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Seminyak's Best Beach

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The following rows of the best beaches in Seminyak can be your choice. Beach tourism spots in Seminyak have the charm of stunning beauty. In addition, it can also be a place for surfing sports.

Seminyak's best beach
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Holidays to the beach on the weekends must be very fun. The following is a list of the best beaches in Seminyak Bali. Let's take a peek at what beaches can be your choice.

The 3 Best Beaches in Seminyak

Here are the 3 best beaches in Seminyak Bali.

1. Petitenget Beach

One of the best beaches in Seminyak is Petitenget Beach. This beach has a beautiful charm. Maybe you are not so familiar with the name of this beach. In fact, the location of this beach is close to Kuta Beach. Even these two beaches have one coastline.

At Petitenget Beach you can surf. Because the waves on this beach are quite big. So if it is used for surfing, it is very suitable.

In the afternoon, you can see the beauty of the sunset. The view of the sunset on the beach is the main attraction. No wonder so many people come here at dusk.

In the afternoon the beach is always crowded. Both by local and foreign tourists.

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2. Double Six Seminyak Beach

There is another best beach in Seminyak, namely Double Six Beach. The location of the beach is in Seminyak Village.

Double Six Beach has become a favorite tourist attraction that many people are hunting for. Of course because this beach has a beautiful view. In addition, because of the strategic location of the beach.

Double Six Beach is close to Legian Beach and Kuta Beach. That's what makes this beach always crowded by tourists.

Seminyak's best beach

This Seminyak beach tourism spot has white and soft sand. This makes this tourist attraction very comfortable for holidays.

The sloping ground contour also makes you comfortable. You can walk around the beach. The view of the open sea is very pleasing to the eye. Plus the breeze that makes you more comfortable and calm.

Apart from walking on Seminyak's best beaches, you can also play beach volleyball. The soft texture of the beach sand makes you comfortable running around. Many people use it to play beach volleyball.

Not infrequently foreign tourists surf on this beach. They usually play in the afternoon when the sun is not so hot. The time of the afternoon until just before sunset is usually used by visitors to surf.

Next, you can enjoy the culinary menu around Double Six Beach. One legendary culinary place is Meatball Blue Tent. Here a variety of varied food menus are available. Such as meatballs, sweet corn, fresh vegetables and so on.

3. Seminyak Beach

Seminyak Beach being one of the best beaches in Seminyak. People also often call this beach Dhyanapura Beach.

This beach has a long coastline. With the contour line sloping and wide, this beach is very comfortable for holidays.

When standing on the beach, you will see the white waves rolling slowly. Looks so beautiful.

Many tourists walk around the beach to refresh. When the sun sets, the beauty of the beach becomes even more perfect. You will see the beauty of the mega sunsets reflecting in the sea water on the beach.

This beach also has big waves so it is suitable for surfing. It is true that the beaches in Seminyak have the right waves for surfing.

Let's read too

Both beginners and professionals can surf here. This beach is classified as safe for novice players because it is gently sloping. Unlike the beach which has a lot of rocks. This type of beach is not suitable for beginners.

Those are the 3 best beaches in Seminyak Bali. Well, if you have the opportunity to vacation to the Island of the Gods, let's come to these beaches.


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