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Tirta Empul Tourism

Bali tirta empul tour

Tirta Empul Tourism is located in Gianyar Bali. This tourist spot is very interesting. Not only domestic tourists are interested in visiting here. However, many foreign tourists come here on vacation.

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Rules at Tirta Empul Tourist Attractions

Tirta Empul is a place that is considered sacred by the Balinese people. There are often melukat or self-purification activities here.

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This tourist attraction is crowded in the afternoon. Tourists will find the existence of temples, temples and Tirta Empul ponds.

Because it is a place that is considered sacred, there are rules or restrictions that must be obeyed by visitors. Among them:

  1. Every visitor must wear a sarong provided by the manager.
  2. There is a ban on entry for women who are menstruating.
  3. You are not allowed to wear shorts when you enter the location.
  4. Every visitor to Tirta Empul tourism is not allowed to bring a plastic bag.
  5. Do not throw coins into the pool.
  6. There are some locations that can only be used for worship activities.

All these rules must be obeyed by all visitors who come here. No need to worry. There is a tour guide who is ready to provide an explanation of the rules at this location.

Temple History

There is a Tirta Empul Temple at this location. Near the temple there is a holy spring. His name is Tirta Empul Tampaksiring.

Previously, the founder of Tirta Empul Temple was King Sri Candrabhayasingha in 962 AD. Its construction took place during the Warmadewa Kingdom.

History of Tirta Empul

Let's talk about the history of Tirta Empul Bali Tourism. Its history is very closely related to the mythology of King Mayadenawa. The King used to act arbitrarily. Even claimed that he was a god.

Due to his arbitrary attitude, Bhatara Indra was very angry. Finally, Lord Indra attacked the King. The king ran away. In order to get rid of his footprints while running away, the king ran with one leg raised. This is called a siren or oblique.

However, this tactic did not work. His whereabouts are still unknown. King Mayadewa created a poison spring. Lord Indra and his army drank this poisonous spring.

After that, Lord Indra plunged the spear into the ground. Then a holy spring appears as an antidote to the spring poisonous that.

Tourist sites

Tirta Empul Tourism Place is located in the same area as the temple and Tampaksiring Palace. The President of the Republic of Indonesia when visiting Bali rests in this palace.

The address is at Jalan Tirta, Manukaya, Tampaksiring, Gianyar, Bali.

The location can be accessed by two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. The distance from Denpasar to this tourist location is about 38 km or for 1 hour drive.

Price of admission

Entrance ticket prices for domestic and foreign tourists are different. For local visitors Rp. 30.000 while foreign tourists are Rp. 50.000. For children it is also different. Local visitor ticket for children is Rp. 15.000 and children tourist visitors Rp. 25.000.

But if you want to visit here always check the latest prices, yes. Because the price of admission tickets can be updated at any time.

Tirta Empul Tourism is open every day at 08.00 – 18.00 WITA.

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Tourist Facilities

This tourist spot has facilities that are quite complete. Visitors can find parking lots, toilets, places to sell souvenirs, baths, guide services, and temples or temples.

Tirta Empul Tourism is a very interesting historical heritage tourist attraction. Let's preserve the historical heritage to take good care of it.


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