamena, or Barapen in Jayawijaya.

People call it a party of burning stones because the stones are really burned until they are smoldering. Then the top of the pile of food they will cook. This stone-burning party in Papua went through a long preparation before the community carried out the procession.

The men are in charge of preparing wood and looking for rocks that are not easily broken during the burning process. Meanwhile, the women were busy collecting sweet potatoes, taro, and vegetables.

After everything is ready, then they will immediately begin the ritual. They will bring the pigs to the ritual location. The community will later process and serve it to guests.

In addition, the community also prepares a large pig specifically for offerings to ancestral spirits. This is a form of gratitude for always protecting, and gratitude to nature for its abundant blessings.

Papuan Stone Burning Tradition
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As One Form of Tolerance for the Papuan People

Even now they hold a tradition of burning stones to welcome the month of Ramadan, such as in the Walesi area, Jayawijaya. The Muslim community there along with other communities held a stone-burning party to welcome the month of Ramadan.

However, the meat they use later is certainly not pork. But they replace it with chicken or beef. This shows that the tradition of burning stones in Papua is a manifestation of the high tolerance of the people in Papua.

This tradition is really a tangible manifestation of the high tolerance of the people of the interior of Papua. How not, in preparation to carry out this ritual, the whole community in the village participated.

Starting from tribal or traditional leaders, men and women, young and old, to children. They work together from preparation ritual until the end of the rock-burning party.

Because in addition to being a form of gratitude, the community also believes that carrying out this tradition will strengthen a sense of togetherness. All residents involved will feel closer during the cooking process together. Therefore, now they do not only do this tradition to gather villagers.

But now it is also to welcome guests from outside, such as regional heads, governors, to the president, or for symbols of peace between tribes that are no longer in conflict.

The traditional ritual of burning stones in Papua is also a symbol of the simplicity of the people. The main guideline is equality of rights, justice


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