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The charm of the Karimun Jawa Islands

Karimun Java

Maybe the Maha was happy when he created Indonesia. Considering that there are many beautiful tourist spots in this country, such as the Karimun Jawa Islands, which steal the show. Including a hidden paradise, the charm of this tourist destination will amaze you. For more, see the following review.

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KepKarimun Jawa island

Before discussing about the beauty that it has, Karimun Jawa is an archipelago of about 27 islands. Of the total existing islands, only about 5 inhabitable islands are also inhabited. With its shape in the form of an island, of course you can enjoy the beautiful beaches.

Karimun Jawa itself has been designated as part of a National Park in Indonesia since 2001. For its name, the word Karimun comes from the word Kremun which means equally vague. This is because this island looks faint or creamy. The existence of this beautiful island is also inseparable from the history related to Sunan Kudus.

Attractions and Activities to Do

Karimun Jawa is included in Jepara Regency, Central Java. With a land area of ​​around 1.500 hectares and a water area of ​​around 110.000 hectares, this archipelago has been developed into a national marine park. The fame of the Karimun Jawa Islands is also well known abroad. The following is our review of the attractions of the Karimun Jawa Islands for you:

There are many choices of beaches

As previously mentioned, the Karimun Jawa Islands have many beaches that you can choose from. You can find beautiful beaches with clear sea and white sand. For example, Ujung Gelam Beach is also Batu Topeng Beach which is a famous beach on this island and has soft white sand.

If you want a panorama full of exotic rocks, you can choose Batu Merah and Batu Hitam Beaches on Parang Island. And Bunga Jabe Beach is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy a relaxed and fun coastal atmosphere. Moreover, this beach is also equipped with unique and beautiful decorations.

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Explore the Underwater

Apart from having many beaches with beautiful panoramas, Karimun Jawa also has many beaches famous with its enchanting sea. Snorkeling and diving activities are often chosen by visitors. You can enjoy coral reefs which are the habitat of various marine life. In the Karimun Jawa Islands you can also stop at the shark captivity.

Have a Beautiful Hill

In addition to its prominent marine tourism, you can also find hills that can be an alternative vacation. Bukit Love is the most famous and very suitable to be used as a place to hunt for beautiful photos. Besides Love Hill, Joko Tuo Hill is also beautiful with its viewing post. On the hill, the view of the Karimun Jawa waters is extraordinary.

Beautiful Nature

This one National Park also presents a natural charm that is still very beautiful and well preserved. You can find several mangrove forests that can be used as destinations for Mangrove Trekking. There is a path that is provided to walk through this Mangrove forest. Guaranteed you want to linger while on this island.

Rich Local Wisdom

Because it is an inhabited island, visitors can also get to know the local wisdom of the community. At night, you can eat in the square. Do not miss some traditions or festivals that are usually carried out by the people of the Karimun Jawa Islands. Like the Balikan Kubro festival which is carried out from generation to generation and every year.

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For those of you who want to go to Karimun Jawa, you can use sea and air routes. You don't need to pay an entrance ticket, you just need to prepare transportation costs. Especially for those who use the sea route, tickets start from Rp. 57 thousand to over Rp. 150 thousand. If you don't go independently, you can also take advantage of an open trip package. Happy holidays..


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