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New news is back from Bali. Yes, this is about Balinese Arak designated as an Intangible Cultural Heritage (WBTb) of Indonesia. This determination was carried out by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia at the WBTb Determination Session which was carried out in a hybrid (offline and online) from 27 September to 1 October 2021, at The Alana Malioboro Hotel, Yogyakarta last. Similarly, as Gotravela Indonesia quoted from rri.co.id (5/11/2022).

 Governor of Bali Appreciation

In his press statement last Thursday (3/11), the Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster appreciated the designation of Balinese Arak and 8 other cultural heritages of the Island of the Gods as WBTb. The other 8 Balinese cultural heritages include Amed's uyah (salt), jaja laklak, Balinese lontar and satay lilit, Ida Bhatara Sakti's Pemijilan work Ngerta Gumi (Community Customs, Rites, and Celebrations), Berko (performing arts). , jaranan-jaranan (rite), and serombotan. In a press release, he also conveyed a message to the Balinese people to care for, preserve, and develop this cultural heritage. In addition, he also ordered the Head of the Culture Service, both Provinces and Regencies/Cities throughout Bali, to actively explore the cultural heritages of the Island of the Gods. This is so that the cultural heritage can be submitted as WBTb, so that it is recorded and recognized by the state.

Manufacture must maintain authenticity

Meanwhile, following the stipulation, the Governor of Bali emphasized that the production should maintain the traditional way, namely by using distillation. "People are not allowed to make Sugar Arak with the fermentation process, because it will damage the Balinese Arak tradition, if they violate it, strict action will be taken," he said.

World Spirit Drink

Legally an Intangible Cultural Heritage (WBTb), Balinese Arak is now the 7th world spirit drink. Spirit drinks are drinks that are classified as group C with an alcohol content of 25-45 percent and are made by distillation. Previously, there were 6 drinks from various countries that were also included in this category, namely Whiskey from Ireland, Rum from West India, Gin from the Netherlands, Vodka from Russia, Tequila from Mexico, and Brandy from the Netherlands.

 Cocktail Party as an expression of gratitude

As a form of gratitude for the determination of the island of the Gods alcoholic beverage as WBTb, the Governor of Bali also held a Cocktail Party and Dinner event which was coupled with the Rahina Tumpek Landep Celebration on a regular basis on Saturday, November 5, 2022. Balinese Arak craftsmen, Hotel Managers, and Bali Tourism Entrepreneurs also attended the 'thankfulness' event which was held at the Bali Governor's Office, Jayasabha. Aside from being a form of gratitude and appreciation, this event is also an event to 'announce' to tourism businesses that the traditional alcoholic beverage made from coconut, palm palm and palm sugar has received national recognition, so it deserves to be served as a menu in hotels and restaurants. (y)

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