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UNESCO's Role in Tourism Recognition for Indonesia

The Role of UNESCO in Tourism

UNESCO plays many roles, one of which is UNESCO's role in tourism in Indonesia. UNESCO is an extension of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

UNESCO also means the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It is one of the organizations under the auspices of the United Nations. This time we will discuss the role of UNESCO in Tourism.

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The Role of UNESCO Right in the Field of Tourism

Basically, UNESCO's role is to support peace and security. UNESCO does this by promoting the fields of education, science and culture of a country. So that later it can develop and become useful things.

Apart from that, UNESCO itself can help countries preserve their culture. Then later it can develop to bring its own benefits to society so that it can help improve welfare.

Therefore, UNESCO also looks at culture as a tourist commodity so that it adheres to appropriate regulations and operates in a healthy manner.

Knowing the Various Duties and Functions of This United Nations Organization

Apart from UNESCO's role, it is also necessary to know what UNESCO's duties and functions actually are. UNESCO's task is to help increase cooperation between countries in the world. Especially in the fields of education, science and culture.

Apart from that, UNESCO is also tasked with carrying out various types of activities and activities that can help eradicate illiteracy and ensure that the obligation to learn for people who are part of member countries remains fulfilled.

Another task and function of UNESCO is to help raise the dignity and level of human life, especially in member countries.

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Advantages When UNESCO Recognizes a Country's Cultural Heritage

Not only do we know the role of UNESCO, but we also need to understand what benefits Indonesia will gain if UNESCO recognizes our cultural heritage.

Kama Pradipta as Director of Social Culture and International Organizations for Developing Countries at the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs once conveyed a number of benefits and advantages from various aspects.

With UNESCO Recognition, Legitimacy becomes an important thing. Cultural heritage is not only recognized by Indonesian society but also globally and becomes world heritage.

We also get educational benefits. A number of Indonesian heritages whose names have been raised such as pencak silat, shadow Puppets, Angklung. This can increase the awareness of the younger generation about the importance of preserving culture.

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From an economic perspective it also has an impact. With UNESCO recognition, a culture can become global, of course it can bring in lots of foreign tourists, thereby increasing regional income.

This can help to improve and also develop the existing potential in the tourism sector so that it can help improve the prosperity of the surrounding community.

Of course, this can help improve the quality of tourism so that it continues to develop in a better and more profitable direction.

The Importance of Getting Recognition from UNESCO Regarding Culture

UNESCO has many roles in the recognition they give to the culture of a country that is a member. This also includes providing opportunities to promote this culture to the international world.

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Apart from that, this is also a form of recognition by the world of ownership of the culture itself. That is the importance of the recognition given by UNESCO itself

UNESCO's Role in Tourism and UNESCO Recognition for Indonesia


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