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West Java Agro Tourism

West Java agro tourism

Hi Travela, are you a mountain or beach lover? For you mountain lovers, there is Agro tourism in West Java where the air is really cool. Agrotourism in West Java is suitable as a place of healing.

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West Java is a destination chosen by many people. The location is not far from Jakarta. This is what makes it always a favorite.

List of Agro Tourism in West Java

If you intend to vacation on the weekend, just try visiting some of the following Agro tourist attractions in West Java. Let's see what it is?

1. Puncak Tea Garden Agrotourism

Puncak Bogor Tea Garden Agrotourism is very famous. Many tourists choose to come here on the weekends.

Even when certain moments, the peak of Bogor is so crowded. If you don't want to be too crowded, come on weekdays.

Here, visitors can enjoy the beautiful nature. The air is so cool. Don't forget to take pictures with the green tea plant background.

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2. Porang Gardens in Sukabumi

Then there is the Porang Garden in Sukabumi which offers beautiful views. The air here is very cool. Suitable for refreshing and calming down.

The location of this agrotourism is in Ubrug Village, Warkir District, Sukabumi Regency. This tourist attraction is located right on the former oil palm nursery owned by PTPN VIII at the foot of Mount Salak.

Here there is a swimming pool with an entrance ticket of only Rp. 3.000 only. The condition of Saung Porang is simple. However, this is precisely the attraction of the tourist spot.

The visitors love to be in a place with an unspoiled village feel. The swimming pool as it is is also the main attraction. Children can swim like bathing in a rural river.

3. Ciamis Orange Picking Tour

You can pick citrus fruits in the garden until you are satisfied. Just come to Ciamis tourist attractions, precisely in Ladur Plantation, Cisinduk, Janggala, Cidolog.

The entrance ticket price is only Rp. 5.000 only. There are at least about 1.300 orange trees in the garden which covers an area of ​​400 square meters.

You can eat as many oranges as you like in the garden. But if you want to bring home the oranges you picked, of course you have to pay.

Later the oranges will be weighed first. When entering the plantation location, the manager will provide a basket and scissors.

4. Majalengka Brazilian Vineyard

Majalengka also has fun tourist spots. There is a vineyard with an area of ​​3.500 square meters. The tourist location is Teja Village, Rajagaluh District, Majalengka Regency.

The type of grape grown is a type of Brazilian grape. Brazilian vines are unlike any other grape growing vines. However, this type of grape grows on tree trunks.

In this tourist spot, visitors can learn about agriculture. Most of the visitors are groups of students ranging from elementary, junior high, to high school levels. They came here to learn about the Brazilian Vine plant.

Children will be taught how to put soil inside poly bag. In addition, they are also taught how to attach tree trunks, to fertilize plants.

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5. Bandung Pickled Pumpkin Village

Agro-tourism in Bandung which is no less popular is Kampung Pumpkin Pickles. The location is in Cukanggenteng Village, Pasir Jambu District. From Soreang Toll Gate, this tour can be reached in about 30 minutes.

If you come here in the morning, you can see many farmers harvesting pumpkins or other horticultural vegetables. This view is certainly very beautiful.

Those are 5 agro-tourism destinations in West Java that you can visit. Hopefully it's useful.


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