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7 Spots of Southeast Sulawesi Maritime Destinations

Marine Destinations in Southeast Sulawesi

Explore Southeast Sulawesi's endless maritime destinations. There are many choices of marine tourist attractions that you can visit.

Moreover, at this time, tourism objects in the Southeast Sulawesi region are in the stage of development by the local government.

Thus, the facilities of tourist attractions will be more complete so that your vacation becomes more comfortable.

Southeast Sulawesi Destinations
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Sulawesi is one of the largest islands in Indonesia. So, it is not wrong if there are many interesting destinations ranging from natural scenery, mountains to water tourism.

Most of Indonesia's territory is sea, therefore Southeast Sulawesi also offers the charm of a beautiful and amazing marine destination.

You can find destinations with exotic seas and underwater scenery in the Southeast Sulawesi region. This attraction makes many local and foreign tourists compete to visit Southeast Sulawesi.

Tips Before Visiting Southeast Sulawesi Maritime Destinations 

Before knowing the marine tourism spots of Southeast Sulawesi that you should include in the list you are going to visit, you must pay attention to several things such as:

  • Make sure the location is safe

The first thing you must pay attention to when visiting marine tourism is to make sure in advance whether the location you are going to visit is a safe place.

Therefore, it is useful in gathering information related to destination destinations. The number of marine tourism spots makes you have to choose and sort.

  • Bring a health travel kit

When traveling, you should bring a health travel kit such as tissue, hand sanitizers, medicines, masks and others. especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Check the quota of visits at tourist attractions

Before visiting a destination in Southeast Sulawesi, it's good to know the number of tourists who can visit the spot. Currently, some tourist attractions provide rules related to the time to the number of tourists.

Southeast Sulawesi Maritime Destinations Continue to Grow 

Southeast Sulawesi Province has development potential in terms of agriculture and tourism. The Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Southeast Sulawesi Province said that Southeast Sulawesi's tourism potential, for example the Wakatobi World Coral Triangle, has become 10 destinations in Indonesia.

In addition, currently under development are Bokori Island and Muna Island. Thus, the development of tourist destinations in Southeast Sulawesi Province is expected to attract tourists to visit so as to increase regional income.

Check later, guys:

Below we provide 7 popular water tourism spots in Southeast Sulawesi that you must visit

Southeast Sulawesi Tourism
Photo via Dirna Prajawati

Wakatobi Marine Destinations, Southeast Sulawesi 

The first Southeast Sulawesi marine destination spot and is quite famous among tourists is Wakatobi National Marine Park. The location is in Lagiwae, Ambeua, Kec. Kaledupa, Kab. Wakatobi. When visiting Southeast Sulawesi, it is incomplete if you don't visit this one tourist spot.

You can find 90% of the world's marine life here. That Wakatobi National Park is designated as a conservation area biota sea ​​in 2002. For those of you who love diving, this tourist spot is perfect to be your vacation destination.

Bokori Island 

This island does offer a beautiful view of the beach and the surrounding fishermen's houses. The marine tourism destination is located in Tapulaga, Soropia District, Konawe Regency. You can also easily find canteens, resorts, and more. Bokori Island is in the middle of the ocean.

Sagori Pantai Beach 

Another water tourism spot in Southeast Sulawesi is Sagori beach, but Sagori destinations are still not visited by many tourists. For sea views you don't need to doubt anymore.

You can also learn the customs of the Bajo tribe. Apart from that, other activities are Diving and relax on the beach. Most amazing, you will see the historic shipwrecks around this beach.

Kolaka Blue Lake 

The water tourism spot in Southeast Sulawesi that you should not miss is the Blue Lake Kolaka. This marine tourism destination is located in Walasiho, Wawo, North Kolaka Regency.

For those of you who like beaches and lakes, you must come to this place. In addition, doing activities snorkeling to see fish species in the water depth of 7 meters.

Nirvana Beach

Another marine tourism destination in southeast Sulawesi is Nirwana beach. A beach with white sand and an amazing sea view. Water tourism spots in Southeast Sulawesi offer interesting activities such as sunbathing, and diving activities.

One of the beaches with fairly calm waves so it is suitable for swimming. The location is in the city of Bau-Bau, in the Sulaa area, Betoambari District.

To get to this beach, you only need to drive by motorbike or car about 10 minutes from Bau-Bau town. The location of Nirwana beach is very strategic, so you can enjoy the city of Bau-bau after tired of enjoying the beach.

Kamali Beach 

Next is Kamali beach on Jalan Mayjend, Sutoyo, Wale, Bau-Bau. This beach is equipped with a dragon statue which is an icon of the city of Bau-Bau, Southeast Sulawesi.

If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the city and the beach at the same time, you can visit this place. Ticket prices for tourist attractions also vary, depending on the day you visit. However, usually the price is only Rp. 10.000. Very affordable right?

Muna Island Southeast Sulawesi

Furthermore, Southeast Sulawesi's marine destination spot is no less interesting, namely Muna Island. The island with an outer area of ​​almost 2.889 km 2, offers beautiful nature with surrounding Lake Moko, headlands, and others.

Only with an entrance ticket of around Rp. 50.000, you can enjoy 9 various tourist destinations on this beach. The exact location is located in Madampi, Kec. Lawa, Kab. Muna. Activities that you can do here are enjoying the sunset, walking, and swimming.

Those are 7 water tourism spots in Southeast Sulawesi that will make your long vacation much more memorable. Be sure to plan well and include destinations on your list of tourist attractions you will visit. Don't forget to capture every moment by taking photos at every place as a memento.


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