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Nusa Penida Tour 2 Days 1 Night

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When Travela buddy want to get the maximum picnic experience to the beach in Bali, try to cross to the southeast of the main island of Bali, namely to Nusa Penida. Gotravela Indonesia provides a 2 day 1 night Nusa Penida tour package for Travela buddy who want to get a different holiday experience in Bali.

Explore Nusa Penida More Satisfied

Due to its location in the southeast of the main island of Bali, this tour is a must Travela buddy already on this island before departure. Yes, a picnic to Nusa Penida will start by crossing from Sanur Harbor using a fast boat or fastbot. The trip will take about 45 minutes only, so it won't make any difference Travela buddy bored. Arriving at Nusa Penida, Travela buddy will be invited to tour many interesting tourist destinations.

In this 2 day 1 night Nusa Penida tour series, 90 percent of the visit will focus on islands tour and beach tours without mixing with scuba or diving tours. Of course, this is good news for you Travela buddy who really prefer'land tour', but also can feel the atmosphere of spending the night on the coast. Interestingly, Gotravela also does not combine this tour with visits to 2 other Nusa Tenggara, namely Nusa ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. Therefore, Travela buddy really going to the maximum around Nusa Penida.

Famous spots

Nusa Penida Tour 2 days 1 night will invite you Travel buddy visit the interesting spots as follows. There is a very unique Kelingking Beach with large rocks that resemble the backs of dinosaurs. Next, is Broken Beach and Angel's Billabong which is a 'deadly duet' to seduce the eyes of tourists. Even though the name is broken, this beach will not make you happy at all Travela buddy 'broken heart'. Formed from a perforated cliff in the middle of which sea water flows, the beauty of the beach will make you fall in love instantly!

Apart from the 'broken' beach or what the local community calls Pasih Uug Beach, Angel's Billabong is a spot that will not make you Travela buddy amazed. Unlike most beaches, Angel's Billabong has the appearance of a giant swimming pool with rock walls. Then, in Crystal Bay, Travela buddy you will be able to see views of the white sand beach with the color of the clear turquoise sea water.

Well Travel buddy, so some of the excitement that will be Travela buddy get it in the Nusa Penida tour series 2 days 1 night with Gotravela Indonesia. Travela buddy must come and prove the beauty of these places directly. Hmm ... so when Travela buddy Want to go to Nusa Penida? Whenever and with anyone, be sure to entrust vacation time Travela buddy with Gotravela Indonesia. Contact us at any time for information and attractive promo packages to Nusa Penida. Happy traveling! (Y)

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