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Tanjung Benoa Turtle Island Bali | Glass Bottom Boat Prices

Tanjung Benoa Turtle Island, Bali 2

Tanjung Benoa Turtle Island Bali

Hi Traveler, of course, a traveler's friend is no stranger to Tanjung Benoa Turtle Island Bali not this one? Come on, of course, for fellow travelers who have played watersports in tanjung benoa bali, this one family tour is impossible to miss.

Bali still save a million interesting tourist objects and one of them is what we will discuss about the Bali Turtle Island. Turtle Island Tanjung Benoa Bali is very suitable for family tourism. Here, as a parent, you can introduce sea turtles.

In addition to teaching children to love endangered animals that are protected by law, it also provides an understanding from an early age that they will become the next generation to preserve the world's living creatures and their contents that must be preserved for all time.

Surely your children will be happy and add insight into the love of nature and living things. As well as being a separate experience for them with their childhood joy, introduction and breeding Tanjung Benoa Turtle Island Bali.

Tanjung Benoa Turtle Island Bali

History of Turtle Island

Turtle Island is located in the village of Tanjung Benoa. The distance from Kuta will take about 20 minutes by motorbike or car. The location of the Tanjung Benoa Bali turtle island by local residents is used as a turtle breeding place.

The origin of the story used to be that the turtle animal from the 1990s to 1999's green turtle had almost reached its extinction in Bali. This is because the green turtle is a food for consumption in addition to being a means of ritual ceremonies in temples in Bali which makes the turtle one of the sacrificial animals that must be present.

Turtles for the people of Bali that year were their favorite food. Eating turtle meat besides tastes really good and the meat is tender, it is very delicious when grilled or made with satay and lawar (Typical Balinese Food).

As a result, the turtle population experienced a very drastic decline, even almost extinct. The government then made a ban on catching and buying and selling turtles for any reason. If it's for temple rituals, it's only allowed for large temples and large religious rituals, and only 1 small one.

Location of Tanjung Benoa Turtle Island

Tanjung Benoa turtle island, Bali is a place of captivity and rehabilitation for sea turtles entangled in fishing nets in Tanjung Benoa. The Bali Regional Government through the land of Perhutani Bali then managed a small island in Tanjung Benoa. The goal, of course, is to protect the green turtle, which is decreasing in population and is one of the rare marine animals that is protected.

The green turtle breeding place, which is located in the corner of Nusa Tanjung Benoa Bali tourism object, is managed independently by the Tanjung Benoa community on Perhutani land.

Long before there was such a rule, the people of Tanjung Benoa had taken the initiative to conserve turtles themselves. Incidentally in their area there is a land that appears in the form of a stretch of sand surrounded by swamps.

At high tide, the land is covered by sea water. This place is also an appropriate choice of breeding location, because turtles absolutely need sea water for their habitat. Thus, this place is now a tourist attraction for Tanjung Benoa Turtle Island Bali.

Thankfully, the population of green turtles in this location is currently increasing. During the breeding season, the eggs that are there are rescued by residents and hatched. Hatchlings (name; baby turtle) which is still 1 month old, half of the findings of the local people have been released into the sea.

The rest are reared for re-breeding. Because if the hatchlings are released, all of them are likely to die because they fall prey to other predators in the wild. Later, when it is 1 year old, half of the remaining ones that are still alive will be released back into the sea.

Many travelers will be able to see while in the turtle island tourist area. Apart from green turtles and sea turtles, travelers can also see other protected wildlife such as; Pythons, Bats, Javanese Eagles, Crocodiles and other animals.

How to reach the location of the Tanjung Benoa Turtle Island Bali?

To reach the Tanjung Benoa Bali Turtle Island location, you have to take a boat from the coast of Tanjung Benoa Watersport. Go to the location using a glass bottom boat. Glass bottom boat is a kind of boat with a capacity of 8 to 10 people. The floor of the boat is made of translucent glass, so you can easily see the seabed and views of coral reefs and colorful fish.

While throwing bread that has been prepared by the boat driver, you will play with a variety of marine ornamental fish here. After that, then continue the road to turtle island which is only 10 minutes or as far as 300-500 meters from the coast of Tanjung Benoa. This Glass Bottom Boat vacation object is of course very suitable for families who bring small children and introduces Indonesia's marine wealth which is famous throughout the world.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Tanjung Benoa Turtle Island, Bali

Arriving at Turtle Island, then you will be guided by local residents while being invited to tour the turtles and animals. But before that you have to buy a donation ticket that doesn't need to dig deep into your pocket, only 10.000 for adults and sometimes free for children under 8 years old. The Tanjung Benoa Bali Turtle Island Donation Ticket is collected in addition to the care and management of the turtle captivity on this island as well as to feed turtles and other animals on this island.

Category Donation Ticket
Mature Rp. 10.000/Pax
Children Rp. 5.000/Child
Bali turtle island entrance ticket

Travelers are free to take pictures with the turtles that are here. You can also hold the turtle from chicks to brooders that weigh up to 80 kg. Here there are also several other animals such as albatrosses, hornbills, crocodiles, bats, and snakes that are tame and you can hold while you take pictures.

Glass Bottom Boat Rental Prices

General Price
Boat Rental
Boat Rental
Rp. 700.000/Boat Rp. 190.000/Boat

If you are thirsty and hungry, there is also a cafeteria or a kind of canteen. traveler can relax after a fun activity while enjoying fresh young coconut.

Tanjung Benoa Island Turtle Island ticket price, updated per date 2 July 2018. This price does not include the cost of renting a glass bottom boat. If a traveler wants to book or order, you can cross out the comments column below or contact us on Whatsapp.
  • The duration of the Turtle Island Tour activity is 1 hour.
  • Glass bottom boat & turtle island rental prices above, only for Domestic or Indonesian Tourists.
  • Prices are valid until December 31, 2025.
  • For booking and confirmation, you can contact gotravel cs +628214444 8095.
  • The price for 1 Glass Bottom Boat is only a maximum capacity of up to 08 people / boat.
  • The operator of the Glass bottom boat rental service provider is PT. Ciwa Sampurna Dive & Watersport Cape Benoa.
  • Includes insurance, tax and services costs from PT. Ciwa Sampurna Dive & Watersport Tanjung Benoa
  • The glass bottom boat rental price does not include the entrance fee to the turtle hatchery.
  • Our prices are online prices, which you will get if you order through us, Gotravela Indonesia who works with PT. Ciwa Sampurna Dive & Watersport Cape Benoa.
  • If you come directly to the location and rent a glass bottom boat at the location, without pre-ordering, the published price will apply.
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Thank you for being on the right website. Hopefully your happiness with your family while having water recreation in Tanjung Benoa is unforgettable so that it adds to the close bond between you and your family and all of us.

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