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Bogor Botanical Garden Activities | 11 Interesting Things in the Botanical Gardens

Activities at the Bogor Botanical Gardens

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The following activities at the Bogor Botanical Gardens are full of education and insight, and can even relieve fatigue after 5 days of work!

Bogor Botanical Gardens is one of the popular tourist attractions in Bogor. With a cheap entrance fee, visitors can carry out various activities.

After a week of work, those of you who are tired of spending time at home can relax and freshen up at the Bogor Botanical Gardens. Visitors can see 15.000 different plant species in this 87.000 hectare park.

Even though it has a reputation as a conservation center, the Bogor Botanical Gardens provide a variety of interesting tourist activities. We have summarized them into 11 activities that you can do at the Bogor Botanical Gardens with an entrance ticket of IDR 15.000.

Various Activities at the Bogor Botanical Gardens

Here are some activities at the Bogor Botanical Gardens, guaranteed to be full of education and fun, see the complete list below:

1. Cycling

Bicycle lovers should occasionally visit the Bogor Botanical Gardens cycling arena. Don't worry if you don't have time to bring your own bicycle. Because KRB provides bicycle rental services, you can rent one if you want to get around by bicycle.

Renting a bicycle at the Bogor Botanical Gardens costs between Rp. 25 thousand to Rp. 30 thousand for one hour. You can choose between 2 types of bicycles, mountain bikes and bicycles with baskets. This activity at the Bogor Botanical Gardens is enough to relieve fatigue, you know!

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2. Rent a Golf Cart to Tour the Park

If you are tired of traveling around the Bogor Botanical Gardens, you can rent a Golf Car. Golf cart rental fees vary according to the number of seats available.

The price for renting a car with 4 seats is Rp. 200.000, but increases to IDR 250.000 on weekends and holidays.

Meanwhile, the 6-seater Golf Car is priced at around Rp. 250 thousand/weekday and Rp. 300 thousand/weekends and holidays.

However, if you visit alone, the vehicle rental rate is only Rp. 75 thousand only. Meanwhile, the rental fee for 2 people is IDR 100.000. Apart from golf cars, tourists can rent a shuttle bus at a cost of IDR 25 thousand per person one way.

3. Taste Cai Kahuripan

Cai Kahuripan spring is an activity in the Bogor Botanical Gardens. Cai Kahuripan means “water of Life in the well”, and the water is very clean.

activities at Bogor Botanical Gardens 2024

With a scoop available on the edge of the well, you can enjoy the freshness of Cai Kahuripan. This water is used by many people. According to legend, this water can even make you stay young.

How, curious? Visit the Bogor Botanical Gardens this weekend. However, please remember that Cai Kahuripan should not be used for occult rituals or the like.

4. Visit the Dutch Cemetery

There is an ancient tomb in the Bogor Botanical Gardens, you know. This cemetery has existed since 1817, before the Bogor Botanical Gardens were founded. There are 42 cemeteries, 38 of which have ID cards, and 1 other does not.

Among them is the grave of DJ De Eerens, Governor General of the Netherlands from 1836 to 1840. There are several graves of children who died of malaria in ancient times in this burial complex.

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5. Take photos at Instagrammable spots

When visiting the Bogor Botanical Gardens, don't forget to take photos. From Sudjana Kassan Park to Bogor Palace and the Ecodome, there are lots of really Instagrammable photo opportunities.

6. Picnic

Picnics are an activity at the Bogor Botanical Gardens that is no less fun. Visitors are allowed to bring food and drinks from outside. You can spread a mat under the tree and eat food brought from home. Lunch at the Bogor Botanical Gardens this time will be an unforgettable experience.

7. Visit the Zoological Museum

After activities at the Bogor Botanical Gardens, you can go to Zoology in the Botanical Gardens area. Some creatures have been preserved in Zoology. One of them is a preserved blue whale bone which has become a tourist attraction.

8. See the Bogor Presidential Palace

Bogor Palace is the official residence of Indonesian President Joko Widodo. The Presidential Palace is located in the Bogor Botanical Gardens area. Although entrance to this palace is not free, tourists can see the surrounding buildings and the scissor pond, which is famous for its giant lotus.

9. See various types of plants

The Bogor Botanical Gardens offers a variety of activities for visitors, including the opportunity to study hundreds of collections of plant types arranged by type. Following are several types of plants in the Bogor Botanical Gardens.

  • Teijsmann Park: At the Bogor Botanical Gardens, you can sit and relax in the French-style garden while admiring the Presidential Palace Grounds.
  • Scissor Pool: You can enjoy the beauty of the Bogor Botanical Gardens and views of the grounds of the Presidential Palace from here.
  • Mexican Garden: You can take Mexican-themed photos at the Mexican Garden which displays various cactus plants.
  • Aquatic Park: You can learn about aquatic plants such as waterside plants, stagnant water plants, and floating water plants.
  • Orchid House: Here you can learn about various species of orchids and orchid hybrids.
  • Medicinal Plants and Orchidarium: Do you want to see large orchids? This is the location. Not only that, you can learn about medicinal plants.
  • Sudjana Kassan Park: In the middle of the park, you will find a replica of the symbol of Indonesia, the Garuda Pancasila bird carrying the Bhinneka Tunggal Ika ribbon.
  • Nepenthes Garden: Here you can see the preservation of 7 types of Nepenthes plants or pitcher plants in their natural habitat, with 105 specimens.
  • Durian Park: Do you like eating durian? Consider visiting this park. At the Botanical Gardens, you can find out more about this exotic fruit, including the characteristics of various types of durian such as Keratung Durian and Durian Lai Mas.
  • Coffee Garden: In this botanical garden, you can get to know various types of coffee from Indonesia and abroad, such as Puntang coffee, Robusta Ulubelu coffee and Kamojang coffee.
  • Black Orchid Garden: There are a variety of beautiful orchid plants, especially black orchids (Coelogyne Pandurata) and Grammatophyllum in the Bogor Botanical Gardens.
10. Hang out at the Cafe

After you are satisfied with walking around the Botanical Gardens, you can relax at the "Secret Garden" cafe. Because Obama visited the Bogor Botanical Gardens, this cafe went viral.

Secret Garden's dining menu is varied and affordable. You can order typical Indonesian food such as Chicken Soup, Satay, Nasi Goreng, or Wedang Jahe. Average meal costs are between IDR 6.000 to IDR 32.000. So, activities at the Bogor Botanical Gardens are quite fun, aren't they?

11. Buy Souvenirs

After you finish exploring the Bogor Botanical Gardens, take the time to buy. Many souvenirs are sold here, ranging from wallets, t-shirts, even plants.

Botariums or water plants are the most popular souvenirs. The Botarium itself only costs around IDR 300.000.

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What is the History of the Bogor Botanical Gardens?

The Bogor Botanical Gardens are the ancestors of Botanical Gardens in Indonesia. So according to history, the Bogor Botanical Gardens were founded by Thomas Stamford Raffles, Governor General of the Dutch East Indies during British rule (1811-1816).

But the Bogor Botanical Gardens are new bstand up after Raffles left the Dutch East Indies. This 87 hectare botanical garden houses a collection of 15.000 different types of trees and plants.

So, aren't some of the activities at the Bogor Botanical Gardens very interesting? Holidays don't need to be expensive, you can visit on the weekend!


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