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Wanagiri Hidden Hills Swing Buleleng Bali

wanagiri hidden hills

Wanagiri Hidden Hills – Talking about Bali, this year's holidays might be the right moment to visit a beautiful cafe. However, it's not just cafes and places to hang out that we can use to unwind.

If you usually spend time in cafes or on Bali's iconic beaches, there is a new place that is now popular called Wanagiri Hidden Hills.

Wanagiri Hidden Hills

Wanagiri Hidden Hills was once one of the most haunted sites in Bali, according to legend, local residents were afraid to visit it. The reason is that Wanagiri Hidden Hills was originally used as a place to dump corpses.

But what is happening now? Unexpectedly, this previously haunted area has now become a popular tourist attraction with various facilities that pamper visitors.

Wanagiri is the name of a village in Sukasada District, Buleleng, which is located in the hilly wilderness area. Wanagiri hamlet in Bali gets its name from the terms Wana which means forest and Giri which means hill.

This place, located in the highlands of the Buleleng Mountains, has become a tourist magnet for admiring the natural beauty from a height.

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Attraction of Wanagiri Bali

Did you know that the charm and beauty of the environment around Wanagiri Hidden Hills truly provides extraordinary exoticism and romance?

For those of you who like taking selfies, you can immortalize the moment by taking a photo of yourself against the beautiful hill background. Anyone who sees the beauty of Wanagiri Hidden Hill will definitely be amazed and immediately fall in love.

Stunning natural landscape painting with a backdrop of Highlands, Lush Green Trees, and Lake Views visible from the Puncak Wanagiri Hills.

wanagiri hidden hills swing
Source: wanagiri_hidden_hill_bali

Not to mention, the air is cool and clean, making anyone who visits feel at home and comfortable for a long time. Therefore, it is not surprising that many local and international tourists relax and refresh at their destination Bali tourism this.

Visitors can enjoy various rides at this place. There is a special area built to be used as an Instagrammable selfie spot. Wanagiri Hidden Hills swing is a characteristic of this place, where tourists can enjoy the surrounding natural scenery by riding a swing from a certain height.

While enjoying the swing, you can admire the hills, the beauty of Lake Buyan, Dana Tamblingan which is surrounded by forests and shady green trees. There is also a Panda Solar Substation and a Bird Cage Ride for visitors to take photos with a unique backdrop.

Interesting Activities in Wanagiri

The creativity of the local community has succeeded in eliminating the mystical aura in the Wanagiri area. The hidden spot at Wanagiri Hidden Hills has now been revealed and is able to attract the attention of tourists.

You can rest, take photos and enjoy a variety of culinary delights while admiring the unspoiled natural beauty. Following are some of the features that attract visitors for holidays at this tourist destination.

1. Selfie Tourist Spot in Bali

Wanagiri Hidden Hill is famous as one of the tourist destinations in Bali which is popular for selfies. The interesting photo spots available here make this location very popular among tourists who like taking photos.

Wanagiri Hidden Hills photo spot
Source: wanagiri_hidden_hill_bali

There are lots of interesting photo opportunities here, from Bamboo Gazebos to Wooden buildings. Not only that, Wanagiri Hidden Hill is famous for its amazing views and calm atmosphere.

So, if you want to capture beautiful and fun photos in Bali, Wanagiri Hidden Hill is the place.

2. Hidden Hill Swing in Wanagiri

Inspired by the popular social media attraction Bali Swing, Wanagiri Hidden Hills has its own version of the Swing with a view of Lake Buyan as a backdrop, making this photo destination no less popular than Bali Swing.

You and your partner can enjoy this wooden and chain swing, making it one of the romantic photo settings at this location.

3. Natural beauty of the surrounding scenery

The Wanagiri Hidden Hills tourist destination is located high in the North Bali Mountains. Beautiful views, especially of Lake Buyan, the second largest lake in Bali after Lake Batur, can be enjoyed from its high location.

Buyan Lake has beautiful views because it is located in a beautiful mountain valley. When the weather is clear, Lake Batur can be seen among the high hills of the Buleleng area.

Apart from that, you may encounter monkeys still roaming freely in this tourist area. The calm and natural atmosphere of Wanagiri Hidden Hill creates a romantic and unique atmosphere.

This is the place if you want to enjoy a peaceful holiday in nature, but still be able to play on social media.

4. Interesting bird nest spot

Bird's nests made from wooden branches are a popular photo location at Wanagiri Hidden Hill. The background of this photo is the stunning Buyan Lake.

Wanagiri bird's nest hidden
Source: wanagiri_hidden_hill_bali

This location is large enough to accommodate 4 people at once, making it ideal for group photos. Taking selfies here can make you feel like a bird relaxing in nature.

5. Solar Viewpoint

This location offers stunning views with wider viewing angles than comparable locations at lower elevations.

From various angles, the view of Buyan Lake and its surroundings will be clear. You can take photos on the stage which displays amazing natural views.

This location is even more beautiful in the morning or evening when the sun shines on the hills surrounding Lake Buyan. Don't forget to bring a camera when visiting here.

6. Semar Bag

Pitcher plants are another interesting photo spot. A photo holder made from wooden twigs in the shape of a water drop with a hole in the middle can be found here.

Wanagiri pitcher plant
Source: wanagiri_hidden_hill_bali

The photo was then attached to a tree like a pitcher plant that grows downwards. Here you can find unique photos that look like Marsupilami who lives in a hanging tree house.

Apart from the photo spots above, there are many other interesting photo spots at this location, including Love Signs, Twig Circles, Twig Hands, and Bamboo Boats.

The management of this location has prepared a number of equipment such as costumes and cameras that you can use to take more interesting pictures.

You can ask their help to take photos from every point of view at this location.

7. Enjoy Culinary

Enjoy the beautiful views of the Wanagiri Hills while dining at one of the restaurants in the Wanagiri Hidden Hills area.

This restaurant serves traditional Balinese food and fresh drinks to relieve thirst and hunger after traveling around.

Location, Opening Hours and Entrance Tickets

Bali's newest tourist attraction can be found on Jalan Munduk - Wanagiri, Wanagiri, Sukasada, Pancasari, Sukasada, Buleleng Regency.

Address: Wanagiri, Jalan Raya Munduk, Pancasari, Kec. Sukasada, Buleleng Regency, Bali

Opening hours: 08.00 – 18.00

Entrance ticket: Local tourists start from IDR 10.000 – 50.000, Foreign tourists IDR 100.000

So what are you waiting for? Let's go to this popular tourist destination. It's an interesting moment to be able to relax here with friends and family.

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Route to Wanagiri Peak

To reach this tourist destination, you have to drive to Bedugul which is located in the northern part of Bali Island. Continue the journey after passing the Lake Beratan tourist attraction, towards the city of Singaraja.

Continue until you meet a forest area with monkeys along the road, where you will arrive at a T-junction, take the left side down the fairly narrow road.

Please follow this road for about 2 minutes to reach the Wanagiri Hidden Hill tourist destination. How interested are you in visiting Wanagiri Hidden Hills? Make sure you add destination one to your bucket list, okay?


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